If your business is a start-up and you have big ambitions for it, it’ll need branding assets, such as a logo, that can instantly give it distinctive character and complexion of quality. As you’ll probably know, engaging high-octane designers and other creatives and agencies comes at a price. Engage Voodoo DesignWorks and it’s a price you can afford.

We’ve delivered the full range of agency services to some of the biggest and most recognised brands out there. We very proud of the countless start ups we’ve helped on their way too. We’ll create you a complete package of branding assets at a more than reasonable price. We can start from scratch. We can improve and polish ideas of your own. If you’ve got a brand and it needs a rethink, our creative team can do that too.

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Branding and Logo design for The Jewelled Gecko

The output of the design process that produces logos and branding often looks deceptively simple. The very reasons for doing it, when presented, seem obscure and invite questions as to whether potential customers even process the things they see to the extent a logo might require. Deploying, policing and maintaining a programme of branding collateral has a cost attached and the return on the money invested can be difficult to measure. And yet brands persist. Without the power of a brand behind them, products, services and businesses are mired in the generic and never realise anything like the potential they may embody. Don’t let that happen to you.


Branding and Logo design for Jamie Dean

You’ll be nothing less than amazed at just how powerful branding can be and the value it returns to your business. A notable and well differentiated logo confers real stature and quality on even the smallest business and can see it competing on even terms with much bigger enterprises. A powerful identity and brand is a central element of any franchising operation and association of quality and other brand values quickly imprint on the markets addressed. Operating behind an identity that’s a real reflection of a business and all it aspires to be starts with design. The investment is modest and the returns potentially huge.


Branding and Logo design for Five Grains

Commissioning design and branding services needn’t be beyond the means of small enterprises and start-up businesses. A get-you-started conversation with Voodoo DesignWorks’ creative team costs nothing at all in fact. We can give you a basic orientation and let you know what your options are. We can respond to a brief too if needed and provide you with a down-to-earth and realistic proposal framing everything that’s involved in turning your ideas into practical reality. A great identity and a powerful brand don’t have to be the exclusive preserve of big businesses with deep pockets. Speak to Voodoo DesignWorks. Let’s get something going.

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Q: What is a logo?

A: ‘Logo’ is short for logotype and, simply stated, it’s a device that identifies something. Logos can comprise very complex arrangements of geometric elements, type, colours and other visual devices. The best tend to be simple and yet are instantly recognisable and very memorable.

A logo isn’t something you can change at a whim. It’s a very valuable business asset and has to be treated as such. Properly designed, a logo is portable across a variety of media. So if it needs to be reproduced in a place where colour isn’t possible, it can be without losing its essence or the substance of its meaning.

Logos occur in huge variety and invoke very desirable feelings in those who see them. Once an equity in a design is built, logos can be reproduced endlessly and they take a brand’s message and positive associations wherever they are seen. Logos can confer exclusivity in otherwise deeply commoditised markets. A logo makes a business stand out for all the right reasons.

Branding and Logos - Business-Cards
Branding and Logo design for Just Swap
Branding and Logo design for Miss Conduct

Q: How are logos designed?

A: Designing a logo begins with understanding the product, business or service that the logo needs to ‘brand.’ Ideas are then formed and iteratively worked to simplify or elaborate them until a core is built and developed. What goes in is creativity and time. What comes out is distinctive and elegant.

Logos need to communicate and become recognisable. A scribble of colour that’s illegible and seen on a very distant horizon can be deciphered by the observer and communicate its owner’s brand long before the device is legible. Colour then forms an important part of logo design and should be well managed.

Logo design needs to be considered in a context of the device’s working environment too. Some designs would be considered wholly inappropriate if seen in a context that counterpoints a purpose. Type is very powerful communicator and an ornate face would not reflect well seen for example on an earth moving machine.

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Q: Where can logos be used?

A: Logos can be deployed very widely and across a range of media. Logos are seen in print, for example on business stationery. They are present in online assets such as websites. They’re seen on work-wear and on company-owned transport fleets. They are realised as signs too of course.

Logos can be used, in short, practically anywhere they need to deliver a brand’s message. It’s this diversity of application possibilities that confers a huge responsibility on the designer to get things right. The logo must be able to be reproduced in whatever medium the business it brands needs.

Logos can’t be used unless they’re owned or licensed by an owner. That means they’re primarily a means of conferring something exclusive on a business. Get that right and your business speaks without ever opening its mouth. Get it wrong and you’re anonymous. Getting it right is not difficult. Call Voodoo DesignWorks and let’s get something started.

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