Backlit graphics that look good at night look really muddy in the daytime. If they look good in daytime, they look wishy-washy at night. Unless Voodoo makes them…

We’ve perfected a way of making backlit graphics look good around the clock in our development labs. Whatever you may have heard, it is possible for backlit graphics to look great 24/7 – it’s one of our dirty little secrets as to how, but we’ll share it with you when you involve us with your project.

If you wanted backlit graphics in recent history, you were at the mercy of larger format photographic reproduction and its alter-ego – scary invoice. Don’t panic. We’re children of the digital age. We’ll get your graphics made and shining bright at faction of the cost – and we’re not talking nine-tenths.

Get your project into the Voodoo DesignWorks and we’ll deliver backlit graphics that cost a little more but that work right around the clock.

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Backlit graphics wall mounted in an office environment

Voodoo DesignWorks understands the rather demanding needs of getting backlit graphics to work properly and that’s why we approach the whole subject of designing them a little differently than other signs and graphics producers might. When we design backlit posters and printed signs, we do so knowing that they might be seen in something other than total darkness. So we make sure that our designs work when there’s a bit of natural light around too. You could have backlit graphics that work, just. Or come to to Voodoo and get some that just work.


Slim backlit illuminated graphics panel

Here at the Voodoo DesignWorks we make backlit graphics that work in all kinds of interior and exterior environments. That can mean backlit posters for inside shops. It can mean backlit prints for exterior promotions, menus and the like. It can mean something that amounts to a sign but that has a dominant picture content as part of its design. In any event, none of this starts without us understanding your needs. That’s the only way you’ll get something that does the job you need and get it at the right price. Any picture, any design and any colour is possible. Big, bright and affordable. That’s how we make them.


Backlit flex face graphics for a Dreams store

To make sense of most backlit graphics, you’ll be needed a system of some sort or other for holding them. If it’s a permanent situation, we can make super-slim lit panels that do the job. You might get away with a spotlight directed onto the back of a poster. If it’s a big impact you’re after, installation will look more like a signing project. None of this matters when Voodoo is going to do the job. We’ll make sure our part of the job is done brilliantly and you’ll get a perfectly functional illuminated graphic that stands out. Our solutions stand out for being affordable too.

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Q: What are backlit graphics?

A: Backlit graphics are typically comprised of messages, pictures and designs printed upon media that can both transmit light and reflect it. These media are mounted into display system so that lights are arranged behind the print. When the lights are turned on, the graphics appear to be illuminated and they shine out of dark situations.

Long ago, when such graphics were produced exclusively by photo-reprographic means, backlit graphics were often referred to as ‘transparencies’ and the means to show them as ‘transparency cases.’ Today, the terms have vanished and anything that’s lit from the rear by LEDs for example is, a ‘backlit.’

Backlit graphics can be illuminated by panels that get light evenly distributed across the face that is piped from the edge of the frame. Still referred to as backlit graphics, these have the advantage of being slimmer than other constructions.

Backlit graphics for the Lowry Shopping Centre in Salford
Backlit flex face graphics for the Quayside development at MediaCity UK
Large format digitally printed flex face sign

Q: How are backlit graphics made?

A: Back lit signs and graphics resembling transparency boxes are made practically exclusively by inkjet printing. Outdoor durable media are used and so the staying power of backlit graphics isn’t in doubt.

Specialist print media and techniques known to Voodoo are used to product backlit graphics that look the same at any hour when in light or darkness. We can completely avoid graphics looking washed out or muddy.

Short term backlit graphics for interior application can be printed at modest cost on paper. Graphics made in such a way tend to look a little warm, but this can, to an extent, be mitigated with print setting and so this doesn’t poorly impact flesh tones. Voodoo operates good colour management practices and works with colour critical applications.

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Q: Where can backlit graphics be used?

A: The number of applications venues for backlit graphics is limited only by the durability of the media used. Paper for example is not likely to endure exterior condition whereas technical plastics will.

Voodoo consults very carefully when permanent poster sites are being considered as this will dictate the specification of both print and display system. We have installed many such systems and even incorporated them into static signs when needed.

Voodoo would suggest that when considering backlit graphics that thought is given to the application venue and the flow of traffic past it. It may be possible to use non-lit systems or to prescribe tidal lighting. A conversation with Voodoo will help further understanding. Read on:

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