Architectural signage is a specialisation in and of itself. So it should be. Putting landmark scale structures in the wild needs a sensitive and creative approach.

Voodoo DesignWorks consults with agencies, architects and other creatives to design and engineer structural signing that counterpoints or contrasts the architectural environment surrounding it. We often manufacture and install what we design too. Architectural signing is an event. Make it a big one.

Because it’s designed to endure, architectural signage design must be approached with care, consideration and a major helping of consultation. Engaging with Voodoo DesignWorks means that all stakeholders are speaking the same language. And the results are aligned with needs.

Immortalising a landmark is quite a responsibility. We manage to take it seriously and still make it easier for all involved.

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Architectural Signage - Surface Transformations

In designing architectural signage it’s quite rare that Voodoo DesignWorks’ designers are the only creatives working on the project. There will often be an architectural practice or design agency involved too. That’s fine. We all speak the same language. Voodoo brings its signage engineering expertise and its creativity to the table. It’s a collaboration that works brilliantly. Architectural signage is designed to endure. Work with us and it will.


Architectural Signage Light Sculpture

Architectural Signs invariably comprise complex fabrications made from resistant metals and other durable materials. The very nature of the medium suggests that all architectural signs are bespoke. When we make a landmark, or architectural sign, it will be a part of its environment for many years thanks to the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship we put into it. Architectural signage probably represents the pinnacle of the sign making craft.


Monolith sign built for Zuken Technology Centre near Bristol

Exterior architectural Signs often require complex ground works in order to support installation. For that reason among many others installing architectural signage is a job for an expert. Voodoo has full-time installation teams who work on architectural signage installations on a continuing basis. We will put that team at your disposal and ensure that your architectural signage installation is performed faultlessly. We offer maintenance service as well.

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Q: What are architectural signs?

A: Architectural Signs are usually taken to be permanent, top quality fabrications. They are often integrated into the fabric of the building or the environment around them. Architectural Signs are made from top quality materials without compromise.

Such signage can often have sculptural elements supporting it. Exterior situations may require elaborate, built footings. Where an architectural sign identifies a major building, it will usually be installed on an exterior elevation and often at height.

Architectural Signs do not come and go, they are a permanent part of the man-made landscape around us. On that basis they need to last for decades and support refurbishment. Signs from Voodoo, do just that.

Architectural Signage Light Sculpture
Architectural Signage 3D Sculpture
Architectural Bespoke Signage

Q: How are architectural signs made?

A: Architectural Signs are always custom fabricated. Working with high-quality durable materials, we start by making the component parts of the sign. This will involve machining and finishing. The parts are then soldered or welded together and have a fixing means attached. The sign is then ready for installation.

Installation is often a complex affair with architectural signage. Installation may have electrical components or complex ground works. Its best practice to attend to the footings before installation of the sign.

Materials other than metals are used in the fabrication of architectural signage but they don’t escape the need for quality. Our design stage anticipates the need to use such materials and this will be factored into the assembly plan.

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Q: Where should I use architectural signs?

A: Small lettering may form part of an architectural signing installation, but more typically the signs are large centrepieces and they are permanent in nature.

Locating an architectural sign is an exercise that needs approaching with care. In order for the sign to do its work, it has to be visible, and more often than not such signs are visible from all sides. Use architectural Signs where people will see them and where a statement needs to be made.

Given the permanent nature of architectural installations, it’s very wise to consult well ahead of the installation. We are available to contribute to this consultation. Here’s how you can get in touch with us:

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