Di-Noc is great to look at and has a pronounced texture
Convincing Textures from Di-Noc
Di-Noc wood grain wrapping film - Close up

The hotel reception desk had led a hard life. One bash too many from wheeled suitcases. One more scuff from a hard toe-cap. The one-thousandth set of elbows in a week. All that accumulated wear had taken its toll. Reception looked anything but welcoming.

The solution? Rip out the desk and start a major rebuilding project that would involve other area that the public use. That meant time. That meant disruption. That meant collateral damage to flooring and other surfaces. The better way by far? Di-Noc – expertly designed and applied by Voodoo.

Di-Noc can be used to refurbish all kinds of surfaces

It took a day. It cost a fraction of the asking price for a new reception desk. And the results are amazing. The desk looks new and the effect favourably halos the surrounding areas too.

Di-Noc works anywhere that traditional surfacing and finishing materials work and in thousands of places they never will. The Voodoo team can advise. Get your refurbishment project out of your head and into ours.