Wood is a wonderful material for making signs and Voodoo DesignWorks does wonderful things with it. Nothing else looks quite like real wood.

Wood is a great material to choose for your signage if you want to communicate a wholesome warmth or make the most of its other qualities. Whether it’s plain, stained, or painted, wood looks sensational. We can add years of weathering in minutes too and that makes wooden signs look even more individual.

When Voodoo DesignWorks engages with real timber the effect is never quite the same twice. That’s because wood is naturally occurring and we’ve had nothing to do with how it’s developed. And there’s the point. Wood will make your sign unique. Truly, your own.

Indoors or out. Modern, rustic or traditional. Wood does what Voodoo DesignWorks asks of it. We’ll do the same for you. Make it with wood.



Wooden Shopfront Signage

Wood is such a versatile material that designing signage around it is a real pleasure. Wood responds to design. We can specify a colourant in design or a treatment and wood will reward us with an outcome that’s always a nice surprise. Because it’s one of nature’s very own materials, we find that wooden signs designed around wholesome and earthy warmth work brilliantly. That said, we’re no strangers to designing modern themes into wooden signs too. Wood is something we rarely offer, but that’s only because we’re usually asked for it first!


Bespoke Wooden Sign for a coffee shop

We use wood in signs for its natural good looks and because we can cut, carve and engrave it to make stunning structures. We can erode it too revealing an inner beauty that has absolutely no equal whatever in man-made material. It takes paint and stains well. It looks great left to its own devices and it’s not scared of wind and weather. Let Voodoo DesignWorks make a wooden sign for you and it’ll do its job for sure. Be prepared for people to revere it as though it were art though. We use responsible sources for our wood of course.


Engraved Wooden Signage

It takes a bit of care and craft to install wooden signs well. Care and craft are delivered as standard though with every wooden sign that Voodoo DesignWorks makes so no worries there. If your installation involves lighting, we’ll deliver that and don’t worry about ground-works if we’re putting in posts or other structure. We’ve done it all before and we’ll do it for you and your signs too. Once they’re installed, nicely made wooden signs age very gracefully. You’ll be enjoying the quality our signs radiate for years to come.

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Q: What are wooden signs

A: Seems like an obvious question at first blush but there’s more to it. Wooden signs are not signs that just happen to be made of wood. They’re signs crafted from wood because of the qualities that wood imparts to the finished result.

Wooden signs are warm, wholesome and truly beautiful to behold. They’re made along the lines of a custom-joined and crafted heirloom, with great care. They distinguish themselves as ‘wooden signs.’ Signs made from other materials just don’t do that.

A wooden sign is a long-term business partner. It’s going to get old, but, unlike signs made from other material, it’s only going to acquire a patina. Refurbishment is not difficult when needed. Wooden signs are highly individual.

Wooden Facia Sign
Wooden Architectural Signage
Wooden Wayfinding Signage

Q: How are wooden signs made?

A: There’s lots of ways of turning a chunk of wood into a sign and we’ve practiced at most of them. We’ve got some amazing machinery that can cut, carve and engrave timber, and we’ve got the manual skill needed to take over from there and make it something really special.

Timber can be stencilled and media blasted too. The results are out of this world. The grain assumes deep relief and colours contrast amazingly. Never the same results twice. If you want unique, it doesn’t get any better than this.

We assemble wooden signs from elements we cut too. So we can bring other materials to the party for the sake of accents and contrast. Again, the results are stunning. Wood leaves its fingerprints in such an attractive way. We make wooden signs, and we make them with pleasure.

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Q: Where can I use signs made from wood

A: Indoor. Out. It’s up to you. Wooden signs work absolutely anywhere and they always look superb. We have a few venues we like for wooden signs. Outdoors and in large spaces for example. Wooden wayfinding signs say so much more than ‘this way.’

You can use wooden signs where and where there’s a point to saying, this is overtly a wooden sign. Anywhere near a restaurant or a pub. Somewhere there’s a craft-based art being promoted. That new shop you’re thinking about…

We’re not short of ideas at Voodoo DesignWorks and if the conversation involves wood, we’re hard to stop. You can find out if wood is right for you by getting in touch with us. Lots of ways to do that – read on:

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Working with Voodoo DesignWorks

Voodoo is an affordable and very capable designer, manufacturer and installer of wooden signs. It costs nothing at all to explore options with Voodoo and there’s lots of ways to do that:

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Voodoo DesignWorks is at your disposal. We’ll make the high quality wooden signs you need – and we’ll do so with all of our care and experience applied. We can save you money too.

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