‘Surfaces,’ are all around us – think about that, they’re what we see. A door, may have a painted surface. A worktop may have a laminated surface. A piece of fabricated furniture such as a reception desk, may have a finely grained wooden surface.

It may be something of a surprise for you to learn that surfaces can be transformed. For example, a wood-topped desk could undergo a transformation that makes it look like it’s topped with a slab of marble – without the structure being altered.

Voodoo DesignWorks uses a very specialised material made by the material sciences company, 3M, to deliver surface transformations. Why? Because there are plenty of people out there who want things to look different or new. And there are plenty of people whose budget can cover a transformation where a replacement might not be possible.

Speak to Voodoo DesignWorks if there’s a surface in your life that’s looking tired or so familiar it needs replacing. You have lots and lots of affordable options.

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Surface transformation of an office reception area with wood and grass effects

If you want your battered meeting room table to assume a new life and identity, ask us to design it. Maybe you’ll want it to better reflect the architecture that surrounds it. Perhaps you want it to look like metal rather than wood. Could you just fancy turning that chipped laminate top into hardwearing oak. No problem. Voodoo DesignWorks will come up with a design that achieves the not just the transformation you’d like, but maybe one you never dreamed possible.


Surface transformation of a vehicle with carbon fibre effect

Working with a specialised, high performance film from a respected material sciences company, we create the elements needed to cover the old and reveal the new. Our material works on more or less any substrate or surface. It doesn’t have to be flat. The material is computer-cut with phenomenal precision. We can even inlay contrasting elements into each other. The possibilities are almost without end. But you’ll need to understand what’s possible so make sure to get in touch.


Surface transformation of an office wall into a library

Sorry. This isn’t something we’d be confident leaving to you. Application of the film is a learned skill and requires a lot of learned technique to get right. It may not be a fast process either, depending on the complexity of the job. Voodoo DesignWorks is an expert transformation specialist and we’ll take care of the job from design through production to application. All you’ll have to do is admire the results. And that won’t be difficult at all.

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Q: What are surface transformations?

A: Surface transformations involve covering practically any sound surface that’s flat or moderately curved, with a special film that closely resembles another material. For example, it’s possible to cover a wooden panelled door with a material that makes it look like it’s made of metal – or a different type of wood for that matter.

The films used in the transformation process are substantial and very durable. They have physical texture so they don’t just look the part, they feel it too. The wide range of finishes on offer make the process incredibly versatile.

The finished and transformed surface will be hardwearing and very attractive. It’s possible to effect refurbishments to old surfaces using the same technique. It costs a fraction of the cost you’d perhaps encounter for replacement.

Surface transformation of an office wall with moss effect
Surface transformation of an office wall

Q: How are surface transformations done?

A: It sounds a lot simpler than it is. Films are basically stuck over the old surface and there you have it. Getting the film to conform and adhere where needed is both an art and skill. Designing the transformation is a technical affair.

Some of the transformations closely resemble things that you might imagine could only be achieved in a specialist moulding machine with dimensional tooling. The craft we employ simulates the end result – without the mould or machine.

The films are cut prior to and during application. The cuts are critical and need to be done with great precision. The films elongate during installation too. The extent has to be managed. That’s why we have to install. It’s not a DIY proposition.

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Q: What surfaces can I transform?

A: The films we use have a specially formulated pressure sensitive adhesive on them and that means they will stick to almost anything sound and long as it’s not a surface designed expressly to release adhesive. We may need to prep the surface but most will work.

The film is conformable. So even though it’s flat in repose, it’ll fit over things that are not flat. Think of panels in doors for example, table edges that kind of thing. We can advise if there’s any doubt.

You can transform exterior surfaces as well as those inside but your biggest challenge, being frank, is the sheer range of possibilities for you to consider. Lots of ways we can help you through that so lets get in touch:

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Voodoo is an affordable and very capable designer, manufacturer and installer of surface transformation and refurbishment exercises. It costs nothing at all to explore your options with Voodoo and there’s lots of ways to do that:

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