Did you know it’s possible to apply a pattern, colour or picture to a window that you see from one side but see through from the other?

We’ve become pretty expert in designing and installing see-through graphics. They’ve become hugely popular because they allow you to put advertisement and signs on windows and yet maintain the view through. Voodoo window graphics take that idea to new levels of quality and visual impact.

We work with specialist materials that retains a level of detail that other see-through materials can’t. So pictures looks clearer. Text can still be read. Detail looks more, well, detailed. Don’t settle for less.

Don’t overlook windows when it comes to promoting your business. Voodoo DesignWorks has some great ideas you’ll see straight through.

See Through Window Graphics Hero Shot Montage



Contra Vision close up shot

Designing for one way window graphics requires a delicate touch because of the way that such graphics work. It’s important that the proposed design anticipates prevailing lighting conditions and the content is rendered in a fashion that supports the effect. Sounds complicated and it is if you try to brief someone with no experience in this specialisation. Don’t worry. Voodoo DesignWorks knows the medium well and will come up with designs that work with and around any issues you’re likely to see, or see through. That’s why, in our hands, every window and transparent panels can have a role to play. And why the results look brilliant.


Bradley Stoke Contra Vision window graphics

Making one way window graphics involves printing a design, a colour, a picture or a pattern on a special material designed expressly for see-through graphics or one-way windows. We use Contra Vision – the real stuff. Printing needs to strike a balance and get enough ink down so the design can look its best. Too much and no favours are done. It’ll look muddy and flat. Leave it to Voodoo DesignWorks and the result will be the best it can be. Some graphics will require laminating. That’s a specialist job too. We’ll use the best material for the job and not hope for the best with a contact-clear material that’s not good enough. We’ll get it right.


Contour cut One way vision graphics on a restaurant window

Like all self-adhesive materials, see-through graphics can be very simple to install or it can go badly if there’s an issue that the applicator hasn’t seen before. We’ve got huge experience installing and removing expired campaigns and designs so if you leave it to us the result will be great and it won’t cost as much as you’d maybe expect. Installation is somewhat indicated by access but it’s generally preferred to put see-through graphics on the outside of windows and transparent panels. Once they’re up, the effect is great. Your design is visible from one side of your window or panel, and from the other side, there’s a view through.

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Q: What are, one way window graphics?

One way window graphics, or see through graphics as they are sometimes called, are typical graphics and designs printed upon a special material that’s got lots of evenly distributed holes in it. One side of the material is white, that’s the one that’s printed on, the other side is black, and that’s the side that can be seen through.

One way window graphics can do the same job that most printed media are designed to do. You can use it to advertise, direct and inform. It can be used for its decorative value and as a security measure too.

See through graphics are not typically made of traditionally produced mirror-like films. These films are more about security and are very narrowly talented. One way vision films produced using Contra Vision materials are versatile and very reliable.

One way vision graphics applied to the outside of a restaurant window
One way vision graphics applied to the inside of a window
One way vision graphics applied to the inside of rooflights

Q: How are one way window graphics made?

A: One way window graphics are made using a special material called Contra Vision. This material is available in a range of types and embodies a few options guiding its choice. A balance between the strength of the printing image and the depth of the see-through tint on the other side is considered once details of the application are known.

The Contra Vision material is printed, in Voodoo DesignWorks’ case on a wide format digital printer, and then laminated if needed. The material with the print upon it is transported to site and then applied in much the same fashion as any other self adhesive material except that it’s always dry.

We can cut printed see-through graphics material into complex shapes, combine them with other solid materials and used them just like solid vinyl when the application is suitable. Removal is simple too. Contra Vision materials have a special adhesive that means the material can be peeled off when needed.

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Q: Where can one way window graphics be used?

The number of places that one-way window graphics can be used corresponds to the number of windows and other glazed surfaces in the man-made world around us. These amazing graphics transform any window, and especially those requiring a view through from one side.

Popular venues for one way window graphics include retail windows, vehicles used in public transport, office partitions and so on. In homes, there is value in using one way window films for privacy purposes and in other locations there are security benefits.

Anywhere there’s a person to inform or direct or a message to broadcast see-through graphics play a role. Wherever there’s a glazed surface or transparent panel, one way vision window graphics should be on the shopping list. Sure there are a few complexities to consider but you can sort those out by contacting Voodoo Designworks. Read on.

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