Wayfinding Signage is there to help people move around buildings. If it’s not, you need Voodoo DesignWorks’ help.

What does Voodoo know about wayfinding? Lots. It’s in the family. We invented, manufactured and successfully sold the world’s first system-based wayfinding signage system and we’ve been innovating ever since. Today, we design and install wayfinding signage that fits with every mission – including the need to keep people distanced.

Voodoo DesignWorks wayfinding is technically elegant. From a minimal and easily maintained component count we can produce programmes that keep the most complex facilities and buildings moving freely. When things change, our signs can too and our rigorous controls keep everything harmonised.

You’ll want to know prices. We’re delighted to discuss them. That’s because Voodoo DesignWorks delivers value in addition to functionality.

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Wayfinding and Directional Signs applied directly to concrete

Quite a few sign businesses can claim to design wayfinding and directional signs. Substantially fewer can claim to design the physical sign systems that make wayfinding and directional signage possible. Voodoo DesignWorks can. That makes us something of a rarity. It also makes the work we do both extraordinarily effect and affordable. We’ll design a wayfinding scheme that keeps the most complex facilities, places and spaces moving efficiently. Your visitors will never be lost for the want of directions. And Voodoo DesignWorks is never lost for want of ideas. Let us design the system you need – you’ll be very happy you did.


Monolith wayfinding sign in a shopping centre

Wayfinding and directional signs work best when they are made for precisely the application and situation that situates them. That’s the way we make signs. That’s the way we make directional signage and wayfinding programmes that work. We work with top quality components and clear, legible graphics to make signs that are always in the visitor’s eye-line when needed, but that don’t intrude or dominate the view needlessly. The result is manufactured direction and wayfinding signage that looks the part and that integrates harmoniously with its surroundings. The alternative is not nearly as attractive or effective. Voodoo makes it right.


Directional signage utilising Vinyl Graphics

When it comes to signs that help people find the way indoors and out, installation is everything. Done properly, the installation site for every sign is known in advance of its production. When the wayfinding signage is physically delivered and installed on site, it’s part of an overarching plan and every detail has to be right. Voodoo DesignWorks brings detail-level expertise and project management skills to bear on the challenges and get the details right. That’s what wayfinding and directional sign programmes that we install are easy to work with, keep people moving, and adapt readily to changing needs and situations.

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Q:What are wayfinding and directional signs?

A: Wayfinding and directional signs are quite simply signs that work individually, or as part of a larger and coordinated programme of signs, to direct and inform pedestrians and other traffic so that destinations are easily found. Such signs rely on legibility and very careful planning and installation.

Because roles change, premises develop and people move from place to place, wayfinding and directional signage has be be adaptable and relatively easy to update when needed. Wayfinding signage, sometimes called ‘directory systems’ are typically modular in construction, comprising components that fit together to form the finished article.

Wayfinding signs can also feature printed matter, such an information loaded murals fitted to walls, or electronic screens with the required signage elements displayed and controlled by a central resource. Wayfinding signage is above all minimally ornamental and so very legible.

A neon emblem acting as directional signage
Wayfinding or Directional Banner Graphic suspended from ceiling
Wall mounted directional signs with blue colour coding

Q: How are wayfinding and directional signs made?

A: Wayfinding and directional signs are based on modular components and these are available as ’systems’ or they can be designed and constructed on a bespoke or custom basis. These components then are bolted or otherwise attached to other components of the same system to form finished signs.

Sign components may be made from materials that are coloured in the mass, or they can be stove enamelled in RAL colours, painted to match Pantone colours or otherwise decorated. Very stable colourants are used by Voodoo DesignWorks so that matching at a later date is easy and more reliable. Graphics or lettering used in wayfinding sight is typically printed or made from self-coloured materials.

Wayfinding signage is fixed to the mounting surface using simple fixings which are then hidden from view by the signs’ other components. With invisible fixings in place, the sign can then have its message installed and it’s easy to update and replace without the need to remove the whole sign structure.

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Q: Where can wayfinding and directional signs be used?

A: Anywhere there are people or traffic to direct, indoors or out. In interior programmes, signs directing people and offering information and other helpful content may be wall-mounted, hung from ceilings or projecting from surfaces. Doors make a good mounting system too and are often endpoint destinations. For this reason office door signs often have tidal sliders to announce who’s in.

Wayfinding and directional signage can also be used in exterior situations. The exterior wayfinding signage is often designed and constructed to reflect the identify established by interior wayfinding and directional systems. Exterior wayfinding signs often feature post-panel construction and planks that can be easily changed when needed.

In large venues like shopping centre car parks, wayfinding signs may be large and comprise printed graphics used on walls. Ceiling mounted signs are used and the programme may be colour-coded to aid the user. Wayfinding signs can be used to direct foot and motor traffic in such situation and it does not usually require frequent updating.

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