Thanks to the changing world we live in, offices, meeting rooms and their purposes are changing too. Let everyone know where doors lead with door signage from Voodoo DesignWorks.

There’s a need to let building’s occupiers know whether rooms are free, what a room’s purpose is at a given time and whether it’s considered safe to enter. You can do all that and anything else you need, with an attractive and well-engineered door sign from Voodoo DesignWorks.

Our doors signs are made on a bespoke basis but at a price that leaves other signs where they belong – on the shelf. We’ll ensure that your signs fit your purpose and that they look like part of the grand design rather than something temporary.

Doors need signs these days. Voodoo gets it done at the right price.

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Vinyl Graphics on an office door

Door signs have many applications in this day and age and that’s often because the rooms behind them have to serve many purposes. Whether for the need to impose distancing restrictions or to ensure privacy, a door sign has a role to play. Voodoo DesignWorks designs highly functional and very attractive door signs, for offices and other locations, which can be either entirely bespoke or based on system-based components. An office door sign that’s designed by Voodoo will combine legibility and aesthetic qualities in equal measures. Your office doesn’t have to look like it’s had office door signage imposed on it. We’ll make it look part of the plan.


Routed metal lettering affixed to a door

Making office doors signs presents a sign manufacturer like us with a different set of challenges to those we meet making much bigger signs. We meet them nonetheless. We start with the best materials we can get our hands on and we craft them into functional finished signs using a combination of digital print and fabrication techniques. The result is a door sign that does its job, that hides its fixings and that leaves change on the table from your budget. Our door signage for offices really looks the part because we make it the same way we make all signage – properly. By getting it right first time we contain cost and deliver value.



There’s a lot of pitfalls awaiting anyone who thinks installing office door signs is as simple as being in the right place with the right sign. What goes up might very well need to come down at some point – ideally without taking the fabric of the door with it or marring an expensive finish. Leave it to Voodoo DesignWorks, or leave it to us to properly instruct your facilities managers or contractors, and you’ll have a fit for purpose office door sign that looks great and that can vanish or change when it needs to. Our office door signage is affordable. And it doesn’t look like it just came off the shelf of a supermarket or stationery supplies company.

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Q: What are, office door signs?

A: Office door signs typically comprise small panels, sometimes with a slider to obscure detail or change it, that identify a room’s occupant or its purpose. Office door signs are needed so that meetings in progress are indicated, privacy is maintained and that rooms are correctly identified and access controlled.

Office door signs may comprise much larger printed panels applied to the fabric of the door. Typically designed to confirm a pedestrian route’s end point, printed office door signs are often colour coded for increased legibility.

Office door signs are occasionally components in a larger signage programmes featuring in offices and other workplaces. If that’s the case, Voodoo DesignWorks will always work to ensure that identity continuations are maintained.

Vinyl Graphics on a glazed office door
A complete directional signage pack for a building interior shown before installation
Glazed office door graphics

Q: How are office door signs made?

Office door signs occur in great variety and so there are a lot of ways they can be made. The very simplest are nothing more than lettered panels of a plastic or metal material adhered to the door. At the other end of the scale in terms of complexity, a system-derived office door sign can be made of several components fitted together and comprising the finished article.

Office door signage is often painted to match surrounding décor and some signs have detail etched into the fabric of the sign rather than the detail being applied or printed. Some very imaginative design possibilities exist and so office door signage does not have to be there purely for the purpose of utility.

Office door signage can be routed from solid materials such as Corian. Such signs occupy the more costly end of the market though prices may surprise as the bill of materials is typically low. In functional terms, such signs can achieve the desired purpose of identifying a room or office while contributing to its decor as well.

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Q: Where can office door signs be used?

A: Office door signs are best deployed where the message that they carry is most visible. Generally, it is considered best practice to avoid, if possible, putting system based door signage on glazed surfaces if there is a possibility of the mounting side of the sign being seen.

When the need for a door sign is temporary or a room’s purpose changes, signs that can change too are suggested. Such signs can be equipped with an insert and, given the right system, it’s possible to print the active component of the sign on a typical office inkjet as needed and display it as part of the sign. Voodoo DesignWorks can provision designs for such template based office door signage.

In the right location, branded office signing can be used to very good effect and the delivery of such signs needs planning if signs are to match the overall look and feel needed. Voodoo DesignWorks maintains interior office door signing programmes for its clients and when new signs are needed, they can be deployed where appropriate. Working with Voodoo on the development of a signs support program is easy. Read on.

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