Halo lit signage and lettering features among the most popular of all the illuminated signage variants available. This classical and long practiced means of illuminating signs, lettering and logos promotes contrast and legibility.

Halo lighting effective bathes the lettering and other illuminated elements in a pool of soft lighting that can be dialled into any colour that today’s LED controllers make possible. The lettering appears to float over the illuminated sub-plane of the sign.

There are lots of construction techniques that Voodoo DesignWorks can employ to achieve the halo-lit effect. Modern light dispersing materials make the technique available at more economical prices too. The effect achieves a lot of return for the energy consumed – another attraction.

Consider halo lit lettering and design elements if you’re looking for an illuminated sign that makes a big impact – indoors or out.

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Halo Lit Fascia Signage For Shops

Anyone who sets out to design a halo lit sign needs to understand the theatrical management of light and how light works with coloured materials. Voodoo DesignWorks brings an elevated level of understanding and feel to the whole subject. The halo lit constructions we design are works of minor engineering art. The finished results are powerful signs that radiate quality and authority on the part of the businesses and brands they promote. Halo lighting improves contrast and legibility. Let Voodoo design it.


Halo Lit Sign

Fabricating and assembling halo lit signage involves craftsmanship and precision in equal measure. If the effect is overstated it can result in a sign that doesn’t behave quite as expected. Properly fabricated though, halo-lit lettering represents what’s probably the most powerful application of signmaking’s considerable vocabulary. Voodoo DesignWorks can be relied upon to delivery exemplary halo lit constructions that outperform surrounding signs and that don’t cost the earth. Get halo lit signs on your shopping list.


Custom made illuminated sign for Napoleons Casino

Installing halo lit signage is an expert’s job and it’s one at which Voodoo DesignWorks is very accomplished. It’s a technically demanding job to physically install the elements comprising the sign and doing so with the high orders of precision needed contributes further to the complexity. That said, Voodoo DesignWorks’ experience enables our fitting teams to perform the work needed on time and to leave the installation site with everything performing to the very high standards for which we hold ourselves accountable.

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Q: What is halo lit signage and lettering?

A: Halo lit signage, lettering and logos comprise sign elements that are constructed so as to bleed a percentage of the illumination source from the rear and sides of the sign construction, thus creating a pool of light around the sign or its elements.

The effect that this popular lighting control measure achieves is among the most popular in the sign maker’s repertoire. Thanks though to Voodoo DesignWorks’ approach to designing such signs, the effect looks anything but over exposed and the signs Voodoo makes this way look distinctive and individual.

Halo lighting today is delivered using modern energy efficient LEDs and specialist drivers or controllers. These, in tandem with modern materials have opened new application possibilities for halo lighting and the effects are stunning.

LED backlit illuminated sign for Cath Kidston
Halo Lit Wall Graphics
Bespoke Fabricated Logo for a Pizza Restaurant

Q: How is halo lit signage made

A: Halo lit signs, logos and lettering are made from bespoke components cut from Metals and plastics. Wood is known in this application but is seldom used. Combinations of plastic and metal are the most popular.

Components are routed, sawn or laser cut. These are then glued, welded or otherwise fixed or inlaid to create letter-shapes and sign panels. The whole assembly is then put together and secured , often with specialist tapes.

The electrical installation elements are distributed within the sign or letter interiors so as to achieve the desired lighting effect. With modern controllers, any colour of lighting is possible and energy consumption is commendably low.

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Q: Where can I use halo lit signage?

A: There are very few venues where signs can work but that halo lit ones won’t. That means that halo lit signs have a role to play anywhere there’s a business or venue needing promotion or identifying.

Halo lit letters work at landmark scales and reduce in size well too. They are even suitable, if appropriately constructed, for mounting to glazed shop fronts if rails are provided as a conduit for power. Retail is among the signs’ most popular applications.

If anything limits the use of halo lit signage it’s the aesthetic design consideration. Other type of lettering may be better suited but this is something that Voodoo can advise and even demonstrate if you get in touch. Read on and find out how.

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