Don’t ask how we get so much crisp, clean light out of a panel that’ less than a centimetre thick, just be glad we do…

Our super-slim panels really pump out the light and we can decorate them with printed and applied graphics or print them directly. That means they do a superb job when they’re tasked as an internal menu or sign and they’re versatile beyond belief. Installation is something we can leave to you because they’re that simple to work with.

Super-Slim panels are strictly for interior applications only. You could put them behind glass in a shop window if you like though. Bright they may be but they’re not energy hogs. They’re economical to run. Economical to buy too.

Illuminated graphics are well and truly on the menu with our Super-Slim panels. Ask us how much. You’ll love the answer.

Illuminated Super Slim Sign Panels Hero Shot Montage



Slim backlit illuminated graphics panel

Because it’s little more than a slab of bright white light with a smart frame around it, you can have pretty much anything you want on the lit part of the panel. Think in terms of any pattern, picture, colour or design and you won’t go far wrong. Design for these simple panels is an open book. Whatever you have to say or promote can be elegantly incorporated. Whomever you want to direct isn’t going to miss seeing one of these if you use it as a sign. There’s even potential for designing our panels for use as menus, reception signs, open and closed announcers. Let’s discuss.


Illuminated Super Slim Sign for a food order point

Saying we make these panels is a bit of a stretch. What we do is make them look brilliant. We do that by installing sensational looking graphics and letting the panel do the hard work of pumping out the light. Because of the way we put these things together, the price is really jaw-dropping – as in, not expensive. If you thought lit graphics were not on your shopping list and your budget confirmed that, think again and get in touch with us. We’ll light up your message at a price that will put a smile on your face and leave some change on the table for other things you might need.


Super slim illuminated sign panel for Lake Acacia

We’ll be happy to install the super-slim sign panels we make but in reality, its a job that anyone who can hang a picture and plug in a lamp can do. The panels are easy to mount flush to any surface and they can be hung if needed too. They get the power they need from any mains source via a discrete little step-down driver that’s included in the package. Switch them on and light comes out – lots of it. Switch them off and it doesn’t. That’s about as complex as it gets. If you want us to do the job – we will and we’ll be happy. You can do it yourself though. We should mention, these panels are lightweight too.

Let’s send you a brochure…

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Q: What are super-slim sign panels?

A: Imagine if you will something as slim as a pane of glass, framed with an aluminium surround that’s painted white and just a bit thicker than the glass itself and you’ll have an idea of the construction.

Inside that super-slim construction sits a couple of arrays of white LEDs and they’re directed to the edge of what you’re thinking of as the glass pane – it’s actually acrylic. The surface of the acrylic is treated so that the it emits light evenly across the front of a diffuser that in close contact with it.

What you have then, is a slab of solid bright white light that serves as a very inexpensive illuminated sign panel. What you do with that is entirely up to you. We can put anything on the lit surface and it’ll look great.

Illuminated Super Slim Sign Panel for a restaurant collection point
Illuminated Super Slim Sign Panel for Total QSR's Office
Illuminated Super Slim Sign Panels for a restaurant

Q: How are super-slim sign panels made?

A: Our involvement with the manufacture of our super-slim panels is limited to transforming them into stunning lit signs at a really attractive price. We acquire them ready for us to do that job for you.

They’re actually made in a factory that specialises in technical lighting products and in particular LEDs. There’s some electrical engineering input and they’re very nicely constructed too. The frame sets them off wonderfully.

They’re made bright by the technology that’s wrapped up in the package. The physics of light and its management underpins the effect and makes them perform. The output is stunning for something so slim.

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Q: Where can you use super-slim sign panels?

A: Our super-slim sign panels are at home anywhere that you can get a source of power to them – as long as the panel is located in a nice dry place indoors. Our panels won’t work in exterior applications.

They come in a number of sizes with the biggest being about 1.2M X 600mm. That mean they do a great job as menus, window signs and more. We’ll leave the application to you and your imagination – remember, we can put any message, picture or design on these panels.

In short, anywhere indoors that there’s a need for a nice bright sign is within the abilities of our super-slim panels. They travel well so they’re good for exhibitions and they’re pretty tough too. If you have some ideas as to how you’d use our super-slim sign panels, we’re all ears – read on.

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