Windows are wonderful. With a little inexpensive intervention from Voodoo DesignWorks, they’re more wonderful still. How about Etch Effects?

Our Etch Effect Graphics are affordable, not at all disruptive to install and they look brilliant. They can obscure the view in and out to an extent that you control and yet they still let the daylight flood in. You can have the etch effect in any pattern or text you choose and we can even print to add a little colour.

Voodoo DesignWorks is deeply experienced in handling window decoration projects. So whether you’re considering etch effects because the law says you must, or because you want to make an expressionless expanse of glazing more attractive, you’ve found the right people for the job.

Let Etch Effects into your project and you’ll be able to build ambience and impact at a price that’s going to be a very pleasant surprise.

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Etch effect graphics for windows

Designing for etch effects depend on what you’re setting out to achieve. Maybe you want privacy or something that reflects your brand and ID. Perhaps you want to disclose the presence of an expanse of glass. Whatever your goals, Voodoo DesignWorks can deliver a winning design that will give you just the effect you’re hoping to accomplish. It doesn’t cost anything to explore a few ideas with us and we’re delighted to handle etch effect window graphics project whether they’re big or small. Let’s talk design – we’re ready when you are.


Etch effect graphics for Lysander Law

We can cut and print quite a range of etch effect films to deliver some really great glazing effects. We can add a blush of colour for ambience. We can cut intricate decorative details, logos and lettering. We can totally transform any window while still allowing a view in and out and maximising the natural light that floods in. Etch effects may look expensive but the way we make them contains the cost. We can arrange inside or outside applications dependent upon access and you can expect your graphics once installed to stay looking sensational for years to come. When the time comes you can remove etch effects easily – don’t try that with chemical etches.


We install etch effect graphics

Installing etch effects for windows isn’t beyond the capabilities of anyone with a practical disposition. That said, our installation team has the experience needed to avoid all the traps this attractive medium can set for the unwary and leave you with a really great looking job. Properly installed, etch effect graphics for windows endure all the environmental conditions they’ll encounter and they’ll last for years. Simple cleaning is all the attention they need and repairs are possible if anything gets damaged. Installation is minimally disruptive. All we need is access to the glazing and all the prep and cleaning can be left to us.

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Q: What are etch effect window graphics?

A: Etch effect graphics for windows are made from a self-adhesive film that, once applied to glass, imparts a cosmetic effect that makes the glass look as though it has been acid-etched or sand blasted. However, because the effect is film based, there is no acid or abrasive media involved.

The product goes on to the glazing or window pane clean and looks very authentic. Etch effects can simply inherit the so-called body-colour of the glass itself or impart a blush of a colour you choose. They can be further printed with any colour, pattern, picture or design too. Because there’s no in-the-mass white layer in the etch film, the colours and details printed will be transparent and the result will reflect the prevailing lighting conditions.

Etch effects media achieve the unique look they impart because they are mechanically embossed during manufacture. As a result, the effect itself can’t wear or wash off the applied film and so lasts for the life of the applied material – many years. Because a disruption to surface detail is present in the film, it it not advisable to laminate etch effects for windows and glazing.

Etch effect graphics on a Cafe in Bristol
Etch effect graphics for Napoleon's Casino in Manchester
Etched Window graphics applied to the inside of a window

Q: How are etch effect graphics for windows made?

A: Etch effect graphics for windows, transparent panels and other glazed surfaces are made in much the same way as cut-and-applied vinyl graphics or, if decorated, digital print. An etch effect film is loaded into a plotter equipped with a blade and the outlines describing the intended design are cut. The film is then taken to a workbench and the excess and unwanted background film is removed to leave the detail that’s wanted sat on the material’s protective backing. This detail is then transferred on a special tape to the application site.

Once applied on the application site no further work is required and the graphic can enter service with only routine cleaning being required to keep the window looking good. If the graphics are to feature printed detail, it’s much the same exercise with an additional step provisioning the print. Cutting and application are the same.

In situations where perhaps thousands of metres of repeating detail are required, for example in uniform manifestation markings to reveal the presence of glass, it may be possible to produce a cutting die which speeds the production process but that will incur a material up-front cost for production. Savings are realised over the long term as volumes are exceeded.

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Q: Where can etch effect graphics for windows be used?

A: There are literally thousands of applications for applied etch effect graphics for windows. For example, a perfectly transparent window can be rendered translucent and the view through it both ways obscured to the extent desired while still admitting light. This makes etch effect a good privacy and security measure much like net curtains, mirrored one-way windows or Contra Vision graphics.

Etch effects for windows can be used for branding and advertising. A plain window can be easily transformed into something that looks expensively produced with customised marking. Ideal for restaurant windows, pubs, hotels and such. Decorative markings in etch effects have similar applications and are used in office graphics applications and in particular on partitions.

Etch effects for windows have many practical applications too for example as a conspicuity measure so that glass can be seen and yet only minimally obscured by markings. The light admitting nature of etched materials still permits and promote an impression of light and space. Voodoo DesignWorks is versed in thousands of applications for these films and can advise.

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Working with Voodoo DesignWorks

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