Bollards and lamp-posts are capable of working a bit harder to earn a living than they do at the moment. Here’s how.

With a bit of help from Voodoo DesignWorks, you can dress up a bollard or perk up a lamp-post with a temporary message or promotion. We can produce and install low-cost and yet highly visible graphics using materials that give the sign a bit of structure and that don’t compromise the function of the bollard or lamp-post.

Bollard wraps are particularly effective in pedestrian zones in cities and shopping venue car park. They reach foot traffic in areas that motorised traffic can’t use. They’re visible from all sides and we offer numerous design options that make the whole thing very practical. Want to install them yourself? We’ll pack them flat and get them to you.

Low cost promotion in desirable locations is possible. Make sure you get permission and say that Voodoo sent you and it’s OK with us.

Bollard + Lamp Post Wraps Hero Shot montage



Bollard + Lamp Post Wraps with Banners

It’s not the most obliging of formats but we’ve got it nailed. We can put every lamppost and bollard in your shopping centre and its car park to work promoting stores and seasonal events. We’ll design the structure needed. We’ll work with your agency or get the content designed for you if needed too. Put this low-cost promotional medium to work for you. Making a big splash doesn’t have to put a major dent in your budget. Work with Voodoo DesignWorks and the job’s done.


Bollard wrap used for wayfinding signage

We’ve got a massive machine at Voodoo DesignWorks that cuts low-cost flat material into folding structures that can be decorated with graphics and then simply assembled to sit over bollards. We can make structures that fit around lamp-posts too. If your lamp-post are looking for something more permanent, we have banner systems that look brilliant and work brilliantly too. Turn the whole car park into a promotion. Signal that event. Welcome those shoppers.


Lamp Post Wrap used in a park

If the job’s a biggie and it involves fitting a banner system, that’s a job for Voodoo. If you’ve got a maintenance team on site, it won’t be beyond them to deploy bollard graphics and lamp post banners. It’s your decision. Leave it to Voodoo or have us make a DIY package for you. Either way, you’ll be amazed just how big a splash a small budget can make with a few banners and covers out there getting the message across. Lots of options for you. Shall we discuss?

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Q: What are bollard and lamppost cover graphics?

A: They’re flat-packed and easily assembled structures that fit around ground bollards or lamp posts and that have four sides that can be used to promote events when they are decorated with graphics.

We do special banners designed to hang from lampposts which we suggest if you want to make a more permanent display. The system is engineered so that the wind deflects it and the graphics can be changed on a seasonal basis if needed.

Bollard and lamppost covers are strictly temporary. They are so effective though, there’s no reason why they can’t be a permanent feature of your promotion plans.

Bollard Wraps for Restaurants
Bollard Wraps in situ
Small monolith sign in a shopping centre

Q: How are lamppost covers and banners for bollard made?

A: The structure comprising a bollard or lamppost cover is made from a very low cost, recycled and recyclable fluted materials that has a bit of stiffness about it. We rout, or cut, that material into a foldable profile that, when formed, is surprisingly strong.

Banner systems we make from components. They are bolted into the location desired and they are considered permanent fixtures even though the messages they bear might be temporary. They support messages being changed.

The graphics for any of these systems are printed. You can have any message, design, picture or colour you want. No limits. Little impact on cost either. You can really go for it.

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Q: Where can I used bollard covers and lamppost banners?

A: Basically, anywhere that there’s a lamppost or a bollard and that you have permission to use. It pays to bear in mind that, when you cover a bollard, there’s still a fully functional and unforgiving chunk of steel reinforced concrete inside the colourful printed structure. Should the covered structure meet with someone in a car who delights in wiping out promotional signage, it’s the bollard that’ll have the last word.

We suggest that car parks in shopping centres and health clubs or leisure facilities are great venues. Lots of space. Lots of foot traffic and great intent behind everyone’s visit. Why not become your own media broker if you have a big car-park?

Voodoo has successfully deployed lots of banner and cover campaigns and we’d be delighted to do more. Whether you’re familiar with the idea and want someone to manage it or you’d like to know more, we should discuss. Lots of ways of getting in touch:

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Working with Voodoo DesignWorks

Voodoo is an affordable and very capable designer, manufacturer and installer of banners and covers for bollards and posts and other means of temporary signage and promotion. It costs nothing at all to explore your options with Voodoo and there’s lots of ways to do that:

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