Illuminated signage is typically made using sheets of rigid acrylic. Flexible faced signs, or Flexface signs, use a tensioned technical fabric instead…

Rigid sheet materials come in a limited range of sizes. Flexible faces are not constrained by the same limits and so it’s possible to make big signs without visible joins that are free of other engineering limitations too. Flexible sign faces are digitally printed or can be decorated with cut-and-applied adhesive materials. They really are versatile.

One further benefit that attracts business towards flexible faces signs is their durability. If a thrown brick were to connect with one, it gets thrown straight back – it’ll literally bounce off. They weather well, light up evenly and the face can be changed without substantial reengineering if needed.

Have a word with us about the further benefits of flexface signage. We’ve made lots and we’ll have the answers you’re looking for.

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Large format flexible face sign at Media City

Flexible faced signs tend to be big. So big, that they dominate the exterior locations where they’re usually situated and often assume the form of landmarks that draw the eye from miles around. Designing graphics for flexface signs requires a bold approach. These signs don’t invite attention – they demand it. Colour and plenty of it. Huge letter elements and clear bold graphics are what work best. Voodoo DesignWorks understands how to work with the space that flexible sign faces make available. When there’s acres to fill, we’re more than up to the task.


Flexible face sign for Dreams in a retail park

Making flexible faced signs requires the great working knowledge of structures that you’ll find when you bring the job to Voodoo DesignWorks. We need to reconcile the needs of a flexible sign face under tension with the interplay of forces that are exerted on the surrounding structure. It can’t look like a stadium roof though. It’s a sign and the message needs to be what gets noticed. Not a ton of bracing members. Don’t worry. Big as it is, flex faced signage is a meal we eat often. Bring the job to Voodoo DesignWorks we’ll deliver big signs, not big problems.


Internal flexible face sign at Media City

We insist on it. Installing a flexible faced sign isn’t a job for the faint-hearted. This is big boys’ stuff and doing it safely needs experienced hands and all the right gear for those hands to use. That’s what Voodoo will be bringing to site when we install your landmark scale sign. It’s an amazing thing to watch as the face goes on and the tension is dialled in, the sign suddenly comes to life. Stand back. Admire. Say ‘wow.’ If you want big impact it doesn’t come bigger. Voodoo will get it done. No worries. Installation’s our business too.

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Q: What are flexible faced signs?

Flexible faced signs use a face that’s made from an extremely durable reinforced technical fabric, mounted in a massively stiff surround under even tension. The face is decorated by graphics and behind it, is a cavity that’s filled with sign lighting.

Flexible signs are always big. Really big. They span superstores in malls. They top large buildings. They blast out their message so it can be seen from miles around. The faces are normally printed so pictures, designs and patterns are all possible.

Flexible faced signs are works of engineering and require specialist design and detailed survey work. They’re not the sorts of signs that you’d consider for any purpose other than dominating a locality and being seen from many miles around.

Large format flexible face sign for Consol
Flexible face sign for Dreams in a retail park
A wall mural for a gymnasium

Q: How are flexible faced signs made?

A: Flexible faced signs are made from massive extrusions, many specialist fixings and minor components and a huge face that’s made from tensioned flexible material – hence Flexface.

The tensioned face is printed and transported to site in a carefully folded or rolled package. On site, the extrusions are built so as to comprise a frame, often four-sided, and the face is then draped within the frame’s bounds. The face is then tensioned using special tools and fittings until it’s as tight as a drum.

The finished sign looks very colourful, bright and impressive. The face will have a couple of seams but no gaps and will light up evenly when the switch is thrown. The finished sign will last for decades and it’s not unusual for new faces to be fitted when rebrands roll around.

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Q: Where can flexible faced signs be used?

A: The venues suitable for flexible faced signs are typically malls and other situations where exterior applications call for very big sign structures. They are major works of engineering and not typically used for small signage.

Though they will work indoors, most flexible faced signage is found in exterior applications. Flexible faces are chosen largely because achieving such scale with rigid sheets is impractical and the results not as attractive.

Flexface then works anywhere sheer scale is needed. It not a job that just any signs company can pull off. It requires a detailed viability study and experience. Voodoo has those skills in house and would value the opportunity to consider your sign project. Please read on –

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