Perspex is an amazing material and Voodoo DesignWorks makes stunning lettering and logos from it at really affordable prices.

We insist on Perspex because it’s the best material of its type anywhere in the world. It’s colourful, durable and stays looking its beautiful best years after lesser materials have given up. It’s easy for us to work with too. We rout it on our letter shaping machinery and that’s about it. Perspex letters, ready to install. Or to further fabricate

Flat cut Perspex letters are typically mounted on stand-off locators so there’s a really effective dimensional quality to your signs. Quality simply pours out of Perspex. A fabricated sign made using Perspex looks like a million dollars – and costs a mere fraction. You can have almost any font and there’s loads of colours to choose from.

Dimensional lettering and logos start with Perspex and ends with Voodoo DesignWorks. Why not join that partnership.

Perspex Lettering Hero Shot Montage



20mm flame polished acrylic lettering illuminated using LED's

Designing lettering and logos around a brilliantly versatile material like Perspex is an absolute joy for the deeply creative crew that we have here at Voodoo DesignWorks. Signs made from Perspex can assume a lot of forms beyond the flat-cut formats that are so popular too. That’s because our designers understand the extent to which this brilliant self-coloured acrylic works. And we know how to work with it so that it gives us and you its best. Persex signage is designed for permanent applications that need to last and look good for decades. It’s the right material for that. And we’re the right lettering and logos company to work with it.


A skilled Voodoo employee flame polishing 20mm clear acrylic lettering

If it looks as though we have a bit of a thing going for Perspex, that’s only because we do. We make signs, lettering and logos with Perspex rather than reaching for an anonymous sheet of acrylic because it’s our mission to give our customers the best at price they can afford. When we make a Perspex sign, it has quality baked right into the core of the material its made from. We know that quality will endure, that the colour will be spot on, that’s there will be no nasty surprises when the signs, lettering and logos are illuminated. We work with Perspex and it works for us. We’ll work with other materials too. But acrylic, has to be Perspex.


Fabrication of a shop fascia sign using acrylic lettering

Installing a sign or individual letters and fabricated logos that are made from Perspex isn’t something that causes Voodoo DesignWorks any notable challenges. It’s a great feeling putting a wonderful looking shop sign made from Perspex over the premises’ doors and walking away knowing it’s going to last and perform. Our fabricated signs will see a lot of hot summers and very cold winters. Perspex shrugs that off. Send in a maintenance team from Voodoo and those same signs will look just as good as new with only minimal attention and will keep going promoting the interests of brands and businesses for as long as needed.

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Q: What are Perspex letters and logos?

Perspex is a premium quality acrylic material that comes in an amazing range of colours, finishes and sizes. Perspex lettering and logos are made from this material. Perspex isn’t a generic term. The generic material is known as acrylic. Signs, lettering, logos and many other very useful articles related to the signs and display industry can be made using this material.

Signs made from Perspex are colourful and durable. They weather well and aren’t too bothered by environmental factors. Signs made from any old acrylic often don’t do quite so well and lots of modes of failure are known. Avoid them all. Come to Voodoo and ask that we use Perspex.

Perspex signage represents tremendous value. That’s because it looks and performs brilliantly over the lifetime of the application it serves and that could be decades. It’s a classic case of quality never costing as much as it saves. Add Voodoo DesignWorks into that equation and the value returned is towering.

Custom sign for Schuh made with acrylic and illuminated
Built up acrylic lettering for an awards ceremony
Flat cut perspex lettering applied to an aluminium background

Q: How are Perspex lettering and logos made?

Most Perspex used in the manufacture of signage starts its life as a flat sheet of a nominal thickness. This sheet is cut into shape, for example letter-shapes, and can then be simply mounted to comprise a sign. Options exist for finishing the cut edges including buffing and flame polishing.

Perspex can be heated and becomes very simple to form at elevated temperature so sign components that are not flat can be bent. When the shape cools, it will be locked into the bent form until it’s heated again and it will then return to the flat state. We can vacuum form acrylic over forming tools too.

Perspex is soluble in specialist adhesive and so can be glued. It can be bonded with very specialised tapes and even tapped and screwed if needed. This versatility ensures that Perspex plays well with other materials when signs are being made.

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Q: What can Perspex lettering and logos be used for?

A: Perspex lettering and logos can comprise part of a sign fabrication or a display and can be used in practically any venue. Its colourful good looks earn such lettering and logos starring positions promoting the worlds’ biggest and most respected brands, many of which come to Voodoo DesignWorks.

Things can be made of Perspex and other materials in complex fabrications. So signs comprising plastic faces and metal returns are very popular for permanent exterior signage. Voodoo makes signs this way.

Illuminated signage is an application that loves Perspex. The medium transmits light wonderfully and special diffusing varieties are known that deal with the hot spots associated with modern illuminaires such as LEDs. Voodoo’s expertise gets the best of out of these technologies in any venue or application.

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Working with Voodoo DesignWorks

Voodoo is an affordable and very capable designer, manufacturer and installer of Perspex articles such as signs, lettering and logos. It costs nothing at all to explore options with Voodoo and there’s lots of ways to do that:

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