Take two posts and put between them panels or planks to form a freestanding signage structure. That’s a post-panel sign.

Post-panel signs are pretty commonplace. That’s not to say they have to look common though. The ‘Design’ in Voodoo DesignWorks is there for good reason. We’re all about making highly individual and functional signage and post-panel is a pretty busy area of interest.

We can present ideas to you based on the use of component based systems that just bolt together when we install them. If you want to really make it your own, we can craft something from the materials up. Aluminium is a popular post-panel material and it’s typically powder coated so it really lasts.

Post-Panel signs are a staple of the man made sign-scape around us. Please don’t think that you have to look like part of the herd. ‘Custom’ is what we’re all about.

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Post Panel Signs for businesses

Post panel Signs maybe a familiar part of the landscape but that’s not to say they have to look anonymous. Our design services will help distinguish the post panel signs that we make from other signage that surrounds them. We can do amazing things with this very basic signage formula. We can make sure visitors finish up where they need to. We can promote your business. One of the best things about post panel signs, is a very modest cost. Take a look at your options.


Post Panel Signs for businesses

We can work with component based systems, or we can design something literally from the materials up. So if you want something that is highly individual and fabricated from wood we can help. If you want something you can deliver in volume, and that’s based on a bolt together system, we are your first port of call too. When it comes to graphics, we do the lot. Print. Fabrication. Cut and applied letters. We can make it all. We will help your post panel sign look distinctive.


A Post Panel Signs for a community shop

Because installation usually involves ground works, it’s best to leave the deployment of post panel signage to someone expert in the job. Our installation team has years of experience installing fabricated post panel signage. When post panel signs required updating, our installation team takes care of that as well. Post panel signs work indoors and out. So we do too. And we’ll do so at hours of the day that suit you. We will provision electrical services too if needed.

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Q: What are post panel signs?

A: Post panel signs comprise two or more vertical posts with plank or panel components fitted between them. The sign can function as a single sided unit, or it can display information on either of the two sides.

Individual components can be removed and replaced as necessary. So the sign can take information that might need updating from time to time. The plank components can be made of more or less any material but aluminium is among the most popular.

There are lots of colouring options for post panel signs. Metal ones are typically powder coated. They can also be wrapped in vinyl. Wooden post panel Signs, may be painted or stained. There are no rules. Versatility is the key.

Post Panel Signs used for Event Graphics
Wooden Post Panel Sign in a nature reserve
Post Panel Signs used for Wayfinding

Q: How are post panel signs made?

A: Post panel Signs can be made from kits of parts or components, or be fabricated from components that are made from scratch. Practically any signmaking material can be used. That means signs can be constructed from wood, plastic, metal or creative combinations of all these materials.

Signs are usually transported to site in an assembled state and simply bolted to ground works. In the case of illuminated post panel signage, electrical services usually enter the sign through one of its legs and so are hidden from view.

Finishing is important. Most metal post panel signs are powder coated for durability and a very attractive finish. This finish is easy to maintain and can look good for years. Graphics stick well to this finish which is also a consideration.

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Q: Where can I use post panel signs?

A: Post panel signage works anywhere. That’s probably why it’s so popular. It’s seen indoors in shopping centres. It is seen outdoors directing traffic in car parks. This versatile signing format does whatever job is asked of it.

We find that post panel signs are best used where there is the need to promote your brand and that further information is needed on the same sign. The plank like construction, makes it easy to add information and to keep it identified with its own grouping. It discreetly improves legibility. Why not discuss your options with us?

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Working with Voodoo DesignWorks

Voodoo is an affordable and very capable designer, manufacturer and installer of post and panel directional and brand signage. It costs nothing at all to explore your options with Voodoo and there’s lots of ways to do that:

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