The Voodoo DesignWorks is a sign maker and sign design company. Our signage products, design services and experiential solutions are used to promote, to direct, to inform and engage. They are used by a wide range of commercial enterprises, public bodies and consumers. Our work is also used to enhance customer experiences, is valued for its purely decorative functions, and helps enterprises enhance and simplify customer-facing marketing and communications.

We work with designers, shop fitters, facilities managers and end-user clients. If you bring us your ideas, they will be met with understanding and action – not with blank looks. We manage large project down to the smallest detail. Voodoo really does deliver.

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An illuminated totem or monolith exterior sign internally illuminated by LED's with pushed through acrylic letters and vinyl faces

Illuminated Signs:

Illuminated Signs define part of the man-made landscape around us and the Voodoo DesignWork is a leading design and sign making company that has pioneered many innovative means of making them and of making them work. We provide lit signage in many formats for a diverse range of markets including retail, hospitality and industry. We design. We manufacture. We install and maintain.

Hand Made Shop Front Sign

Shop Front Signs:

Shop front signs, sometimes known as fascia signs, are a form of retail signage that is used to brand retail premises and in particular shops, restaurants and similar enterprises…

Fascia lettering for a Tattoo Shop

Affordable shop signs:

Voodoo DesignWorks was once a start-up business and we’ve personal experience of needing to work with a tight budget when we were finding our feet. Despite having grown, we warmly welcome start up business and we’ve got a range of affordable signage products to offer.

Backlit graphics wall mounted in an office environment

Backlit graphics:

Backlit graphics that look good at night look really muddy in the daytime. If they look good in daytime, they look wishy-washy at nice. Unless Voodoo makes them…

Shop front banner for Supreme


Thanks to origination-free print technology, big, colourful and impactful banners are available at prices that are affordable to all.

All you need to bring to Voodoo DesignWorks if you want a banner, is your thoughts. We’ll design, print and produce what we agree you’ll need and that’s about as complex as it gets. You get a lot of bang with a banner. And there will be change on the table after you’ve paid for it too.

Flat cut perspex lettering applied to an aluminium background

Bespoke Signage:

It’s possible to buy a great variety of signs off-the-shelf. You may want to reconsider doing so when Voodoo DesignWorks can affordably produce your very own…

Branding and Logo design for The Jewelled Gecko

Branding and logos:

If your business is a start-up and you have big ambitions for it, it’ll need branding assets, such as a logo, that can instantly give it distinctive character and complexion of quality. As you’ll probably know, engaging high-octane designers and other creatives and agencies comes at a price. Engage Voodoo DesignWorks and it’s a price you can afford.

Exterior Front Lit Sign

Business Signs:

Signage is an important part of identifying, promoting and differentiating any business among its competitors. Whether it’s a start-up business that needs affordable signage that’s proven effective, or a long established one with a brand equity to protect, signage for businesses works and we can make it for you.

Large format wall scale Chalk art graphic

Chalk art graphics:

Chalk-Art is a wonderful and very attractive medium for promoting food and drink at the point of sale with menus and the like. You can take your message outside too and shout it from the pavement. Our chalk menus and A-Boards don’t wash away or smudge.

Corian engraved wall plaque

Corian lettering and logos:

Corian is an incredibly durable and very attractive plastic alloy that pulls off a remarkably good job of looking like naturally occurring stone and a few materials that don’t even exist in nature. It machines effortlessly. It polishes to a lovely shine. It’s high on the list of our favourite materials for making letters and logo.

Wall and lift graphics

Creative to the core:

Anyone can put a sign above your door or print a few graphics for you.

So why do so many household names and big brands come to Voodoo? And why is it that we’ve also helped countless start-ups and other small businesses take their first steps and grow to become successful and much loved businesses?

Custom decal cut stickers

Custom Stickers:

Stickers seem popular these days. We can’t get a bead on exactly why that is, but the ones we make here at Voodoo DesignWorks go down really well with the people who buy them…

Digitally printed wall graphics

Digital print:

Chance are you have an inkjet printer at home or in the office. Chances are, it’s not much like the two monsters we have in The ‘Works.

