Voodoo DesignWorks does some pretty impressive stuff with vehicles. And vehicles, suitably decorated, can do impressive things for your brand and business’s profile.

Sticking graphics on vehicles is a very risky business. Poor quality comes unstuck very quickly and in a particularly ugly way. That’s why we’re as risk averse when it comes to your brand on vehicles as you need to be. It’s also why we insist on nothing but the best when it comes to materials and application skills.

Bring your vehicle to Voodoo if you’re looking for a top-quality job at a price that’s more than fair. We’ll design. We’ll apply. All you have to do is beat off the attention our vehicle work brings to your business and brand.

Six thousand pairs of eye an hour see liveries on the road it’s said. Let’s make sure they’re all left with a positive impression.

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A vehicle graphic for Jamie Dean Plumbing and Heating

Let’s get this out there. Places to go for vehicle graphics aren’t exactly in short supply. Neither are operators who’re willing to rush out a quick job for an amazingly low price. Voodoo DesignWorks only deals in the exceptional though. That means we’ll design a vehicle livery, whether it’s for a single vehicle or a fleet. And there will be a price ticket attached to the design. It’s a price that will reflect the time, effort and quality we’ll put behind the effort. And the head-turning results we’ll produce. It’s worth every penny.


A vehicle graphic for TNT Supplements

Voodoo DesignWorks’ vehicle liveries are unashamedly and resolutely sat in what polite society might call the pricey end of the market. That’s not because Voodoo is laughing all the way to the bank. It’s because the price we charge reflect our costs. We won’t entertain anything other than the best materials available. We put what others might say is a disproportionate amount of time into preparation. We produce results that look as sensational years hence as they will on the day of delivery. That effort and quality comes at a price that we’re told is fair by customers who return time and again.


Vehicle body surface transformation graphics in carbon fibre

Application is as important a part of a vehicle livery as design and production. It’s a hands-on skill and the job can be challenging in the extreme. Our liveries are exemplary in terms of quality. Fit and finish is critical and we set ourselves standards that border on the fanatical. Liveries lead a hard life and nothing looks less professional that your brand or business when its compromised by a failing livery. We’re not cheap and we’ve laboured the point. We’re not expensive either. Come to us for your livery if you’re looking for something that bit better than ‘good enough.’

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Q: What are vehicle liveries and graphics?

A: Here at Voodoo DesignWorks we tend to think in terms of livery being a promotional medium that elevates a brand or a business and that identifies its mobile assets or transport. Vehicle graphics on the other hand are there to accentuate the aesthetics and those who love their cars love their graphics too.

Livery is not cheap when its done properly but it represents amazing value. See, on the road, a livery prompts recall of broadcast campaigns, social media and press advertising. Livery persists too. It lasts for years.

Our livery work can involve the total transformation of vehicle body colour with films that protect the original paint. That supports better residuals and gives back some of the cost invested.

Custom van graphics for MostlyLocal
Custom vehcile graphic for the bonnet of a roadster
Branding and Logo design for Abbey Electrics

Q: How are vehicle liveries and graphics made?

A: Vehicle liveries and graphics are made from premium quality materials that are variously cut and printed to form the desired design. The elements of the design are adhered to the vehicle after they’re covered with a protective laminate.

Our work encompasses simple graphics all the way up to total coverage wraps. Our goal is to send out head turning works that’s structurally sound and that will survive the hostile climate in which it operates for years.

We can’t and won’t compromise our position with material quality. We’d rather bow out gracefully and decline a job if the budget available would compromise the specification of materials we use. Or we’d simplify the work and maintain the quality. How are liveries and graphics made? They’re made right at Voodoo.

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Q: Where can vehicle liveries and graphics be used?

A: With the exception of the windscreen and tyre walls, there’s not much in terms of a vehicle’s anatomy that can’t be covered with graphics or livery markings. That’s a recipe in the wrong hands for gratuitous design and over indulgent use of space. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid. Come to Voodoo.

Our liveries attract eyes and deliver a great impression. We pride ourselves on results and the power of our design. That means you can use the work we produce on any vehicle that operates in your name and be confident that you’re favourably haloing your hard-won brand equity and your business.

You can bring us ideas for livery and graphics and we’ll work with you to make them practical and attractive. You can come and discuss your needs with a blank canvas and find us just as engaged and willing to help. Lots of way of getting in touch:

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Voodoo is an affordable and very capable designer, manufacturer and installer of vehicle liveries and graphics. It costs nothing at all to explore options with Voodoo and there’s lots of ways to do that:

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