We don’t ask for much from our customers but more or less everyone who comes to us is requested not to overlook their windows.

Windows are a business’s eyes on the world and they represent a brilliant way of promoting your interests and identity. Short or long term. Day or night. Windows work and work hard. Voodoo DesignWorks transforms glass using materials that display lettering, logos and images and we can even deliver effects that look like costly etching.

Add to that, the potent range of possibilities that our window graphics design expertise contributes and what you’ll get is nothing short of amazing at a price you’ll be delighted to pay. Your material and installation options are practically endless too.

Make your windows do more for your business than just keep the weather out. Just add a bit of Voodoo DesignWorks magic.

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Store front graphics as a part of an interactive display

Designing window graphics is a core speciality at Voodoo DesignWorks. We understand the media available and that makes our creative reserves go further than others who attempt the same job. We can design window graphics that promote ideas and business. We can design window graphics that inform or direct. We can even design window graphics that deliver privacy measures and contribute to ambient décor indoors and out. We start with the idea that windows are like the eyes of a building and that they communicate much in terms of presence. We capitalise on that and design graphics that work with the effect.


Foreverbound Tattoo Shop Window Graphics

Making window graphics involves a number of manufacturing technologies and a wide range of window graphics media. We can print on these media, cut them into shapes and apply them to achieve total coverage of large areas. Any picture, pattern or colour is possible and we can achieve special light-transmitting effects and one-way vision or Contra Vision privacy and security measures too. Because we have the manufacturing technology under our own roof at Voodoo DesignWorks, our window graphics capability and the creative means to exploit it fit well together and encourage the development of innovative window graphics solutions.


Shopping Centre Large format window graphics

Window graphics are typically produced from materials that have a layer of pressure sensitive adhesive on them. Depending upon the design and the desired effect, that can be installed or ‘applied’ on the interior or exterior face of the glass. The process is clean and only minimally disruptive and there’s no noise or odour involved. Our teams work all hours and in secure situations such as airports too. Installation anticipates the need to remove applied graphics and so we work with media that can be removed and not leave a trace of adhesive on the glazing. When we install, the expected life of the graphics can be up to ten years.

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Q: What are Window Graphics?

A: Window Graphics comprise prints, cut-and-applied self-adhesive lettering and logos formed from coloured materials and materials designed to simulate glazing effects such as etching. Specialist materials are sometimes used as well, such as materials that display a colour, picture, pattern or design on one side, and yet permit a clear view through the other side.

Applications for window graphics include advertising, signage, and ambient decor. Achieving impact at large, architectural scale and at reasonable cost makes window graphics very popular as a means of promotion and of delivering identity continuations.

Well designed window graphics can be used as permanent signs. Windows are often the largest and most obvious exterior features of shops, restaurants and other premises, and using the space available for the purpose of promotion or advertising is very popular. Cost is reasonable, the impact high, and design and installation is simple and only minimally disruptive.

Restaurant window graphics for Bone Daddies
Shop window graphics
Window Graphics for SaltRock

Q: How are Window Graphics made?

A: Window graphics can be made from many different materials and so the means of producing them vary. Window graphics can be printed on digital ink receptive materials. They can be cut using cutting plotters too.

Window graphics are usually adhered to glazing and achieve a very powerful bond with the glass. The bonding adhesive is usually colourless on the materials used and so, in the case of cut-and-applied graphics, the option exists to adhere the graphics behind the glass, or on the inside.

The very simple means of imaging and cutting materials to produce graphics and applied signage for windows only hint at the versatility of the medium. Because the materials used can be removed when needed, without leaving a trace of the adhesive bonding them. This makes the window graphics an option even if they are only needed on a temporary basis. On the other hand, inside applied graphics made from quality materials could easily endure for a decade or even longer.

Scene setting window graphic
Window Graphics Text
Window Graphics Print

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Q: Where can window graphics be used?

Window graphics work anywhere there’s a glazed surface to which they can be adhered. So in addition to windows in the expected sense, window graphics work on glazed partitions in offices, and practically any other transparent surface.

Etch effect graphics can be used where there’s a need for understated branding, or privacy measures but light still needs to be admitted. We can print etch effects too and the results are brilliant. Where there’s a need to get a message out or advertise and yet maintain a view, we can install Contra Vision one way window films.

Window graphics work brilliantly on shop front windows. They achieve a really big impact and do so at remarkably little cost. Because of the scale, they can be seen from great distances and really extend the reach of other advertising and promotional measures. In short, you can use window graphics anywhere there’s a transparent surface and for whatever reason you choose.

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