A few hastily erected sheets of clear plastic worked for a while. We’ll help you with something better integrated. And better looking.

It’s not easy welcoming customers from the other side of something that looks like a riot control measure. That’s why Voodoo DesignWorks is putting effort and creativity into measures that keeps everyone safe from each other and yet close to the contacts they value and to the brands they like.

One size simply doesn’t fit all. Our approach with distancing measures is to survey well and then machine the materials needed on our production hardware to contain the cost. We’re a DesignWorks so, naturally, our installations can include graphics and we can even make portable structures that move where customers roam in large retail spaces.

We’re ready to have a conversation with anyone representing a business that wants to protect its customers, and it own interests.

Custom Distancing Graphics - Hero Shot Montage



Custom Distancing Graphics on a Shopfront

Nobody wants their business to look like a disaster zone. That’s why we are replacing hastily installed shields and graphics with properly designed distancing signs and notices and custom manufactured hardware. So rather than having your shop look like the site of a nuclear meltdown, you can have the distancing signs you need which reflects your brand. If the need for distancing is with us for some time, you want your business to look its best and welcome customers.


Custom Distancing Floor Graphics in an office building

We have printing and machining capabilities in-house. So we can design nice looking signs that remind visitors and customers of the need to respect distancing measures, and we can fabricate physical measures that are properly integrated with your shop’s counters and check outs. Despite being custom designed, our bespoke distancing measures are very reasonably priced. We will make sure that your shop looks welcoming and that it’s safe. Your customers will thank you for it.


Social Distancing Graphics - Acrylic Screens

Installation of fabricated distancing measures is usually a job for an expert. You may however be able to install custom graphics yourself. Either way we can help you. If you want to leave installation entirely to us, we will be happy to send a team to your site. If, on the other hand, you have a contractor or facilities management company, we would be delighted to supply graphics to them. Our installation service teams work with you to make sure we leave the site fully operational.

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Q: What are custom distancing measures and graphics?

A: Custom distancing measures and graphics reflect your brand and so make your premises look welcoming and safe. Custom measures fit in with existing designs and let your brand shine through. This makes for a much better customer experience.

Graphics are usually printed and so you can have any design, colour or pattern that you want. Rather than looking like an afterthought, the distancing signs you need can look well integrated with your business overall.

The same holds true for physical barriers such as clear screens. Hastily installed sheets of clear material may do the job, but do nothing to improve the complexion of the business or the customers experience. Tidily integrated measures melt into the background and don’t feel like barriers at all.

Custom pull up banner with social distancing graphics
Custom Distancing Graphics - Acrylic Screens
A banner at a shopping centre with with Social Distancing Graphics

Q: How are custom distancing measures and graphics made?

A: We use digital printing techniques and hardware to produce graphics and so the distancing graphics we produce can include much in the way of fine detail and information. We have machining hardware capable of cutting rigid, clear materials and we use this to make clear barriers.

When we are producing prints, the design and origination is achieved digitally. This means that you are not committed to having to buy large volumes of graphics. It also helps us to keep prices reasonable.

If you need large volumes of graphics, we can help you with that requirement too. We can cut the output to shape and produce it in materials suitable for sticking to most surfaces including floors.

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Q: Where should I use custom distancing graphics?

A: Distancing signs maybe offering advice or they may be reminding visitors and customers of measures that are now required by law. For these reasons, distancing graphics have to be on prominent display and legible.

Physical barriers have to be provided where there is close proximity between staff and visitors or customers. Typical locations include checkouts, counters, and other points of sale. Mobile measures are also available.

Everyone’s needs are different. No two shops are the same. For these reasons we encourage you to contact us and to outline your needs. There are lots of ways of getting in touch with us:

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Working with Voodoo DesignWorks

Voodoo is an affordable and very capable designer, manufacturer and installer of distancing measures and graphics. It costs nothing at all to explore your options with Voodoo and there’s lots of ways to do that:

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