Signs for shopping centres, need to powerfully project the identity of the tenant businesses who trade on the mall’s premises, and yet strike an equitable balance in promoting the unique identity of the shopping centre itself too.

We manage this problem for some of the country’s favourite shopping and experiential destinations. We are Voodoo DesignWorks. You’ll see our branding and design in evidence at some of the biggest shopping destinations. You’ll see the signs we make promoting shopper’s favourite brands. You’ll find our name in tenant handbooks for shopping centres, usually under preferred signage supplier.

We can help you whether you have a shopping centre or mall to manage, or your tenant is moving into such premises and needing a compliant sign that still effectively distinguishes your business from all the others under the same roof. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your precise needs. Whichever side of the table you sit at.

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Graphics Design Process in action at Voodoo DesignWorks

Shopping centres are more than simple conveniences these days. Shoppers need good reasons and subtle motivations to visit malls and out of town shops. Our creative team is making sense of this changing dynamic, so we manufacture signs for tenants, custom design identities that turn malls into destinations, and create a cohesive whole that people want to visit.


Shopping centre sign for a coffee shop being assembled in the workshop

Our expertise transcends design alone. We are a well-equipped and very capable signage manufacturer too. We’re used to working tightly prescribed design and specification requirements. We work with all modern sign and graphic manufacturing raw materials. Leave shopping centre sign manufacture to us, and the job will get done on time and within your budget.


Red carpet in front of the Bench Store with illuminated built up rimless lettering by Voodoo with opal acrylic faces

Our signage installation services for shopping centres and malls recognise that tight identity compliance is important. We also recognise that we occasionally need to operate safely in heavily trafficked areas – in and out of hours. None of this presents a problem to our experienced installation teams. We work nationally. We work hard.

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Q: What are shopping centre signs?

A: Shopping centre signs comprise the whole gamut of output modern signs and graphics companies like Voodoo design, manufacture, and install. Producing everything the shopping centre needs, involves a disparate range of signmaking skills. We have them all right under our roof.

Signage for shopping centres begins with identifying the shopping centre itself. That typically involves large exterior sign fabrications, illuminated signs, and other permanent fixtures which are designed to help approaching traffic find its way to drop-off points and parking spaces and to turn the shopping centre into a landmark.

Inside the shopping centre, its tenants’ interests need promoting. We typically make illuminated shopfront signs for such tenants and way finding schemes that help visitors find their way easily to the tenants’ shops that they are looking for. Shopping centre signage has a lot to do. We make sure it works.

Rimless lettering for Gap in a shopping centre
Rimless lettering for Regatta in a shopping centre
Halo Lit Fascia Signage For Shops

Q: How are shopping centre signs made?

A: Signs for shopping centres, and the graphics which typically attend them, are made using just about every modern sign making discipline known to exist. A range of production technologies are called upon. Digital printing, complex fabrication, and bespoke manufacturing are all needed.

We make signage for malls, shopping centres and out-of-town retail destinations using modern materials comprising recycled material and recyclable stocks where possible. Where illumination sources are needed, we prescribe modern energy-saving and compact LED installations.

Sometimes, final assembly of a large sign for example may be undertaken on site by our installation team. More often though for tenant and shop installations, we will fit the prefabricated assembly on site. In short, we deal with all modern means of sign manufacturing. That’s just as well, shopping centres usually have a wide variety of tenant businesses.

side profile photo of the M&S built up, internally illuminated LED letters fabricated by Voodoo for Marks and Spencer
Custom Sign Fabrication for Retail
Shop Front Sign Illuminated Printed

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Q: Where can shopping centre signs and graphics be used?

It’s in the nature of signs and graphics for shopping centres that they are versatile enough to be used to advertise, promote, and direct. This dictates that Signs used in such applications must be compliant with any situation they find themselves in.

Shopping centre restaurants and cafés are popular destinations with shoppers. As are all the experiential centres which often anchor a modern shopping centre. Shopping centre signage can be used to both identify such popular destinations, to brand and distinguish them, and to make sure clients can find them.

Shopping centre signs and graphics can be used to promote seasonal events in store and in centre. Working within the covers of the tenant manual our shopping centre Signs can make such promotions effective attractive and can be easily removed when the seasonal event is over. We make signage for these applications in a wide range of modern materials.

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Voodoo is an affordable and very inventive designer, manufacturer and installer of custom made signs and graphics for malls, shopping centres and out-of-town retail destinations. It costs nothing at all to explore your options with Voodoo and there’s lots of ways to do that:

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Voodoo DesignWorks is at your disposal. Our designers will ground your identity and we’ll make the signs and graphics you need at a price you’ll be happy to pay. It costs nothing to start a conversation with Voodoo DesignWorks and we think you’ll be delighted with the results. Just like others.

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