Voodoo Labs is a pretty exciting place at the Voodoo DesignWorks. It’s where we make ourselves look like real idiots inventing things that don’t work. And it’s where we make ourselves look like absolute geniuses when they eventually do. We welcome our customers into the Voodoo Labs because we can show them things they might not ask for and the conversation flows as easily as the creative ideas that fuels.

Voodoo Labs has quite a few things it can show you that might help you promote your business. Chances are you’ll have never seen the likes of them before. They’re things that are perhaps looking for commercial applications. Some might be waiting for real-world production technologies to make them possible. Others look like nothing short of magic.

Voodoo Labs facilitates free-thinking meetings where ideas can find a voice and nobody’s afraid to venture a view. Exciting as all this sounds, it has a practical basis. When you next have a creative meeting to devise how you’re going to promote your business, call us in to participate or come and have the meeting here here. The welcome’s warm and the coffee’s hot.

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Voodoo Labs VR installation

There’s something really energising about an environment where ideas flow and the conversation finds its own way. People speak up. Ideas that might never get discussed for fear of being torn to shreds find a voice. Great things sometimes happen. That’s the kind of meeting we like having with the customers who come along and spend time discussing their needs with us. Anyone can put a sign above your door. Voodoo Labs might just ignite your next wildfire success.


Voodoo Labs Blueprints

As creative as it is, the people who make the Voodoo Labs possible, and who you’ll meet when you come here, have deep experience and sparkling track records. The ‘Labs is peopled by individuals who’ve actually shaped the modern sign and allied industries. People who’ve defined widely practiced business models. People who’ve invented and patented cool stuff. People who know how to capture a spark and turn it into something hot. Come along for a chat. You’ll enjoy it.


Voodoo Labs Team at work

We’ve got some talented people here in the Voodoo Labs but they’re put together in much the same way most people are. They have lot to share and to say but they’re equipped with highly developed listening gear too. We practice a form of listening here that really helps us get under the skin of customer need. It helps us see subtlety and complexion others will miss and which can guide our hand in developing solutions that do the job intended.

Let’s send you a brochure…

It’s amazing what the Voodoo DesignWorks could do for you. It’s all in our brochure and we have one with your name on it.

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Q: What is The Voodoo Labs?

A: The Voodoo Labs is a department we instituted here at Voodoo DesignWorks to better leverage our technical and creative abilities and to benefit the relationships we enjoy with our clients.

It’s a place to come and meet, and to see and discuss the things that all of modern technologies, materials and ideas we have make possible. A place where antidotes to signs and business as usual are born.

You’re welcome to set up a meeting with us here, or invite us to your place if you’d rather. When you do that, you can have a much bigger conversation than ‘do you make signs?’ Together, we might just find a revolutionary way of making your business or your market bigger.

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Voodoo Labs driven by technology
Architectural Installation

Q: How does Voodoo Labs work

A: It works very well. It’s output is something of a moving target but it always delivers a more enlightened view of what’s possible. We do a lot of listening. We do a bit of talking. We’ll show you some cool stuff and you’ll see its potential

A session in The ‘Labs will take at least a couple of hours but it needn’t crater a whole day if you’re under time pressure. You can leave us with a brief if you like and we’ll let it simmer gently and consider your challenges in detail and come back to you.

Please don’t forget that Voodoo Labs is a resource that’s at your disposal. And it’s a mature and well thought through one. We respect confidentiality. We can be trusted with trade secrets . We’re no stranger to intellectual property and are comfortable around people who take it seriously. Two way CDA – no problem.

Let’s Connect…

Book an online presentation and discussion with us at a time that suits you.

Voodoo-Connect delivers a live, broadcast-quality video and audio presentation and discussion from us to you and its streamed live right to your desktop and as many people as you need to invite. We can discuss your project, you can all see our samples, tour our facility and more – no need for a camera at your end because we don’t see you or your colleagues.

Voodoo Connect – It’s a great way for us all to discuss your project live and the quality is simply amazing.

Book your appointment now.

Q: When can I come to Voodoo Labs?

A: We run The Labs along the same lines as the business so we’re available in what you might think of as business hours. That works for most people but we’ll make exceptions if needs so that it works for you.

We’ll need to plan if you want to visit us and of course we’re currently under a bit of stricture like the rest of the world in terms of opening our doors. Don’t worry, we’d not be a lot of use if we had not figured that one out. We can set up a Teams meeting for you. And we’ve got a way of streaming broadcast quality content to you too.

There’s lots of ways of getting this kicked off so why not get it off the ‘think about it’ list and do something now. Lots of ways of getting in touch with us are on offer and they’re all below – read on.

Chat to us online now…

There’s no time like the present. You can chat with us online right now or leave us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we’re available.


Working with Voodoo DesignWorks

Opening Voodoo Labs’ Door…

Voodoo Labs is a place where your creative options, technical potential and your market meet and beat business challenges to a pulp. It costs nothing at all to explore options with Voodoo Labs and there’s lots of ways to start doing that:

You can call us on 01454 202070

We can call you.

We can set up a one-to-one or one-to-many online broadcast to show you what we do – you see us, but we don’t see you.

We can send you a brochure that tells you a little more about us.

We can assemble a custom information pack for you if you tell us a little about your needs.

Voodoo Labs is at your disposal. Make the most of it and get in touch today. We’d love to hear from you.

Let’s get in touch…

If you’re ready to discuss your project we’re ready to listen. Let’s get your ideas on the table and move your sign project forward.