Engraving is one of the longest established means of marking materials that’s known to man. Voodoo DesignWorks still does it.

Engraving today is not like it used to be. Whereas once, physical tools were used to cut away a material’s surface to reveal its under-colour, today lasers do the job. The difference is in the detail. With a laser, we can resolve microscopic detail that’s way beyond that achieved with the traditional methods and we can work with a wide range of materials too.

Choose engraving where you’re looking for something more touchy-feely than print and detail so fine you can barely see the elements it comprises. Really intricate patterns. Tiny lettering. Even pictures with continuous tone. Engraving isn’t what it use to be. It has a future and it’s finding new applications all the time.

You’ll struggle to believe what you see when you take a look at a modern engraving. It’s more than another way of making your mark.

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Close up of an engraved sign prior to painting

When people ask for engraved signage, it’s usually because they have an eye on durability. These days, there are many ways of achieving durable Signs, and engraving it’s just one of them. Designing for engraved Signs requires certain knowledge that the output will be engraved. Mechanical limitations in the marking process mean the design has to be approached mindful of those limitations.


Sign Plaque

We have two routes to making engraved signage. One is the traditional technology using a rotating engraving tool, the other, the modern approach using a laser. Mechanical engraving still has a role but the laser is where the quality and detail is to be found. If durability is the goal, we have other means at our disposal of delivering it. In this case we will listen to your needs and make the right recommendation.


Computer engraved bespoke Lettering

Most engraved signage is small and its installation is simple enough to be left to the end user. On the other hand, if the engraved signage we are delivering is for a large way finding program, we can of course send an installation team to handle the installation job. We will provide all required fixings needed to install your signs if you elect to install them yourself.

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Q: What are engraved signs?

A: Engraved Signs comprise resistant materials where a tool, or a laser, has been used to remove selective parts of the material corresponding to the detail in the sign. The detail can be filled with paint.

Materials used for engraved signs may comprise several layers. Removing one layer reveals the colour of the second layer, once again corresponding to the detail in the sign. Because physical material removal takes place, the signs are very durable.

Signs that appear engraved, may have been produced using another technology, for example etching. Such signs also exhibit great durability and may in fact be better suited to the application intended than engraved Signs.

Signs being engraved on our router
Engraved Plaque for a football team
Fine detail engraving on metal

Q: How are engraved signs made?

A: Engraved signage and labels are typically made using either a mechanical engraving machine, or a more modern laser unit. Resistant materials are used and so the finished Signs are extremely durable.

A variety of fixing means may be employed. Hidden screws were once common, however modern self-adhesive tapes have displaced them to a great extent.

A marked sign may have its detail filled with a colourant, such as a paint. Should this paint fade or otherwise fail at some point long into the future, the sign can be refurbished and new paints can be supplied to fill the detail.

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Q: Where can engraved signs be used?

A: The popularity of engraved signs has diminished in recent years thanks to the rise of alternative imaging technologies. Engraved  signs are still used where extreme durability is needed, an example would be an exterior metal plate.

Door signs seem popular in terms of applications, but these days, once we have established needs, we find ourselves recommending one of the many alternatives to engraving that are practiced in this day and age.

Talk to us about your needs and if engraving seems to be a good fit for you we will be happy to supply it. Prepare yourself though to be presented with alternatives – there’s lots of ways we can show them:

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