Metal is an obvious choice for making letters for use in exposed and demanding environment. Or you can use it for its quality and good looks.

We make lettering in almost infinite variety from lots of different metal. Brass is lovely and warm and weathers nicely. Stainless steel takes a polish or brush. Corten steel looks marvellous and rustic as it rusts. Let’s not forget copper for its warmth and that super patina or mega-versatile aluminium.

We can build metal letters or simply cut them from flat stock to mount on practically any surface. Sizes range from metres tall to millimetres small so in terms of suitable venues and applications, anything is possible. We’ll start with a simple idea take it from there.

Let’s move to reassure you. Metal letter looks stellar in terms of quality but we make it affordable too. Don’t be afraid to ask – that costs nothing.

Metal Letters Hero Shot Montage



Built up metal letters for Napoleons Casino in Manchester

Voodoo DesignWorks designs lettering made from many different metals according to customer and application need. Our designs for metal lettering can be plain or highly ornamental and enhanced so as to work with the metal stock chosen. We deliver very simple classical profile designs. We can design highly dimensional fabricated structures. We can cross the line into signage-like art forms if that’s what the application requires. Our designs for metal lettering always get the best from the material. Metal imparts design accents without needing to try too hard and the produced results last for decades.


Built up metal letters being fabricated

We’re able to work with all kinds of metals when making lettering. We commonly work with anodised and painted aluminium. We work with ferrous metals too. Attractive metals like brass and copper are part of our repertoire and stainless steel is a mainstay. We can flat cut and mount metals to practically any substrate and we’re expert in letter fabrication producing highly dimensional results that can be optionally lit. When we make metal letters, in all sizes, we’re mindful of the fact we’re making something that’s going to last. Right first time is the only way we work.


Metal letters mounted to a slate wall on stand off locators

Installing metal letters is a bit of an art. It needs to be approached with precision in mind. Errant reflections caused by poor mounting technique are not part of our installation vocabulary. We’re aiming higher than that. Our installation service for metal lettering is driven by the same obsession with type and our design function. Spacing has to be right. The layout has to be right. We’re installing signs that will be seen for decades and that holds us to account for the high standards we set ourselves. Metal lettering is produced by craft based skill. With Voodoo, that shows.

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Q: What is metal lettering?

A: Metal lettering comprises letter forms produced from sheet metal or cast metal stocks. Metal letters are usually fabricated or flat cut. Occasionally, metal letters can be enhanced with decorative detail too.

Metal lettering is made from genuine metals rather than printed or plastic veneers. Materials used include stainless and unpainted steels, brass copper and other free-cutting soft stocks. Aluminium is commonly used too.

Metal letters are often unfinished and left to acquire the patina of exposure to the elements. Lettering made from copper is particularly popular in such applications and it weathers beautifully.

Metal letters pinned onto a textured wall in a casino
Metal letters mounted to a slate wall on stand off locators
Wall mounted built up metal letters

Q: How is metal lettering made?

A: In making metal letters, a number of production technologies can be used. Flat cut lettering can be cut with lasers, routers and saws to form letter shapes. Very small metal letters favour lasers and engraving through-cutters.

Metal lettering can be cast from molten alloys into specially constructed casting moulds which impart a characteristic finish that’s attractive in some areas of application.

Metal letters can be formed of parts cut from sheet stocks so as to appear dimensional. Such lettering is typically soldered together and the inner cavities can conceal lighting elements and fixings.

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Q: Where can metal letters be used?

A: Metal lettering has many areas of application and can be used more or less anywhere. It’s most popular areas of application include architectural situations such as the elevations of buildings though it’s known in retail signage too.

Metal letters feature in top quality shop front signage and in similarly designed illuminated signs. The metal elements impart a quality feel and extended durability.

In terms of locations, metal letters will endure most weathering effects and weather well. It should be noted though that certain metals will rapidly change colour in some situations and there are cases for avoiding some combinations of materials. Voodoo is delighted to advise and easy to contact. Read on.

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