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Customised murals for schools

Turn blank walls into attractive features that support the curriculum, reflect your locality or create precisely the atmosphere and ambience you want…

The Voodoo DesignWorks is a company that has the creative resources and production technology needed to produce fully customised, easily installed murals for education all under its own roof.

Inspirational wall graphic in a school

Any wall or structurally sound surface can be transformed using one of our custom designed murals. You’re not in any way limited by what’s available on the shelves – you can have what’s on your mind instead. Any colour, any pattern, any picture – anything you’d have us design, or that you design yourself.

Our murals are printed on modern digital print materials. These materials are self adhesive and so stick effortlessly to most surfaces. They’re tough too. You can choose options that sandwich the print detail between two layers that shrug off knocks and bumps and that can be wiped clean or washed if needed.

Signage and graphics shown in the entrance area of a school
Wall graphics shown in school hot desk locations

Installation is easy. You can leave it to us, or ask your facilities managers or maintenance operatives to do it. In many cases, you could even do it yourself.

The next step is easy and it costs nothing at all. Call us at the Voodoo DesignWork with any questions you may have, or to discuss a project in more detail. We’d be delighted to help you.

Custom designed murals for education from Voodoo. Make a space your own.

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Privacy for school windows

The Voodoo Designworks can design and install privacy measures for windows that manage the view in and out and that still admit daylight…

Windows do a great job of keeping classroom interiors bright and warm and of keeping the weather out. There are occasions and locations though where you need to manage the view in and out – Voodoo can help you with that.

Here at Voodoo we have the creative and technical resources needed to help you with windows and privacy. We can install simple, maintenance-free privacy measures that manage the view in and out and that still admit natural daylight.

Frosted film offering privacy for a window in a school

Dependent upon your precise needs, we have a range of options to offer. We can install one way vision privacy measures. We can install them with attractive graphics on them too. We can install frosted markings and graphics that are both functional and attractive. We can install specialist manifestation graphics that reflect your décor and architecture and that control who sees in and out.

Signs for Schools - Partitions
School Signs Windows Decor

Installation is practically free of disruption. Costs are surprisingly low. We provide a fully bespoke design and supply service working with your contractors, or we can offer a leave-it-to-us turnkey package that gets everything done for for you.

Attractive looking windows that offer full functionality and privacy are easier to accomplish than you perhaps think. Give Voodoo a call or drop us an Email. We’d be delighted to advise how we can help with privacy in your classrooms and other spaces in schools.

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Wayfinding signs for schools

Effective wayfinding signs help visitors and other users of school facilities to get where they need to be. Voodoo can help you with your wayfinding design and installation…

Large school buildings and other facilities used in education can be complex places to navigate. An effective wayfinding signing scheme helps visitors move efficiently from place to place and makes your building easier to navigate.

Wayfinding is a specialised area of sign design and manufacturing that requires equally specialist expertise if it’s to be done well. The Voodoo DesignWorks has that expertise under its own roof.

Way finding signage at the entrance of a school

The wayfinding systems we design, manufacture and install work brilliantly. The components our sign systems comprise are never more than a glance away. The information they offer is legible, easily processed and effective in getting the job done.

Voodoo can design a wayfinding system for your school. It will be totally coordinated with your school’s identity. It will be effective in managing the flow of people through the building. It will legibly and correctly identify and find all the key touch-points in the building. We can help you maintain the system and keeps its content current too.

Wall mounted directional signs with yellow colour coding
Branding of School Signage by Voodoo

Installing a wayfinding scheme isn’t trivial. But when you work with Voodoo, we can make it almost painless. We have systems to suit every need. We can work in the smallest of buildings or make sense of the biggest.

If you want to ensure people get where they’re going, signs are pointing toward Voodoo. Give us a call to discuss your needs and your project – big or small.

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