Our digital printers work with all manner of flexible materials, in all sorts of widths and lengths. Ideas go in, and print comes out. Pictures, patterns, colours – virtually anything you can imagine. What we print is durable enough to last outdoors and it sticks to almost anything. That means it works indoors too.

Social Distancing Graphics - Acrylic Screens

Distancing graphics and fabrications:

It’s not easy welcoming customers from the other side of something that looks like a riot control measure. That’s why Voodoo DesignWorks is putting effort and creativity into measures that keeps everyone safe from each other and yet close to the contacts they value and to the brands they like.

Computer engraved bespoke Lettering

Engraved signs:

Engraving today is not like it used to be. Whereas once, physical tools were used to cut away a material’s surface to reveal its under-colour, today lasers do the job. The difference is in the detail. With a laser, we can resolve microscopic detail that’s way beyond that achieved with the traditional methods and we can work with a wide range of materials too.

Etched Window graphics applied to the inside of a window

Etch effect graphics for windows:

Our Etch Effect Graphics are affordable, not at all disruptive to install and they look brilliant. They can obscure the view in and out to an extent that you control and yet they still let the daylight flood in. You can have the etch effect in any pattern or text you choose and we can even print to add a little colour.

Built up metal letter with etched face

Etched signs and decorative etched letters:

Flat cut metal letters look pretty crisp and they’re very widely used in fascia signing. What might not be obvious is that we can make metal letters at all sorts of sizes and we can decorate the faces of them with etched patterns. The possibilities are exciting to say the least. And talk about attractive!

A directional event graphics banner

Event graphics:

There are all kinds of events taking place up and down the country, or perhaps they will be once more. We are prepared. Voodoo DesignWorks is ready to design and manufacture the colourful signage banners and bunting that really put an event on the map.

Complete Exhibition Stand for Peel Holdings

Exhibition graphics:

Exhibition graphics need to look absolutely top-notch and typically don’t need to last very long. Add to that the need for economical pricing and you have a good reason to work with Voodoo.

Large scale Pylon sign built for Protos

Exterior signs:

Wind, weather, UV and the occasional brick will give exterior signs a pretty hard life. That’s why Voodoo DesignWorks builds exterior signs to last. And to stay looking good while they’re fighting off everything the environment throws. Lots of exterior signs look like products of the brick-outhouse school of engineering. Ours look like the product of intelligent and considerate design.

Built up metal letters being fabricated

Fabricated signage, lettering and logos:

We can fabricate lettering and logos from all manner of plastics, metals and woods. We can bring material into unlikely sounding alliances. We can throw in energy efficient lighting if that’s what the application demands too. Fabrication is a craft based skill. Give that a bit of help with technology and great things happen.

Flexible face sign for Dreams in a retail park

Flexible faced signage:

Illuminated signage is typically made using sheets of rigid acrylic. Flexible faced signs use a tensioned technical fabric instead…

Rigid sheet materials come in a limited range of sizes. Flexible faces are not constrained by the same limits and so it’s possible to make big signs without visible joins that are free of other engineering limitations too. Flexible sign faces are digitally printed or can be decorated with cut-and-applied adhesive materials. They really are Versatile.

Custom floor graphics by Voodoo in Napoleon's Casino

Floor graphics:

Space is there to be conquered. When it comes to the space available for promotional signing, the floor’s fair game.

Floor graphics put advertising, directional graphics and promotional messages right the at the feet of your visitors. They can’t fail to notice them and, in case you hadn’t noticed, floors are not exactly in short supply so there’s lots of ways floor graphics can make a message stick.

Etched Window graphics applied to the inside of a window

Glass manifestation:

Huge expanses of glass are an attractive part of the manmade landscape around us. It’s essential that people can see glazing though and avoid walking into it. That’s what manifestation achieves.

Halo Lit Sign

Halo lit signs and letters:

Halo lit signage and lettering features among the most popular of all the illuminated signage variants available. This classical and long practiced means of illuminating signs, lettering and logos promotes contrast and legibility.

