Thanks to origination-free print technology, big, colourful and impactful banners are available at prices that are affordable to all.

All you need to bring to Voodoo DesignWorks if you want a banner, is your thoughts. We’ll design, print and produce what we agree you’ll need and that’s about as complex as it gets. You get a lot of bang with a banner. And there will be change on the table after you’ve paid for it too.

Banners are primarily for temporary applications. That’s not to say they don’t have a job to do in the longer term though. When you make them the way we do, they last and look good for longer and they do the job that’s needed better as well. Sounds like a win win.

Put a banner or two on your shopping list wherever there’s something to shout about. A Voodoo DesignWork banner will make sure you’re heard.

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Banner in a frame with eyelets

Banners typically needs to be big bold and brazen so as to demand attention rather than ask for it. Designing banners then is all about colour, contrast and impact. Voodoo DesignWorks’ design team is Creative To The Core, as we’re very fond of saying, and so the banners we design will get the job done but still manage to look good. We can work pictures into our designs, patterns and solid colour too. Banners designed by Voodoo DesignWorks are versatile and effective. Design is digitally based. So you’re not committed to volume to get exactly the banner design you want. Our designs work from one and up. You decide how many you need.


Shop front banner for Supreme

All of the banners we make here are digitally printed. So we start with a white and very tough technical fabric. We print the design upon it. We then finish the banner as needed with hems, eyelets and any other fixing means that might be needed. Designs can bleed so every inch of the material gets used to display your message and the kit we print with yields results that’ll last outdoors for years if needed. It’s unlikely you’ll need anything that’s so big we can’t make it and the price is going to be reasonable whatever you choose. Give us a shout and let’s know what you need. It costs nothing to explore your options with Voodoo.


Large format Banner for the Gloucester Quays Designer Outlet Centre

That’s right. We install banners. If you don’t fancy working at height we’ll come along and install your banner anywhere you’re allowed to put it – indoors or out. Needless to say, where banners are concerned, you also have the option to install them yourself. It’s not difficult, some basic knots will get the job done and retrieving the banner when its job is done is not hard either. A typical outdoor banner that’s a couple of square metres will weigh about a kilo. Call in some help if your banner is a biggie. Failing that, call in your friends from Voodoo DesignWorks and let us do the job. We’ll even bring the used article back to base for recycling if needed.

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Q: What are banners?

A: Banners typically comprise a reinforced technical fabric or “scrim” materials that’s receptive to digital printing and that’s hemmed and provided with reinforced eyelets. Such banners are tied to the display area with cordage. Banners may also comprise a material rolled into a cassette-like structure serving as a display system. The banner can be unrolled and will automatically roll up again.

Banners can be temporary and printed on very light and inexpensive materials or more durable and thus printed on exterior grade fabrics. Material sometimes include a special inter-layer so they are opaque and this makes double sided printing possible.

A banner can be suspended in a hanging fashion and cut to shape other than square. Consideration needs to be given to how a banner will drape if it’s not to look wrinkled and its message obscured. A banners is basically a low cost display system but the medium has evolved and is today used in lots of applications.

Custom pull up banner with social distancing graphics
Large format banner for Food Envy
Hanging Banner

Q: How are banners made?

A: Banners start life as a roll of banner material. This roll is installed in a digital printer and the desired information is then printed on the roll’s print surface. The inks used form a very good bond with the material, are very colourful and durable indoors and out.

Once printed, the banner fabric is cut to shape and hems are formed at its edges. The hems may be ultrasonically welded, heat welded or taped. All of these methods accomplish the same thing. Eyelets are then strategically situated in the fabric and the banner is considered finished for most application purposes. Occasionally air-spills are provided to reduce wind-loading.

Banners can be rolled for storage and repeatedly deployed if carefully stored. Cassette banners are printed the same way as scrim banners but are not cut and have no eyelets. Because of the spring pressures involved we do not supply print-only materials for cassette banners.

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Q: Where can banners be used?

Banners have few limits or restrictions in terms of use but it must be remembered that they are very effective at ‘catching’ the wind. Careful consideration needs to be given to sites in exposed situation as wind loadings can be high. Voodoo can offer guidance but vest responsibility in the end-user.

Banners are great for promoting events and add a lot of scale and impact at low cost. With enough cordage and good anchor points, high level displays spanning streets and buildings are perfectly possible but installation is an expert’s job – Ideally a Voodoo DesignWorks expert.

For retail application, banners can be easily fixed to walls, fences and other structures on a temporary basis. Wherever banners are installed, Voodoo advises careful consideration be given to recovery and disposal. We work with recycled and recyclable materials where possible and can provide data to the banner’s end-user.

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