Push through letters look distinctive and simply radiate quality and light. That’s what they do, here’s how we make them.

Thanks to our precision machinery, we can cut letter shapes from all kinds of plastics, timbers and metals. We can cut corresponding letter-shaped apertures in panels to match. The letters are then mounted behind the panel and pushed through so part of them sits proud of the panel.

That technique gives you a wonderful, dimensional look and feel to your sign. Get a bit of light behind it and the lettering lights up too. You can have a lit panel if you want as well. Push-through lettering is popular for a reason. It looks sensational and it’s surprisingly affordable.

Whatever you have to say, say it with a sign. Push-through lettering will make it shout all the louder.

Push Through Letters Hero Shot Montage



Push through acrylic letter signage for Space NK Apothecary

We find ourselves recommending and designing a lot of push though lettered signs. It’s probably because this popular construction technique yields super looking fascia signage for shops, and because it’s relatively simple to design and construct. Despite its ubiquity, signs made with push though lettering and logos are highly individual. At least they are when Voodoo DesignWorks is asked to design, manufacture and install them.


A push through letter sign being made in our workshop

We have a very accurate machine at Voodoo DesignWorks that is able to cut very precise letter-shaped apertures in formed pans and then cut the corresponding letter element to fill those apertures. Voilà, some basic fabrication and assembly then gives us a finished sign. Because the background matter is missing, it lets the light flood out. That makes push-through signs really stand out from the crowd. Push through lettered signage will help your business stand out too.


Fully illuminated push through acrylic letter sign for Explore Learning

Installing push through fascia signage is a job for Voodoo’s experienced installation team, particularly if it is an illuminated shop sign that we’re installing. Push through fascia signs are typically installed at height, and need to be fixed to the exterior fabric of a building. That’s not a job you’d want to do yourself. Voodoo DesignWorks’ teams install such signs on a continuing basis though. Leave it to Voodoo and the job is as good as done.

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Q: What is push though lettering?

A: Push through lettering is used in the construction of shop fascia signs and illuminated signage for other commercial venues. It’s basically a type of lettering that is pushed through a letter shaped hole in a panel from the panel’s rear.

The push through letter when installed is highly dimensional and can comprise layers of different colours. That means it light up well, looks very distinctive and supports a great many design options that are denied other sign making means.

A fascia sign with push though lettering looks good no matter what the hour of the day or night. The light in the panel void floods out through, and around the letter creating a contrasting halo of light. Nothing else looks quite like it.

Illuminated push through lettering sign for Cath Kidston
Push through letter signage for Active Leisure in Bristol
Illuminated push through lettering sign for Cath Kidston

Q: How are push-through signs made?

A: Making signs with push-through or inlaid lettering and logo elements is a skilled graft. Cutting the parts is done using a machine designed for the purpose. Assembly is primarily achieved  with modern adhesives holding the sign elements in situ.

The sign’s background or pan can be made from a self-coloured material, from a powder coated metal or from a construction wrapped or coated with an adhesive plastic. Lettering can be made from plastics like Perspex, timber, metals or even combinations of those materials.

Lighting is provided using LEDs which are valued for their efficiency, low cost and long life. The lighting elements are typically diffused within the sign using specialist materials.

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Q: Where can I use signs with push through construction?

A: Push though lettering actually works with signs of many construction types including fascia signage, illuminated post-panels sign, monoliths and totems or pylons too. They are very popular with shopping centres and retailers and are often referred to as ‘proper signs’ because they are fabricated.

There are few limits, if any at all in terms of venues where signs made with push through and illuminated letters can be used. Some regions limit use through planning, though most shops that have an existing sign can be upgrade without issue.

Design options are as limitless as likely application ares for push-through fascias and Voodoo DesignWorks knows all the options you have. We’d be delighted to show you and getting in touch with us couldn’t be easier.

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