Restaurant signs and graphics really are part and parcel of the atmosphere. You don’t want to get that wrong…

Signs and graphics play a major role in delivering the restaurant and café experience. They’re right up there with the food and the people we’d argue. We take the responsibility of making restaurant signs and graphics seriously and we deliver against our own high stands in order to out-perform our competitors. Our restaurant signage bears that out.

We can design, manufacture and install just what’s needed to transform that spark of an idea you have into a thriving and welcoming business with a brand that’s all your own. We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the industry too and can deliver signs that fit the brand exactly in shopping centres and other managed properties.

Voodoo DesignWorks manages every detail. And our menu, that is as impressive as yours.

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Custom restaurant sign for Racks Bar and Kitchen

Signs for restaurants do more than simply tell you the name of the business. They achieve much in establishing the ambience needed to properly characterise the restaurant. the same goes for ambient décor and graphics. Voodoo DesignWorks understands restaurant signage design. Our restaurant and cafe signage helps businesses that use it to identify themselves, and to really stand out from the crowd. It’s one of our specialisations. We design amazing murals and décor for restaurants too.


Restaurant window graphics for Bone Daddies

We manufacture all kinds of signs and graphics for restaurants. Our output includes fascia signs, window graphics, pavement signage, and interior wall coverings and murals. We also supply bespoke menu boards and other types of interior signage for restaurants. It doesn’t matter whether your restaurant or café is long established and looking for a new identity or it is a start up, we will come up with an affordable restaurant signage package that works for you.


Retro restaurant signage

Restaurant signage often comprises illuminated sign structures and complex graphics packages. On that basis, installation is best left to an expert. Our installation teams work nationwide and at hours that suit you and your business. We install everything from signage through window graphics to wall coverings. All we will leave behind is great looking signs and a very positive impression of how easy it was to deal with us. I think we’re saying, leave it to Voodoo.

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Q: What is restaurant signage?

A: Restaurant signage comprises a package of signs and graphics designed to brand and identify a restaurant. The package also contributes significantly to the restaurant’s ambience. Restaurant signs may be simple front lit structures or more complex illuminated signs.

Restaurant signage is also taken to include menu boards. Menu boards depending upon design, can be displayed inside or outside the restaurant. Many restaurants use exterior menu boards to encourage customers to come inside.

Restaurant Signs can include window graphics and wall coverings as well. These do much to you contribute to the décor and overall look and feel of the restaurant.

Wall Graphics Restaurant
Restaurant Signs + Graphics_Bespoke Signage
Built up metal letters for restaurant signage

Q: How is restaurant signage made?

A: Restaurant signage is made using practically every tool and material at our disposal. Options are therefore practically unlimited. Budget and design may constrain what is built. Imagination certainly will not.

Restaurant signage can be fabricated or digitally printed. Cut and applied graphics also very popular means of signing restaurants. We have full manufacturing facilities available on our premises so we can produce anything a restaurant needs to promote itself.

Signage for restaurants is often produced along traditional lines. This may involve the use of old recovered materials or special techniques to make the sign look aged so that it better identifies with an era. Voodoo is expert in the production all types of restaurant signage.

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Q: Where can restaurant signage be used?

A: Because restaurant signage comprises a complete package, signage can be used anywhere. Shopfront signs above restaurant premises are very popular almost to the point of ubiquity. All the more reason to have Voodoo come up with an individual design.

Murals and window graphics are also very popular ways of branding and signing restaurants. It is important to achieve a cohesive identity with a restaurant signage package. For that reason, we recommend that the design considers the full scope of the signs and their application before projects proceed.

Restaurant signing can be complex and for that reason Voodoo is available to talk you through many options that exist to deliver the signing you need inside the timeframe and a budget that you have available. Here’s how to get in touch:

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Voodoo is an affordable and very capable designer, manufacturer and installer of both modern and traditional restaurant signage. It costs nothing at all to explore your options with Voodoo and there’s lots of ways to do that:

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