There are all kinds of events taking place up and down the country, or perhaps they will be once more. We are prepared. Voodoo DesignWorks is ready to design and manufacture the colourful signage banners and bunting that really put an event on the map.

Event graphics have to be affordable because they’re often temporary. The ones that Voodoo DesignWorks manufacturers will be affordable. We can turn a small budget into a big splash that adds atmosphere and colour to any event.

We’ll use modern digital printers, and equally modern materials to make just the sort of temporary signage for events, that makes sure visitors are in the right place and at the right time.

So if you are planning an event at some point in the future, now is probably the time to consult us. A conversation with Voodoo DesignWorks costs nothing.

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An Exhibition Stand with event graphics

Event graphics need to be big, bold and colourful. At least that’s the approach we take at Voodoo DesignWorks. Our intelligent design, efficient production, and a knowledge of materials help us get the most from every penny of your budget. We can supply banners, feather flags, customised bunting, and all sorts of other attention getters. Our design team will put together a package to promote your event well. So give us a call.


A directional event graphics banner

Making event graphics, is an exercise in making a big colourful splash. Because we are a very capable digital printer, we know how to make the most of modern digital ink and promotional materials. The graphics we make will put a bit of substance behind your event and make the whole thing look professional and well organised. If the event you’re promoting occurs regularly, we can put a bit more substance into the banners and bunting and  you can use them in the years to come.


Custom Event Graphics for Rolls Royce

Most of the event graphics that we produce are suitable for the end user to install themselves. That said, we are more than happy to attend events and install the packages we produce if required. Banners and bunting and the like, typically take  little more than tight fixings to secure them, and we supply them with eyelets installed. Feather flags just need simple assembly and situating where needed. Bunting just requires securing to posts.

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Q: What’s are event graphics?

A: Event graphics, describes a class of promotional signage, usually temporary in nature, used to promote events. A major scale event promotion may require hundreds of banners and advertisements, whereas something that is on an altogether smaller scale requires a much simpler package. Event graphics typically comprise banners, posters, flags and bunting.

Event graphics may be distributed in the locality of the event, or confined to the site itself. It is not uncommon, when promoting events in the wider area to use promotional devices such as lamppost wraps. Voodoo can supply these.

Promotional event graphics might consist of a core package that is used every year the event occurs with smaller customised event graphic elements surrounding it.

Flags and banners for an exhibition display
Event graphics for an gaming exhibition
Event Graphics - Banners

Q: How are event graphics made?

A: The digital printing is a big part of graphic production. That’s because it works with inexpensive materials, and yet delivers a big and impactful impression.

Banners involve some preproduction steps. Reinforced banner materials are usually cut to approximate size after printing, they are then folded at the edge to form a hem this will be secured with a powerful adhesive tape. Reinforced eyelets will be fitted at strategic locations around the banner.

Devices such as feather flags are supplied as subassemblies with the fabric of the flag being pre-printed. The feather flag is then installed and assembled on site. Such devices are easy to disassemble and the graphic can be changed for future events and needs.

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Q: Where should event graphics be used?

A: Event graphics are typically used on site to brand the event in question, but are often surrounded in the locality by graphics promoting the event and its location.

Banners can be used where there’s somewhere to string between or something to secure them to. Be mindful, that wind can generate impressive forces on the surface of a banner so exposed locations should be used judiciously.

We have delivered graphics for some notable events in our time. We would be delighted to supply your event too. Call us to discuss your needs:

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Voodoo is an affordable and very capable designer, manufacturer and installer of event graphics. It costs nothing at all to explore your options with Voodoo and there’s lots of ways to do that:

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