It’s possible to buy a great variety of signs off-the-shelf. You may want to reconsider doing so when Voodoo DesignWorks can affordably produce your very own…

Voodoo DesignWorks has made the design, production and installation of custom, bespoke signage at down-to-earth prices a reality. That means we’re able to offer start-ups and small business great looking personalised signs at prices they can afford, and help some of the biggest names out there to get the most out of the available budget too.

Where signs and graphics are concerned, one size very rarely fits all. Add customised signing to the equation of everything fits. The signs fits the space available. It fits the budget that’s available and offers the best. And it fits the needs of the business.

Don’t settle for what’s on the shelves. Consider bespoke signage from Voodoo DesignWorks – then everything fits.

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Custom routed letters for a Manchester Casino

Designing bespoke or customised signs starts with a listening exercise. It’s only by fully understanding the needs of the business or enterprise involved that a precisely fitting signage solution can be designed and proposed. Our design vocabulary at Voodoo DesignWorks is nothing less than immense. It comprises experience in great depth. It references a huge database of materials that we can cut, carve, engrave and shape so they’re formed into alliances. Then add creativity to that mix. Voodoo DesignWorks is Creative To The Core. That’s why our bespoke signage really fits and is truly unique.


Custom Illuminated Signage for a restaurant

Making bespoke signs isn’t like following the instructions for a piece of flat-pack furniture. It’s more a craft based skill and it involves detailed planning, critical understanding and a sympathetic approach in the hands-on phases. Those skills are in short supply in the wider world be we have them in abundance under our roof here at Voodoo DesignWorks. That’s how we’re able to produce some of the most imaginative custom sign solutions out there and why our clientele keep returning for more. Our production capability helps us deliver fabricated custom signs that fit, and fit first time.


Bespoke illuminated signage for a stage production

We maintain a crew of skilled sign fitters who are charged with taking the bespoke signs we build to site and install them according to precise specifications. No two sites or signs are the same in the world of bespoke solutions but that’s no issue when installation forms part of the design outline. Our fitting teams work anywhere and at all hours needed to get the job delivered and installed. They work safely at height. They work in secure areas such as airports. They work wherever we need them to work and where there’s a custom sign to install. Let’s put them to work for you.

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Q: What is ‘bespoke signage?’

A: All signs are bespoke to some extent because they, more often than not, involve a customised message or design. The exception are signs that are required by statute to comply with a particular colour specification or feature iconography that’s required by safety laws.

Many signs that feature customised elements are in fact fabricated around so-called sign systems. Think of these as kits of standardised parts that can be cut-to-size and then fitted together to form a highly individual custom-like sign construction. Some highly customised signs will feature modular components and yet look unique.

The concept of bespoke or custom signs is taken to its limits by using very few off the shelf components. Instead, the sign is made almost entirely from materials that have to be machined to fit and formed to achieve the custom aesthetic desired. This results in genuinely unique crafted signage that looks sensational and fully reflects branding and other considerations.

Don’t settle for what’s on the shelves. Consider bespoke signage from Voodoo DesignWorks – then everything fits.

Monolith sign built for Zuken Technology Centre near Bristol
Routed stainless steel letters for a Government Authority in Wales
Restaurant signage utilising natural materials along with artificially aged materials

Q: ‘How are custom or bespoke signs made?’

A: Making customised signing calls upon a wide range of skills, materials and technologies. All of which are under our roof at Voodoo DesignWorks.

Custom signs can comprise elements that are cut or carved from many materials including plastics like Perspex, naturally occurring wood, and many metals. Bespoke elements can be printed on practically any material including plastics, glass and even textured surfaces. Fabrication techniques involve forming, soldering brazing or welding, routing and assembly involving adhesives and other fixings.

Finishing is a major part of making a bespoke sign. Paints, coatings and mechanical texturing play a part. So do on occasions chemical etching, blasting and other material removal regimes including machining.

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Q: ‘What can bespoke signs be used for?’

A: Bespoke Signs come in all sort of shapes and sizes and have a huge range of applications.

Bespoke signs come in lit and unlit variants using LEDs for energy efficient light sources. They can be used indoors and out and in situations requiring round the clock visibility. Bespoke signs can be used for branding, advertising and can both direct and inform visitors when used as a wayfinding or directional sign scheme.

Shops and restaurants project powerful identities using bespoke signage and other custom elements. Hospitals, schools and other large public spaces use custom signage to ground their place and purpose. Private enterprises go the custom route with custom fascia signage or bespoke shop front signs that distinguish them from surrounding businesses.

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