• Experiential Events With Banksy

Experiential Events With Banksy

Voodoo DesignWorks  is well known for being able to turn its hand to the unusual experiential events when asked and prides itself on meeting such needs with solutions rather than blank looks.

Voodoo’s resolve on the matter was recently tested by a gentleman who literally walked in off the street and who asked for a meeting. An event he was involved in needed a big and very colourful windmill. The sort of windmill that a child might buy at the seaside. A windmill on a stick. Made of colourful plastic. You know the kind of thing.

We know all about experiential events. What we’re less familiar with is the way windmills get done at the kind of scale needed. Many feet tall. Oh, and stuck in the top of a sandcastle the size of a small house.

No blank looks. We do coloured windmills. Big ones.

Turning abstract ideas, sparks of genius if you will, into vivid experiential events is a core competence at The Voodoo DesignWorks. No other Bristol based signmaker makes such claims for itself. No other signmaker in Bristol has to make the best of the consequences.

experiential events Banksy

Voodoo has all manner and means of processing ideas. That’s why they’re better off out of your head and in the ‘works. We have a team of designers based in our Bristol HQ who find a way to get things done. They collaborate with our production team under the same roof. Between them they make everything from experiential events to window graphics. They’re known to turn a hand to branding businesses of all shapes and sizes. They even show the competition the door when it comes to banners and exhibition graphics.

Now, they can all add windmills to their bulging CVs.

Wrapping the Windmill blades for Banksy, in our Bristol workshop
Trimming the Banksy windmill blades in our workshop
Detail work on the Windmill blades for Banksy, in our Bristol workshop

The windmill was made of very cleverly fabricated plastic carefully bent to resemble the classical form so well known. Its blades needed some equally clever wrapping in bright, self adhesive vinyl to make them look right in the role they’d play. That’s what we did. Voodoo got the job done and, strangely, the guys who did the hands-on part just stood there looking at the thing and smiling when it was finished.

Our client was delighted. We think. He didn’t say much, just paid, and left with cohorts dragging his now colourful windmill behind him. Headed south, he was.

Tony Baxter, Voodoo Director. “That all got a bit weird for a while. We did the job though, that’s what matters. Now it’s over, I’m in up-for-it mode and I can’t wait for you all to throw us our next creative challenge.”

The windmill’s story continues. It was used as part of an experiential event locally, in Weston Super Mare in fact. You may have heard of it – Dismaland.

experiential events Banksy