Mirrors are widely used to add a sense of space to otherwise confined environments and they sure do the job. Consult us. We know how to make them even better.

There are a few things that can be done with a common-or-garden mirror to make it look truly exceptional and yet still do its job. We’ve developed ways of removing selected areas of mirror to reveal lighting, colours or patterns that we conceal behind. To say the effect is dramatic is selling it short.

The effects we engineer into glazed mirrored surfaces are durable. There’s an undercurrent of versatility going on here too. There are thousands of areas of application for this technology. The deciding factors is, what would you like the technology to do for you?

This isn’t tech for tech’s sake. It’s tech for art’s sake. You can make the look your own for a surprisingly down to earth price.

Lettering and Logos for Glazed Mirrored Surfaces Hero Shot Montage



Lettering and Logos for Glazed Mirrored Surfaces

We can do some wonderful things with mirrors. Imagine if you can, a mirrored surface, with sections of the mirror corresponding to design details removed. So in effect, we can put designs pictures and patterns into mirrors big and small. Now imagine the design possibilities. They can be decorative, they can be used for advertising, they can be used for lighting effects, even – as mirrors!


Lettering and Logos for Glazed Mirrored Surfaces in an Office Environment

We have all the technology and materials we need to do simply amazing things with mirrors here at the Voodoo DesignWorks. So whether you want something as simple as a little text staring back at you from your mirrored surface, or something a lot more elaborate like an intricate backlit pattern, we can do that. This is one area among many at Voodoo where our creatives can let their imaginations run wild.


Lettering and Logos for Glazed Mirrored Surfaces in a Retail Environment

Installing some mirrors is no more complex than hanging them on the wall. Here are the plugs and the screwdriver. Others are a little more complex and you can leave those to us. We’ll install a decorative mirror surface and the attendant electrical installation using our own expert team. Whether it’s in a shop, hotel, or a leisure facility, we will get the job done. Yes the mirror can be branded.

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Q: what are decorative mirrored surfaces?

A: Simply, mirrors large and small which have had areas of the functional mirror surface removed to reveal lettering, colours, logos and lighting shine through. The effect, quite possibly because of the reflected view is often animated, startling and attractive.

As the name suggests, such mirrors are primarily decorative devices. That’s not to say they can’t do a job promoting a brand. Or even assume the role of a sign. With lighting effects, the electrical installation can be hidden discreetly behind the mirror and comprises modern, energy-efficient LEDs.

A bespoke decorative mirror or a custom decorative mirrored surface is a long lived thing. It, and the marvellous effect it delivers, are going to be around for years. If that’s starting to sound like great value, you’re right.

Mirror Graphics
Branding and Logos for Mirrors
Decorative edging graphics for a mirrored surfaces

Q: How are decorative mirrored surfaces made?

We would rather not tell you the whole story. Let us just say, we have a means, of removing the function of elements of the mirror and leaving the glass intact. So at that stage of the process, you have a mirror punctuated by clear glass areas.

What we do next is position behind the mirror, colours elements or lighting that can be seen through the clear glass area. And there you have it. A high impact, beautifully designed and very functional centrepiece in any situation.

It’s worth noting that our decorated mirrors and mirrored surfaces are made from glass and not from plastics or acrylics. So the view in the reflective portions of the mirror is exemplary in terms of quality, just like you get any typical high quality glass mirror.

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Q: Where can I use decorative mirrored surfaces?

A: We are a signs and graphics producer. We tend to see these surfaces and decorative mirrors being used as proxies for signs. That view soon got overtaken though. Most of our customers use them as decorative showpieces in bars, restaurants and shops.

Few of our decorative mirrors and mirrored surfaces end up out of doors, but they can be made so that the shrug off the weather. Where they really shine, quite literally is in interior applications above bars reflecting brands and a convivial view all around.

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