This is a very specialised area of application that Voodoo DesignWorks has made its own. Work with us, and we can make it yours too.

Flat cut metal letters look pretty crisp and they’re very widely used in fascia signing. What might not be obvious is that we can make metal letters at all sorts of sizes and we can decorate the faces of them with etched patterns. The possibilities are exciting to say the least. And talk about attractive!

We can etch detail in brass and stainless metal signs too. We can fill the etched detail with contrasting colour of leave the raw metal to do the job. Either way, we create something that’s much more distinctive and that we’d argue is more effective in its role too.

This is a great example of how Voodoo DesignWorks is Creative To The Core. Put that energy to work on your sign project.

Etched Signs and Letters Hero Shot Montage



Built up metal letter with etched face

In creative terms, this is right up our street. Take a piece of metal – steel, brass, aluminium, and etch into its very surface, high resolution markings that are deep enough to fill with enamel or other ultra durable decoration and detail. With that kind of versatility, this is one of those things that’s limited by imagination alone. Imagination is something that’s not in short supply at Voodoo DesignWorks. You’re not likely to ask for etching – it’s something we might just suggest though.


Etched metal sign in an office environment

Etched metal signs take a fair bit of hands-on attention during manufacture so there’s an air of ‘craft’ about them when you finally get to hold them in your hand and admire the results. Ours start with sound design and so they always look good. Here’s a nice surprise. Despite being made from superb quality material and pumping out the colour and quality, the price of our etched signs is very reasonable. Another bonus for you is, even outdoors, they last decades and refurbish well.


Corian letter with etched metal inlay

It all depends. If it’s a simple mounted plate on a wall, you’re welcome to do that yourself or leave it to us. If it’s an etched decorated sign of some substance though, that’s best left to the  experts at Voodoo DesignWorks. Our installations services work with you on timing. We operate where and when we’re needed. Our mission is simple, get the sign installed and operating and to leaving nothing behind except a satisfied client. We’ve had quite a few years to get that right.

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Q: What are etched signs and lettering?

A: Etched signs in their most familiar form are simply metal plates or plaques, optionally mounted on a secondary carrier like a wooden blank. The picture, detail or lettering needed is physically etched deep into the metal.

Etched detail can also be made in metal sign components so, for example, we could cut or fabricate a letter from, say, stainless steel, and etch detail into its face. Some great effects are possible.

Etching leaves deep, physical markings in the metal. For that reason, etched signs last for decades. When and if they do start getting a bit crusty, they can be refurbished. They’re great value.

Etched metal signage for a cycle shop
Combination of natural materials and etched metal
Etch effect signage

Q: How are etched signs made?

A: The process isn’t that simple. It starts with a piece of metal and that needs protecting with a stencil. Once the plate or element is stencilled, it’s subject to bombardment of a chemical that removes metal where it’s exposed.

The stencil is generated with a photo-resist. That means it can have a lot of fine detail in it if needed. Done carefully, we can even deal with basic pictures.

The etched areas of metal are next filled with paint or other colourants. That’s done by hand and it’s skilled job. Any number of colours are possible, it depends on the detail really.

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Q: Where can I use etched signs?

A: Great news. Etched signs are so tough, they work anywhere. Indoors or out. Even in very hostile conditions where they’re battered by wind, weather and anything else.

Etched signs are pure class though. So they sit comfortably in prestigious surroundings and they don’t let the show down. Quite the opposite. They reflect quality and halo brands wonderfully well. Use them anywhere.

There’s nothing practical that stops you using etched signs anywhere. Cost isn’t prohibitive either. This is an option you’ll want to explore so how about getting in touch with Voodoo DesignWorks?

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