A well designed and thoughtfully positioned A-Board gets the attention of people that might otherwise walk, or drive right past you and your business.

A-Boards work hard to promote your business when it’s open and fold up neatly to be stowed safely away when its not. In terms of the attention they attract, they have to be among the most cost-effective means of self promotion there is. They come in all shapes and sizes and completely custom made variations too.

Voodoo can make you a single A-Board promoting your business or thousands if you’ve got a product that needs shouting about. Either way, you’ll be getting a remarkably effective sign at a price that’s a pleasant surprise.

Voodoo DesignWorks turns A-Boards around as fast as our A-Boards turn heads. Why wait for business to come your way. Attract it, with an A-Board from Voodoo.

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Simple wooden A Board Pavement Sign

A boards, at least when they’re well designed and attractive, really do a wonderful job of pulling eyes toward the businesses they promote and they do so at really modest costs. Voodoo DesignWorks does a great job of designing effective pavement signage and A-boards. The space available is limited and so the content and its layout is critically important. With our creative team at the helm, your pavement sign will do a great job and make sure your business gets attention.


Custom fabricated pavement sign

Pavement signs and A-Boards are available in great variety from simple A-frames to aerodynamic wonders that turn in the wind. They’re mostly double sided and can be made of anything from wood, through moulded plastics to metal. If you want something really special we can design it from scratch and fabricate it along bespoke lines. That said, we think the system A-Boards are great and its our design that distinguishes them. Ultimately it’s a choice and it’s yours to make.


Custom fabricated wooden A Board Pavement Sign

Pavement signs are such a versatile and affordable form of promotion, we find ourselves selling them in all sorts of volumes. A shop may want just one or two. On the other hand, a brand wanting to extend the reach of its Point of Sale beyond its stockists’ doors may want thousands. No worries. We’ll deal with either need and get the job done on time and within budget. Consider A-boards first and then consider the volume you might need. We’re ready to supply.

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Q: What are A-Boards and Pavement Signs?

A: A-Boards and pavement signs are, literally, portable signs that are designed to be left on a kerb in a safe position when the business they promote is open, and to be bought inside at night or when the business is closed.

They’re called A boards because of the A-like shape they assume when they are deployed. That said, there are other forms of pavement signs such as spinning structures and spring mounted flat panels that do the same job.

Pavement signs are typically double side so that they can be seen from either side by foot traffic or passing cars. The message is typically simple and can be appreciated at a glance. Inexpensive and long-lived, A-Boards and Pavement signs are very popular with retailers.

Custom fabricated metal A Board pavement sign
Low cost A Board Pavement Sign
Custom fabricated wooden A Board Pavement Sign

Q: How are A-Boards and Pavement Signs made?

A: A boards and pavement signs are typically pre-fabricated units that are supplied to sign producers like Voodoo without any signing affixed. Our job amounts to designing the graphics needed and then printing and applying them.

Printed panels can be adhered on a permanent or temporary basis to an A Board or inserted into a retaining means provided on some designs. This means that some types of pavement sign are perfect for promoting campaigns or other matter that only might be needed for an advertising season.

Pavement signs are most often fairly heavily constructed so that they form stable structures. Some have wheels provided so that they are not too difficult to retrieve and deploy.

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Q: Where can I use pavement signs and A Boards?

A: Despite what the name suggests, there’s more to pavement signs than pavements. Because they are easy to handle and easily seen, they work anywhere there’s passing traffic and not just on pavements.

We have seen pavement signs used indoors in malls to direct foot traffic. They also do a good job at events promoting the whole show or its parts. A boards are popular with estate agents and they make great trades site boards too.

Ultimately, anywhere there is safe space is a place for an A-board to feel right at home. We can supply dozens of different types in all shapes and sizes. Let’s have a chat about your needs. Please read on:

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Voodoo is an affordable and very capable designer, manufacturer and advocate of well designed A-boards and pavement signs. It costs nothing at all to explore options with Voodoo and there’s lots of ways to do that:

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