Retail hoardings block the view into empty shops in the High Street and into vacant units in shopping centres. We can produce printed hoarding materials that make empty shops look like businesses in waiting.

Rows of shops punctuated with empty ones do not present a very attractive Vista to shoppers. We can install hoardings, simple printed graphics that are applied to shop windows, that obscure the view into empty units and which can promote incoming businesses or events that might be taking place in the shopping centre or in the locality.

If you choose to use a retail hoarding to promote a seasonal event, it can be printed on materials that are designed to be removed easily at the end of their life. If on the other hand you desire a more permanent fixture we can produce retail window screens on materials that are designed to last longer.

We work with facilities management companies, local authorities, and property owners. Get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Hoarding Graphics covering the internal works of a shopfit



Shop Hoarding Graphics Opening

When we design retail hoardings we are driven largely by brief from the client. You want retail hoardings for a reason that you choose. It’s our job to respond and come up with a winning design. That’s something we do time and again. Whether you are announcing an incoming business, a local event, or you’re simply obscuring the view in for security purposes, we will produce a design that does the job.


Hoarding Seasonal Graphics

Retail hoarding production is essentially a printing job. We work with top quality wide format printing technologies which yield photographic quality results on exterior durability materials. We can even provide our hoardings with an anti-graffiti coating so that they can be cleaned and kept in service for longer. The hoardings we produce are stuck to the glass and other parts of the shopfront using special adhesives.


Hoarding Site Security Graphics

The installation of printed shop hoardings is a job for a specialist application team. Our teams are deeply experienced in the installation and application of printed shopfront hoardings.  If required, the team can install the printed hoarding on the interior face of the windows. We will establish whether you require into your installation before we actually print the hoarding.

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Q: What are retail hoardings?

A: Retail hoardings, or shopfront hoardings as they are sometimes known are large format prints which cover the whole front of a shop and obscure the view into it from outside.

Such hoardings can be applied direct to the shops glazing, or to fabricated screens fixed to the shopfront. In addition to their primary function, printed hoardings are used to advertise, to direct pedestrians, and to inform.

In areas where pedestrian footfall is high, value is often attached to hoardings from the point of view of advertising. Some local authorities act as a media broker and rent this space to advertisers.

Hoarding Graphics for Construction Sites
Hoardings Advertising
Shop Hoarding - Coming Soon

Q: How are retail hoardings produced?

A: Retail holdings are produced using wide format printers. The graphics and lettering are printed on high-performance plastic materials designed to last in exterior conditions. These printed graphics are applied directly to the glass.

When additional security is required a physical hoarding made from rigid sheet materials such as plywood and composite aluminium may be assembled in front of the shop. In such circumstances the graphics can be applied to the plywood or composite structure.

Dependent upon the application, graphics can be printed anticipating the need for a short-term promotion or longer term application. When hoarding graphics are likely to be around a long time and exposed to pedestrian traffic we advise an anti-graffiti laminate.

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Q: Where are retail hoardings used?

A: Retail hoardings can be used anywhere there is an empty shop unit which needs the view into it obscuring. Typical venues for such hoardings include shopping centres, malls, and high street shops.

Another application for retail hoardings is to obscure a shop refit. Access to the site behind the hoarding can be provided with a door in the physical hoarding which can still be covered with graphics.

Voodoo DesignWorks has considerable experience in designing and installing shopfront hoardings and we would be very happy to talk you through the range of available options if you are considering such a hoarding.

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