Space is there to be conquered. When it comes to the space available for promotional signing, the floor’s fair game.

Floor graphics put advertising, directional graphics and promotional messages right the at the feet of your visitors. They can’t fail to notice them and, in case you hadn’t noticed, floors are not exactly in short supply so there’s lots of ways floor graphics can make a message stick.

Floor graphics have become even more popular of late and used as a distancing measure. What was advice one minute was law the next so it’s lucky that floor graphics are easy to change. Voodoo DesignWorks’ floor graphics revolve around top quality materials – so they look the part no matter how distinguished the company they keep.

Voodoo DesignWorks can design, produce and install if needed. Give your floors a voice. Floor Graphics.

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Floor graphic in an office environment

Floor graphics can be so much more than simple stickers on the floor. Get them assembled into groupings with some sort of thematic vibe going and the impression they make is startling. We’ve got of lot of experience designing for this very specialised medium and we know how to get the very best from it. Give Voodoo DesignWorks a shout if you think that floor graphics have a role in your enterprise and we’ll help you get it done. There’s a bit of an art in getting eyes looking down. We know how to make it work.


Social distancing floor graphics examples

There’s a bit more technically to floor graphics than there is to simple self-adhesive graphics. It’s primarily the material. We print on the best system money can buy so that our floor graphics look great and stand up well to be walked over and otherwise abused. Our graphics for flooring have a texture that makes them grippy. That’s important. You don’t want people slipping on your message or design. Despite the textured laminate, our graphics on the floor look colourful and poppy. Accept no less.


Custom floor graphics by Voodoo in Napoleon's Casino

Installing floor graphics isn’t beyond any practical person and we can advise how it’s done if you want to have a crack at it yourself. If however, you want to kit out a major shopping centre or hospital, you’ll be needing help. We can install floor graphics for you and do so at a time that suits you and your facility best. It’s not particularly disruptive but there will be a bit of water around and people working on all-fours. Bear that in mind and you’ll have no problem at all. Once stuck, you’re back to normal. Job done.

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Q: What are floor graphics?

A: Floor graphics are brilliant. They’re like other signs and graphics but they’re stuck to flooring. Imagine how potent the message can be when the graphics delivering it pop up at floor level. It’s great space – so use it.

Floor graphics are like big stickers. They are always laminated so the message doesn’t get damaged and their surface is non-skid. They have a slight matt texture but still manage to look colourful and poppy.

Some graphics at floor level can be as simple as arrows and stripes for directing foot fall. In reality though, any colour, picture, pattern or design is possible so imagination can run away if that’s your thing.

Custom floor graphics on acrylic for TV production
Textured floor graphics
Floor graphics in a restaurant

Q: How are floor graphics produced?

A: Floor graphics are digitally printed on a special material with what’s known as a second-surface adhesive to hold them firmly to the floor. This adhesive is pressure sensitive so it’s not like sticking tiles down.

The detail is printed on top of the applied layer of material and then its covered with a textured adhesive laminate that protects the detail and stops people who walk on it damaging the design or message. That’s essential.

Installation is a simple affair but it has to be done well and with attention to the details. We aim to achieve a reliable installed graphic that’s not going to lift or look shabby after a few weeks. We get that right.

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Q: Where can I use floor graphics?

There’s lot of flooring around. Not all of it is suitable for having graphics stuck to it. We’d advise you to forget very heavily textured surfaces and floors with delicate details such a tiny mosaic-like tiles.

With some exceptions most sound flooring makes a good site for floor graphics and the sort of tiled surface and flooring found in supermarkets is ideal. Beyond that, where you use floor graphics – and what you say, is up to you.

What goes down must come up so we use materials that are designed to be removable. That said, some traces of adhesive may remain and need cleaning off. Not to worry, there’s a range of ways of doing that. Why not find out more about floor graphics?

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