Imagine your brand or product abstracted into beautiful works of art. Voodoo DesignWorks can make it happen at a price you’ll be happy to pay.

Corporate Art from Voodoo DesignWorks takes its inspiration from branding elements and products and reduces them to abstract elements realised in printed works of art and sculptural objects that everyone will admire and remember. They contribute powerfully to the best ambient decor schemes.

Working with Voodoo DesignWorks on a corporate art project is entertaining and rewarding. We see things through lenses of many colours and so our interpretations are sure to surprise and delight you. A corporate artwork isn’t just attractive, it celebrates your business, its brand and its products.

Explore this a little with Voodoo DesignWorks. Commissioning art may not be something you thought your budget could stand. We may surprise you.

Corporate Art Hero Shot Montage



Corporate Art - Branded Wall Installation

Works of art that are inspired by the products you make, services you extend or your own corporate ID can help the public areas of your premises and property further promote memorable touch-points with customers and other visitors. Thanks to digital origination and design tools, our creatives can design corporate art to be realised in a range of attractive media from print to machined resistant materials at very attractive prices. The design process requires that we engage with your business and understand its mission and market positioning. Our tools facilitate the delivery of working visuals before you commit to a finished article.


Corporate Art - Branded Foyer Installation

We produce works in a variety of media. Our wide format printers support the production of our designs on materials including high quality archival papers, textured plastic media, woven coated fabrics and other flexible, print receptive substrates. We can fabricate sculptural works in plastics, metals and both natural and processed wood. Works can include novel lighting, animated elements and variable data displays allowing the finished work to function, for example, as a novel timepiece. Imagination is a limiting factor in what we can conceive and deliver. So that’s not really a limitation at all. We welcome your thoughts too.


Corporate Art Ring Lighting

Installation may be a very simple affair that involves little more than hanging a framed print. Equally, installation may be a complex and exacting process involving numerous fabricated elements, electrical work and ground preparations. Voodoo has an installation team and its operatives have the craft-based skills required to install our works as design intends. That team works nationally and at all hours. Commissioning our works’ installation can be arranged at hours that suit you and the operation of your business or installation venue. Large works may take several days to install – we’ll advise and manage all of the logistics required.

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Q: What is corporate art?

A: Corporate art comprises works that enhance ambient decor and that powerfully reflect elements of a business, its products or its mission. Stern looking paintings of a glowering founder are one thing. Attractive abstractions of products and missions or ideas are quite another.

Corporate art comes in all shapes, sizes and colours. It’s informed by an equally wide range of media. Our works start with entry level pricing for framed bespoke prints and negotiations typically ensue when we’re asked for sculptural work and mixed media productions.

Our art works may included engineered elements and custom, theatrical lightning effects. In all cases, Voodoo DesignWorks will survey the installation site to establish its suitability for the work anticipated.

Corporate Art - Branded Wall Installation with Neon
Corporate Art - Branded Wall Installation
Corporate Art Coloured Acrylic Sculpture

Q: How are works of corporate art made?

A: Voodoo DesignWorks draws from its experience with a range of production technologies and the interplay of many media when we’re constructing installations. We may be machining resistant materials, mapping projected data upon dimensional fabrication, printing and much more.

Production means are dictated by design ultimately and we have a considerable gamut of machinery and tools available and artists who’re experienced in these tools’ use and application.

Installation situations often guide our hand in material selection. We want, as do you, our works to last and perform for decades. This tends to dictate that we specify top quality materials and that we work using robust fabrication techniques. Our works are supplied with a durability and maintenance requirement document.

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Q: Where can I situate works of corporate art?

A: Our works are bespoke and are custom manufactured to suit the site of installation. Consequently, we are able to produce art that’s suitable for exterior installation as well as works that will only be located indoors.

You can use our art anywhere that you want to register the desired impact. Receptions are popular and so are board rooms. Exterior locations include approaches and entry ways. Campus locations benefit larger works.

Commissioning a work or study begins with personal contact with Voodoo and there are plenty of ways to do that. Please read on:

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Voodoo DesignWorks is a deeply creative and very capable designer and producer of commercial artworks. It costs nothing at all to explore your ideas with Voodoo and there’s lots of ways to do that:

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