Huge expanses of glass are an attractive part of the manmade landscape around us. It’s essential that people can see glazing though and avoid walking into it. That’s what manifestation achieves.

There’s lot of ways of making glazing obvious at eye-level so that people don’t get injured by walking into it. Voodoo DesignWorks supplies them all. Voodoo DesignWorks also takes the basic idea a lot further. So if you want something a little more attractive than that frosted dot, check out what we can offer.

We can make markings that reflect your brand or that contribute to your ambient decor. We can apply some clever learnings from our ‘Labs and come up with something that’s functional and attractive. We can install measures that actually contribute in a very positive sense to the overall look and atmosphere you’re trying to build.

The law says you have to make glass obvious to avoid pedestrians colliding with it. We say the measure doesn’t have to look ugly.

Glazing Manifestation Markings Hero Shot Montage



Etch effect glazing manifestations

There’s a lot of life beyond little frosted dots on windows and glazing in terms of making sure glass is seen. Voodoo DesignWorks has a team of creatives who will design manifestation markings for your glazed surfaces that do the job that H&S says it must, but that contribute to branding and aesthetic goals too. Our designs will fit the space available perfectly. Our designs will transcend the purely functional. Our designs will work with your overall look and feel rather than make it part of the ‘sore-thumb’ school of standing out.


Glazing Manifestation Markings in a restaurant

We’ve got some great tech and materials that we can apply to the job of making sure that glass stands out. So move over frosted dots, here comes colour, pictures, patterns and other design-led detail. We can cut and print markings and we even know where to turn for tech that discloses the markings only to those that need to see them. Smart? We think so. Our manifestation markings are budget friendly. That means you don’t have to settle for what is on the shelves. Have it your way from Voodoo and look good standing out.


Glazing Manifestation Markings in a retail environment

If the frosted dot brigade got to your glazing before you had a chance to do something better, please don’t worry. Getting the dots and squares off is pretty much a part of every job our manifestation installation team does. The dots are usually adhered to the glazing and we’ve got a few tricks to remove them cleanly. That only leaves the application of your new markings and that’s all part of the service we offer. Our markings are adhered too. Our materials use a crystal clear adhesive that vanishes on contact with glass. Looks great.

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Q: What are manifestation markings?

A: Glazing manifestations markings are basically anything that’s applied to glass on a permanent basis that visibly discloses its presence to people who’re anywhere near it. Such markings are designed to stop people colliding with surfaces they can’t see.

Manifestation has to be obvious. So markings typically contrast with the transparent expanse around them because they’re opaque. The idea is taken further by employing colour and detail rather that simply opacity and the glass body-colour.

Markings are not designed to be temporary but they are replaceable. That means they are powerfully adhered to the glazing and interventions such as cleaning won’t wash them off.

Custom made Etch effect glazing manifestations
Etch effect graphics on a Cafe in Bristol
Etch effect glazing manifestations

Q: How are manifestation markings made?

A: The most common approach to producing manifestation markings for glass are printing and cutting. Special materials that diffuse the passage of light are used and these can be optionally coloured or printed.

Physical etching of the glass in situ is a means of providing manifestation but it’s not encouraged. It’s costly, disruptive and irreversible once done. There are also concerns that such markings can compromise glass toughening.

Manifestation markings are installed by simply adhering them to the glass with pressure sensitive adhesives. The job is not complex but it is error prone if unskilled hands encounter it. Voodoo offers an installation service for this reason.

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Q: Where must I use manifestation markings?

A: Manifestation is mandated wherever glazing is considered to be a collision hazard. That said, there is a decorative dimension to glass graphics that make markings desirable for the ambient decor value they contribute.

Manifestation is particularly important on glass doors because people walk through them often and, if closed, the door must be visible. The abiding message is, despite manifestation being a legal requirement, it needn’t be ugly.

Voodoo DesignWorks delivers manifestation in amazing variety and makes the whole installation process painless. Talk to us about our custom and bespoke markings before you settle for less. Here’s how you can get in touch:

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