Pull-Up Banners

Roller BannerPull Up Banners comprise a printed banner rolled upon itself and contained, under gentle spring pressure opposing the winding direction within a piece of portable and protective hardware. The rolled banner can be deployed by pulling it against the spring pressure and retaining it once extended with a strut abutting the banner edge and the hardware. The hardware serves as a foot and the pull up banner is thus free-standing when extended.

The materials used in free-standing pull up banners are usually of premium quality. This means that they are mechanically sound and so resist repeated winding, and have a highly developed surfaces so that they resolve high levels of detail to photo quality. The materials are also resistant to various modes of photo degradation such as fading, yellowing and cracking.

Pull up banners’ stands are very compact being only marginally wider than the banners they contains. It is reasonably light when loaded and usually has a handle making it easily portable. This design of display is not particularly stable in winds and so is best used for indoor applications, for example at exhibitions, experiential events and seminars.

Pull up banners can, if required, have the printed banner element replaced. This is a job for a person ideally skilled in handling print and such banner hardware. The life of the hardware unit is considerably greater than that of the printed graphics it contains and so is designed to be used with repeated content changes.

Many hardware designs are known with the primary differentiation being the aesthetic element. Various sizes are available with the largest widths only being limited by the practicalities of handling. Costs, while not in the same spectrum as unsupported banners are very reasonable and because of this, roll up banners are pressed to many purposes including the construction of basic exhibition stands.

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