There’s a reason that people want things to look old and beat up. That’s why we’re here to help when when modern needs to look rustic and old.

It takes decades for materials to age to the point where you’d describe them as looking old or weathered and rustic. Our craftspeople here know a thing or two about speeding the process up and making things look way older than they really are. We’ve turned it into an art-form in fact and, if demand is anything to go by, there’s a real appetite for it.

Rustic signage takes many forms. One way or another, we’ll achieve the effect without resort to extremely expensive reclaimed materials or keeping you waiting for sixty years. We can design age right into the DNA of the signs we make. We build in character from the off. We make signs today, that hark back to a period long past.

Come to the Voodoo DesignWorks for a thoroughly modern approach to traditional signage. It only looks old.

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Light up letter sign on a brick wall

It is actually quite enjoyable designing something that’s got to look old and doing so using the thoroughly modern design and production process. There’s a lot more to simulating age in modern materials and simply making them look beat up, the design as to have echoes of the past too. Our creative team has built a real competence designing rustic looking retro signs and graphics. If you come to us for your new old sign, you won’t be disappointed.


Retro looking closed sign for retail environment

All the materials are in short supply unless you go to an architectural reclamation specialist and then you’ll end up paying a lot of money for a little material. We work the combination of modern materials and techniques to help us make signs today that could very well have been made 50 years ago. Unlike their old counterparts though our signs are thoroughly up-to-date, efficient and legible. They have plenty of character and you’ll be happy with the price.


Rustic and Retro Neon Signage

Installing retro and rustic signage isn’t really that different to installing modern signage. In many situations, it’s still regarded as an expert’s job. We have a huge experience in installing signs, and to us, retro sign needs a little more attention. We make sure that it gets it. That’s because we get it too. We’re reflecting character ultimately and we don’t want to do anything that compromises that. Why not leave the old stuff to us?

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Q: What are retro and rustic signs?

A: Retro Signs are designed to look like the product of design exercise from times past. For example, reflecting popular characteristics of design from the 50s. We will make rustic signage that looks so it has a bit of age about it. Not just something that nods to the design.

Retro signs often have to fit into character with their surroundings. That requires sensitivity and understanding. Properly designed retro signs do just that. Rustic signs are little different.

Rustic signage does not use modern materials in its construction, but rather seeks to look as though it’s made with aged or vernacular materials. Those materials are also not available so we do our best to stimulate them.

Artificially aged retro looking sign
Retro looking open sign for retail environment
Rustic looking wooden sign for a pub

Q: How are are rustic and retro signs made?

A: In a word we make our retro and rustic signs sympathetically. We have to evoke the era and craft in which they are made. That means choosing and using the right materials, and very carefully making sure design elements reflect the era.

It’s not always possible to come up with something that’s a mirror image of an old sign. Some lighting means are no longer legal for example. We bend technology to our own purpose. We will use that and our craft skills to produce a surprisingly convincing finished product.

The great thing about making old signs in the modern era is that they can be made in quantity. So if you’re looking for an identity that is based in times past but that can be rolled out in scale, we have what you need.

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Q: where can I use rustic and retro Signs?

A: It won’t come as any surprise to learn retro signs only really look at home in places that reflect the character. Someone imposing a limitation on use, it’s only fair to say modern retro signs will actually work anywhere.

We don’t have to be sensitive to the decay of old materials and that means our retro signage will work indoors and out. You will know where are you want to use your rustic or retro sign. Rest assured we can make a sign that works there.

Manufacturing rustic signage and its retro equivalent, invariably involves deep design. That’s why we advise getting in touch to discuss what you need. There’s lots of ways you can do that.

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Working with Voodoo DesignWorks

Voodoo is an affordable and very capable designer, manufacturer and installer of retro signage. It costs nothing at all to explore your options with Voodoo and there’s lots of ways to do that:

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