Hoarding New Store

Hoarding Graphics:

Hoarding graphics belong to a class of printed graphics that are typically applied to standing structures designed to control access to areas such as building sites and to obscure the view in. Such graphics are also used to obscure the view though shop windows to the space beyond when the shop is empty or not looking its best.

Small illuminated sign for a kitchen shelf

Illuminated kitchen signs:

lluminated Kitchen Signs have suddenly become ‘a thing.’ Everyone want to be the next Master Chef.

We don’t have much going on with people who love their kitchens, but chance are that you do if you design, make and install kitchens for a living. We should talk. We can add a bit of value to your work and help you bring a big smile you your customers’ faces – we make all kinds of illuminated signs.

Bespoke Fabricated Logo for a Pizza Restaurant

Fabricated lettering and logos:

We can fabricate custom lettering and logos from all manner of plastics, metals and woods. We can bring material into unlikely sounding alliances. We can throw in energy efficient lighting if that’s what the application demands too. Fabrication is a craft based skill. Give that a bit of help with technology and great things happen.

Close up of a custom made, contour cut menu board

Menu boards:

We can fabricate custom lettering and logos from all manner of plastics, metals and woods. We can bring material into unlikely sounding alliances. We can throw in energy efficient lighting if that’s what the application demands too. Fabrication is a craft based skill. Give that a bit of help with technology and great things happen.

Wall mounted built up metal letters

Metal letters:

Metal is an obvious choice for making letters for use in exposed and demanding environment. Or you can use it for its quality and good looks.

We make lettering in almost infinite variety from lots of different metal. Brass is lovely and warm and weathers nicely. Stainless steel takes a polish or brush. Corten steel looks marvellous and rustic as it rusts. Let’s not forget copper for its warmth and that super patina or mega-versatile aluminium.

Branding and Logos for Mirrors

Mirrored Surfaces – Lettering and logos:

There are a few things that can be done with a common-or-garden mirror to make it look truly exceptional and yet still do its job. We’ve developed ways of removing selected areas of mirror to reveal lighting, colours or patterns that we conceal behind. To say the effect is dramatic is selling it short.

Wall mural of Albert Einstein


Murals can cover whole walls and so they’re capable of totally transforming any interior space. Before you decide you can’t afford one, take it from us – you can.

We use some amazing wall-covering materials and leading edge printing technologies to create fully customised wall murals. You can have practically any picture, pattern or colour that you want – just imagine how something so versatile and affordable could transform your space.

Vinyl Graphics on an office door

Office door signs:

Thanks to the changing world we live in, offices, meeting rooms and their purposes are changing too. Let everyone know where doors lead with door signage from Voodoo DesignWorks.

Glass Decor - Partitions

Office partition graphics:

If you really want to transform an office interior, let us do something with all of those anonymous glazed partition walls…

Voodoo DesignWorks has built quite a specialisation around office partitioning. We can turn entry-level glazed partitions into something much more functional and way beyond attractive. For such a big effect, the cost is low, and if and when you move, it’s easy to transform the glazing to its original state.

Agency created creative wall graphics made from grass substitute

Office signs:

Signs have an important role to play in offices of all shapes and sizes. Signage, graphics and even custom décor can give even the most sterile of office spaces a real sense of identity. That’s great for business, great for wellbeing, and great for uniting a team.

One Way Vision Exterior

One way window graphics:

Did you know it’s possible to apply a pattern, colour or picture to a window that you see from one side but see through from the other?

We’ve become pretty expert in designing and installing see-through graphics. They’ve become hugely popular because they allow you to put advertisement and signs on windows and yet maintain the view through. Voodoo window graphics take that idea to new levels of quality and visual impact.

Simple wooden A Board Pavement Sign

Pavement signs and A boards:

A-Boards work hard to promote your business when it’s open and fold up neatly to be stowed safely away when its not. In terms of the attention they attract, they have to be among the most cost-effective means of self promotion there is. They come in all shapes and sizes and completely custom made variations too.

