Sign Maintenance

A sign being maintained by skilled sign maintenance specialistsOnce installed, signs are subject to the effects of the ageing of time-limited components and wear and tear imposed by weather. Sign maintenance is designed to mitigate these and other effects and so keep sign performing optimally.

Sign maintenance can be managed on a needs-based per-incident intervention basis, or in a planned fashion which sees a crew attend the sign and then perform works required to replace aged components, clean standing structures and make good any damage.

Sign maintenance will be required in situations where damage has been incurred, for example a breakage caused by high winds or by vandalism. Repair may be effected by replacing parts of the sign known to be damaged or by repair on site where possible.

Signs can experience many modes of failure. More recent signs have reliable LED lighting and so outages caused by the failure of earlier means of illumination are greatly diminished. The accumulation of airborne dirt can impair a sign’s performance and so this represents one of the most common of all service interventions.

Sign are manufactured from materials designed to endure exterior conditions. These materials include plastics, metals and woods. Such materials are often finished with weather resisting coatings including paints and so resist exterior conditions. If kept in good repair, a sign may last twenty-five years or much longer. Signs that are allowed to deteriorate without sign maintenance may require replacement or total refurbishment and a newly commissioned sign installation.

When a sign is sold, its manufacturer may approach the subject of a maintenance programme with the customer commissioning the sign’s production. A sign maintenance programme may achieve more than simply keeping the sign in operation. It will ensure that the sign performs optimally and so favourably halos the brand of business it is working hard to promote. On that basis alone, sign maintenance is seen by many as good value.