The Voodoo DesignWorks is a sign maker and sign design company. Our signage products, design services and experiential solutions are used to promote, to direct, to inform and engage. They are used by a wide range of commercial enterprises, public bodies and consumers. Our work is also used to enhance customer experiences, is valued for its purely decorative functions, and helps enterprises enhance and simplify customer-facing marketing and communications.

We work with designers, shop fitters, facilities managers and end-user clients. If you bring us your ideas, they will be met with understanding and action – not with blank looks. We manage large project down to the smallest detail. Voodoo really does deliver.

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An illuminated totem or monolith exterior sign internally illuminated by LED's with pushed through acrylic letters and vinyl faces

Illuminated Signs:

Illuminated Signs define part of the man-made landscape around us and the Voodoo DesignWork is a leading design and sign making company that has pioneered many innovative means of making them and of making them work. We provide lit signage in many formats for a diverse range of markets including retail, hospitality and industry. We design. We manufacture. We install and maintain.

Hand Made Shop Front Sign

Shop Front Signs:

Shop front signs, sometimes known as fascia signs, are a form of retail signage that is used to brand retail premises and in particular shops, restaurants and similar enterprises…

Side profile photo of internally illuminated, rimless aluminium letters with opal acrylic faces for a shopping centre unit in Manchester

Shopping Centre Signs:

Shopping Centre Signage has a duty to both the business of the shopping centre tenant it promotes and identifies, and to the values of the shopping centre’s brand. If either is allowed unrestrained use of space, the result is an uncoordinated and eclectic assemblage deficient in delivering anybody’s needs. Consult The Voodoo DesignWorks, and this situation will be avoided…

Window Graphics Text

Window Graphics:

You’ll find this window graphics page a great help if you’re looking for a company that can design, print and install window graphics, or if you’re searching for information on the subject because you’re thinking of using applied graphics on windows to promote something, to enhance your security or privacy, or just to add a decorative effect or manifestation to your glazing. Contact us if you’ve got any questions or a project that you’d like to tick as done…

Hoarding New Store

Hoarding Graphics:

Hoarding graphics belong to a class of printed graphics that are typically applied to standing structures designed to control access to areas such as building sites and to obscure the view in. Such graphics are also used to obscure the view though shop windows to the space beyond when the shop is empty or not looking its best.

Livery Graphics Vinyl

Vinyl Graphics:

This page will help anyone looking for vinyl graphics for practically any purpose. The Voodoo DesignWorks does things with applied graphics. Amazing things. We can help anyone achieve a lot with vinyl signs, stickers and decals. We can make a little money go a very long way. Give us a call – we know vinyl signs like no-one else does.

Wall Graphics For Self Serve Caterers

Wall Graphics:

Wall graphics, photo murals, call them what you will, are things that cover any expanse of wall space. Think of wallpaper but then think of something much more attractive, much more durable and featuring any design, colour, picture or pattern that’s in your head and not just what’s on the shelf.

A digital printed wall graphic used as directional signage in a car park

Wayfinding Signs:

Wayfinding Signs are signs that help visitors to large establishments quickly locate their intended destination and then find the way to it via the most efficient route. Similarly, wayfinding signage can help motor traffic when it’s in an area not subject to statutory road signs, for example in the car park of a large establishment.

Signage and graphics shown in the entrance area of a school

School Signs:

This page will assist you if you are looking for signs for schools or if you’re responsible for maintaining school signage and are looking for help in maintaining your school signs policy or manual. The Voodoo DesignWorks can help you. We can put our considerable experience in this field at your disposal and we would welcome your call if you have any questions.


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