Poppier Posters

Backlit Poster at Gloucester Quays
Light up your menus and promotional campaigns with backlit posters from Voodoo… There are some very clever materials out there. Among them is a backlit transparency film we’re quite taken with. It does a stunning job when we load it into our HP Latex wide format printer and get the ...

Grassy Graphics

Stencilled Grass Graphics
Here’s how Voodoo delivers graphics that work anywhere there’s a blade of grass or two… In terms of uncharted space where graphics are concerned, floors are right up there. You do see a floor graphic here and there, and, if we get our way you’ll see a lot more of ...

A Window to the Past

SS Great Britain Museum Bristol Window Graphic - Wide shot
I K Brunel would have looked out over a very different skyline in his day than the one observed today through a window close to his magnificent steam ship, the SS Great Britain. We were invited to deliver a solution that effectively erased today’s Bristol from view and which replaced ...