Built up acrylic lettering for an awards ceremony

Perspex lettering and logos:

Perspex is an amazing material and Voodoo DesignWorks makes stunning lettering and logos from it at really affordable prices.

We insist on Perspex because it’s the best material of its type anywhere in the world. It’s colourful, durable and stays looking its beautiful best years after lesser materials have given up. It’s easy for us to work with too. We rout it on our letter shaping machinery and that’s about it. Perspex letters, ready to install. Or to further fabricate.

Low cost, digitally projected graphics onto a wall

Projection mapping:

Get your head around digital projection from Voodoo DesignWorks. It’s a technology that helps us deliver content and messages in some really unlikely places. We’ve mixed it up with print and covered vacant shop windows. We’ve mapped it to far-from-flat surfaces. We found ways of making it appear as if by magic and of hiding the hardware that delivers it.

Moving Graphics Projected onto a Window in a Shopping Centre

Projection signs and graphics:

Get your head around digital projection from Voodoo DesignWorks. It’s a technology that helps us deliver content and messages in some really unlikely places. We’ve mixed it up with print and covered vacant shop windows. We’ve mapped it to far-from-flat surfaces. We found ways of making it appear as if by magic and of hiding the hardware that delivers it.

A custom-designed projecting sign suitable for cafe or restaurant applications

Projecting signs:

Projecting signs make passers buy. That’s because prospective customers can see them from a long way off and from positions where your shop front sign may not be visible.

Wooden face lit pub sign

Pub signs:

We’re well and truly tuned into today’s print and production technologies. That means we can apply them to traditional areas and applications for signs and graphics.

Push through acrylic letter signage for Space NK Apothecary

Push through letter signs:

Push through letters look distinctive and simply radiate quality and light. That’s what they do, here’s how we make them.

Thanks to our precision machinery, we can cut letter shapes from all kinds of plastics, timbers and metals. We can cut corresponding letter-shaped apertures in panels to match. The letters are then mounted behind the panel and pushed through so part of them sits proud of the panel.

Large scale Pylon sign built for Protos

Pylon and monolith signs:

Pylon signs and fabricated monoliths or totems positively tower above post-panel signage in stature and impact. Pylons from Voodoo DesignWorks tower higher still and will help your brand scrape the sky.

Custom restaurant sign for Racks Bar and Kitchen

Restaurant signs:

Signs and graphics play a major role in delivering the restaurant experience. They’re right up there with the food and the people we’d argue. We take the responsibility of making restaurant signs and graphics seriously and we deliver against our own high stands in order to out-perform our competitors. Our restaurant signage bears that out.

Rim and return metal letter with an illuminated acrylic face

Rim and return letters:

Rim and return letters deliver legibility and great looks regardless of whether they’re lit…

‘Rim and return’ describes a construction that’s used to build dimensional logos and lettering. The construction comprises a ‘face’ which is typically made from a specialist plastic such as Perspex, a ‘rim’ around the edge of the face in a contrasting material, and the ‘return’ which defines the apparent thickness of the overall fabrication.

Rimless lettering for Gap in a shopping centre

Rimless lettering and logos:

Rimless, or full-face lettering and logos, look crisp and very modern in lit and unlit variations.

Rimless letters comprise a letter ‘face’ and a ‘return’ which can be in a contrasting material and which defines the construction’s thickness. We can construct rimless lettering and logos in a wide range of materials, finishes and colours making them very versatile and attractive.

Light up letter sign on a brick wall

Rustic and retro signs:

It takes decades for materials to age to the point where you’d describe them as looking old or weathered and rustic. Our craftspeople here know a thing or two about speeding the process up and making things look way older than they really are. We’ve turned it into an art-form in fact and, if demand is anything to go by, there’s a real appetite for it.

Signage and graphics shown in the entrance area of a school

School Signs:

This page will assist you if you are looking for signs for schools or if you’re responsible for maintaining school signage and are looking for help in maintaining your school signs policy or manual. The Voodoo DesignWorks can help you. We can put our considerable experience in this field at your disposal and we would welcome your call if you have any questions.

