Exterior Signage comes in all shapes and sizes but it has a common thread running through it – enduring quality and durability.

Wind, weather, UV and the occasional brick will give exterior signs a pretty hard life. That’s why Voodoo DesignWorks builds exterior signs to last. And to stay looking good while they’re fighting off everything the environment throws. Lots of exterior signs look like products of the brick-outhouse school of engineering. Ours look like the product of intelligent and considerate design.

Exterior environments are sometimes a challenge come the day of installation. It’s a challenge we consider right up front. What we make is practical and safe to install and there’s not a sign-type we can’t work with. Whatever the size of your exterior signing project, we’ll sit down and and get the detail done and delivered.

Exterior Signage needs to be well made. That’s a fact. You’ll be amazed how much you’ll save – even in the short term.

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Exterior Signs for Shops

People want exterior signs for reasons that they choose. It may be to promote your business. It may be to direct foot and motor traffic. It may be to communicate essential information. Whatever your application for exterior signage may be, Voodoo DesignWorks will understand your needs perfectly and we will design a solution that fits them. Exterior signage usually needs to last a long time. If it’s going to be around a while, why not get it right?


Exterior Wayfinding Signage

We have everything right here under our roof that we need to manufacture top quality exterior signs for any business or purpose. We make exterior signage for shopfronts. We make outdoor directional signs for spaces and places. We make exterior signage that identifies buildings and landmarks. We make bespoke, customised signage that works brilliantly in any exterior application. Big or small, we will manufacture and deliver your project on time and within budget.


Shop Front Signage

Some exterior signage you can simply install yourself. Some exterior signage, you simply can’t. That’s just one of the reasons that Voodoo DesignWorks has a highly skilled installation team under its roof. We will take care of everything from ground works through to electrical installations to the ultimate commissioning of the installed sign. We work locally and nationally and we will attend the site at a time that suits your business needs.

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Q: What are exterior Signs?

A: Exterior signage comprises a whole class of signs made from materials designed to endure the conditions encountered outdoors. As such, exterior signs must resist temperature extremes, ultraviolet light, and day-to-day wind and weather.

Simply choosing the right material is no guarantee that a sign will function properly outdoors. The sign must be properly fabricated too. And it must be appropriately installed. Exterior signs are engineered to last.

Exterior signage is often designed to promote a shop or business. It has an obligation therefore to stand out among all the other exterior signage that will surround it. That need is factored in at the design stage and built-in when we make the sign.

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Exterior Front Lit Sign
Large scale Pylon sign built for Protos

Q: How are exterior Signs made?

A: Exterior signage, must, because of the conditions it has to endure, be engineered and specified to a generally higher standard than signs that are used for interior applications. High-quality materials are therefore usually the starting point for an outdoor sign.

Exterior signs may be made by the means of printing, machining, and other fabricating techniques. Any fixings used will resist corrosion and be somewhat over-specified. Adhesives and bindings will be a similarly high quality.

Exterior signage is often assembled on-site. Installation teams who fit such signs are equipped to perform the final assembly steps on sign subassemblies should this be needed.

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Q: Where can exterior signage be used?

A: Because they’re engineered to extremely high standards, exterior quality signs for shops and other businesses can be used in any venue and any application. Some material limitations are known, but these can be anticipated and avoided.

In terms of applications, exterior signage addresses the whole gamut. The class includes signs designed to identify buildings and places, and signs that are there to promote a business. Directional signage needs to work anywhere and when engineered to exterior standards, it does.

If exterior signs are on your shopping list, a conversation with Voodoo DesignWorks is advised. We are very experienced designers and manufacturers of outdoor signs, and we would be very happy to help you with your project. We provide all sorts of ways for you to get in touch with us:

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Working with Voodoo DesignWorks

Voodoo is an affordable and very capable designer, manufacturer and installation specialist working with exterior signage. It costs nothing at all to explore your options with Voodoo and there’s lots of ways to do that:

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Voodoo DesignWorks is at your disposal. We’ll design and install the outdoor signs that you need. It cost nothing to start a conversation with Voodoo DesignWorks and you’ll like the price of our services too.

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