Corian is a brilliant and very durable material. If you think its talents begin and end with kitchen worktops, you should see what Voodoo DesignWorks can do with it.

Corian is an incredibly durable and very attractive plastic alloy that pulls off a remarkably good job of looking like naturally occurring stone and a few materials that don’t even exist in nature. It machines effortlessly. It polishes to a lovely shine. It’s high on the list of our favourite materials for making letters and logos.

It won’t take much to get Corian on your list of favourite materials when we show you what we can do with it. Corian lettering is pure class. And while there’s no doubt that it’ll cost you a little more than more commonplace sign making materials, it’s not as expensive as we make it look.

Let’s get creative. Put Corian lettering on your shopping list and make sure you explore your options with Voodoo DesignWorks.

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Bespoke Corian routed signage

Did you know you can light up Corian? We do. Come to Voodoo Designworks we will show you all sorts of other cool things can be done with Corian. Our design team understands this amazing material and does equally amazing things with it. It’s not like working with other sign making materials. This material is solid and it machines so it can be cut, carved, and engraved. It’s available in lots of colours and it can be painted too. All sorts of designs are possible.


Corian engraved wall plaque

Corian comes in chunky, thick sheets. We work with this material on our computerised router. It can be glued like other sign making materials, but unlike most, it machines effortlessly so it’s not unusual to carve and shape it. We can inlay other materials into Corian. And don’t forget to ask us about Corian lithophanes. If you’ve never seen them before, lithophanes make pictures appear out of solid materials. It’s like magic. Corian is not a cheap material but it’s worth every penny.


Mixed Corian and Wood signage

Corian Signs, letters and logos often require assembly on site so that suggests expert installation. Equally if you are just making a customised kitchen sign from Corian letters, you can probably manage that job yourself or at least the installation. If your sign requires installation you’ll be happy to know Voodoo Designworks has an expert installation team and we’d be happy to come along and install your sign for you. Corian Signs are going to last for decades. So they have to be installed correctly.

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Q: What are Corian Signs letters and logos?

A: Essentially, they are fabrications manufactured using Corian as the main ingredient. In most respects, a Corian sign could be much like any other at least in terms of its construction. The nature of the material though ensures that the sign looks like no other.

Because the material is extremely durable, signs made using it are durable too. They may require routine maintenance but they can be refurbished if needed. Complex infills and other details can be made using the material in its liquid state, so really fine detail is possible.

Corian signage and letters occupy the quality strata in signmaking. Don’t expect them to be cheap. When you come to us though, they’re not going to be outrageously expensive either.

Intricate Corian inlaid custom logos
Corian engraved and routed signage
Routed and engraved Corian wall mounted sign

Q: How are Corian Signs letters and logos made?

A: We start with the material in the flat state and shapes are cut from it using our computerised routing hardware. The shapes and other components are then assembled and any raw edges will be polished. This technique means that we can assemble parts from the material and that the assembly can actually look like it’s a solid block.

Sometimes, lighting is required. If the lighting is internal, that dictates working with lighter coloured materials. That limitation goes away if the lighting is external. The material was never designed to be back lit, but that doesn’t stop us.

Other materials may be involved in the fabrication but the whole assembly is usually glued. The base material is somewhat soluble in the specialised glue that is used. Once everything cures, the assembly is incredibly solid.

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Q: Where are Corian Signs letters and logos used?

A: Because of its popularity as a kitchen worktop material, a lot of signs made from Corian finish up in kitchens. That’s fine with us they look sensational. The material, because of its quality outlook has a role to play in architectural signage too.

As we are very fond of saying, Corian Signs are not going to be cheap. That dictates that they are used in venues where the statement they make justifies the price. To put this in perspective don’t be put off enquiring, the conversation cost nothing and ultimately the sign offers great value.

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