Side profile photo of internally illuminated, rimless aluminium letters with opal acrylic faces for a shopping centre unit in Manchester

Shopping Centre Signs:

Shopping Centre Signage has a duty to both the business of the shopping centre tenant it promotes and identifies, and to the values of the shopping centre’s brand. If either is allowed unrestrained use of space, the result is an uncoordinated and eclectic assemblage deficient in delivering anybody’s needs. Consult The Voodoo DesignWorks, and this situation will be avoided…

Illuminated Super Slim Sign Panels for a restaurant

Super slim sign panels:

Don’t ask how we get so much crisp, clean light out of a panel that’ less than a centimetre thick, just be glad we do…

Surface transformation of a vehicle with carbon fibre effect

Surface transformations:

‘Surfaces,’ are all around us – think about that, they’re what we see. A door, may have a painted surface. A worktop may have a laminated surface. A piece of fabricated furniture such as a reception desk, may have a finely grained wooden surface.

Temporary storefront graphics advising of new tenant coming soon

Temporary signs and graphics:

Hey Mr Facilities-Manager, you’ve found the permanent solution to temporary signage and graphics. It’s Voodoo DesignWorks.

Just because you’re not planning to keep a sign up for long or you’re in need of graphics that only have to do the job for a week or two doesn’t mean they can’t look great. Our temporary signage and graphics’ pricing will leave a permanent smile on your face and there won’t be a trace left when you remove them.

Branding and Logo design for Jamie Dean

Vehicle liveries:

Voodoo DesignWorks does some pretty impressive stuff with vehicles. And vehicles, suitably decorated, can do impressive things for your brand and business’s profile.

Livery Graphics Vinyl

Vinyl Graphics:

This page will help anyone looking for vinyl graphics for practically any purpose. The Voodoo DesignWorks does things with applied graphics. Amazing things. We can help anyone achieve a lot with vinyl signs, stickers and decals. We can make a little money go a very long way. Give us a call – we know vinyl signs like no-one else does.

Voodoo Labs Blueprints

Voodoo Labs – A creative think tank:

Voodoo Labs is a pretty exciting place at the Voodoo DesignWorks. It’s where we make ourselves look like real idiots inventing things that don’t work. And it’s where we make ourselves look like absolute geniuses when they eventually do. We welcome our customers into the Voodoo Labs because we can show them things they might not ask for and the conversation flows as easily as the creative ideas that fuels.

Wall InfoGraphics

Wall graphics and infographics:

What’s a functional wall graphic? It’s a custom designed wall covering that does more than just look great…

Voodoo DesignWorks designs, produces and installs functional wall graphics for a satisfyingly wide range of applications. Credit where it’s due, it’s mostly our customers who define the functional bit – what they want the graphic to do in other words. We turn the mission into an attractive design and make it happen.

Custom wall graphics for a child's bedroom

Custom wallpaper and wall coverings:

Commercial quality, fully customised wall coverings can look sensational but come at a price. Thanks to Voodoo DesignWorks, it’s a price businesses can afford.

Metal letters pinned onto a textured wall in a casino

Wayfinding and directional signs:

Wayfinding Signage is there to help people move around buildings. If it’s not, you need Voodoo DesignWorks’ help.

What does Voodoo know about wayfinding? Lots. It’s in the family. We invented, manufactured and successfully sold the world’s first system-based wayfinding signage system and we’ve been innovating ever since. Today, we design and install wayfinding signage that fits with every mission – including the need to keep people distanced.

Voodoo collaborating with a creative agency

We work with design agencies:

Voodoo DesignWorks is a design-led signs and graphics manufacturing company that speaks the same language as creative agencies. Think of Voodoo as the creatives’ creatives.

Window Graphics Text

Window Graphics:

You’ll find this window graphics page a great help if you’re looking for a company that can design, print and install window graphics, or if you’re searching for information on the subject because you’re thinking of using applied graphics on windows to promote something, to enhance your security or privacy, or just to add a decorative effect or manifestation to your glazing. Contact us if you’ve got any questions or a project that you’d like to tick as done…