If you find your green-streak at odd with your entrepreneurial one, don’t worry. You can have a sign that shines through the darkest night without burning through all our resources too.

Forget the illuminated signs of yesteryear – Voodoo DesignWorks has. Instead, think in terms of modern illuminated signs that really pump out the lumens without eating us all out of precious Watts. Voodoo DesignWorks’ illuminated signs are wonderfully efficient.

There’s more to our signs than simple efficiencies. They tend to look after themselves too. Once, we would have been looking at regular and costly interventions to keep signs looking good. Today, the only attention illuminated signs need or get is from the prospective customers they attract.

You don’t need a stone-age sign. You need a modern, energy-efficient one – from Voodoo DesignWorks.

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Custom made illuminated sign for Napoleons Casino

There’s absolutely no such thing as a free lunch when it comes to energy and using it efficiently. It’s our mission to get as much impact and functionality from the power that illuminated signs consume and that’s a mission that starts with design. We want your sign to look its brightest best. So do you. That’s why we ensure that the light we use gets to the places it needs to in order to be seen and that it works powerfully with your signs’ aesthetics. Properly designed, illuminated signs can use resources responsibly and still look great. Work with Voodoo DesignWorks and be assured that efficiencies are as high on our agenda as they are yours.


An illuminated sign in construction with skilled engineer fitting LED's into place

Manufacturing energy efficient illuminated signage means carefully selecting the materials used, understanding the relative light levels needed, and building the sign so that the light can do its work. We want to make sure the sign is seen and that it cuts through all the clutter. We put energy efficient signs together at Voodoo DesignWorks so that the energy they consume does its work. It’s a technical challenge to get light to the parts of the sign that needs it. Add to that modern, and very efficient light sources and you have a sign that promotes your business well. Did we mention the materials we use are almost endlessly recyclable too?


Fabricated aluminum pan with illuminated letters for Space NK

Our energy efficient illuminated signage installations are performed using the same processes and skilled crews that attend all of Voodoo’s installations. We put a great deal of effort into ensuring there are as few road-miles under our signs as is practically possible and to making sure that any service interventions that might be needed are planned ones. There’s little or no waste matter involved in installing an energy efficient illuminated sign and the materials comprising the old one can usually be taken back to base and admitted to our waste streams. Once you flick the switch, or set the time on your new sign you’ll be saving all round.

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Q: What are energy efficient illuminated signs?

A: Energy efficient illuminated signs are signs that are designed around modern illumination sources and that use the light those sources generate in the most efficient way we know. In the old days, signs were crammed with temperamental light sources including fluorescent tubes. Today, we’re all about lighting signs, not heating them, so we use special LEDs.

Despite gravitating to LEDs, there’s a lot we can do with an illuminated sign. Light of practically any colour is possible, whether through the materials used or theatrical light controls. Don’t think you’ll be sacrificing brightness either. You can still pump our the light in the measure needed.

One benefit of using energy efficient light sources is that they are compact and simple to install in a signage structure. That helps when it comes to design. In the old days, signs were little more than boxes filled with tubes. Today, they can be much more attractive. And affordable.

LED backlit illuminated sign for Cath Kidston
Custom Illuminated Signage for a restaurant
Custom built acrylic illuminated cubes for Total QSR

Q: How are energy efficient illuminated signs made?

Energy efficient signage isn’t made the way that older signs were. Generally speaking, it’s the same kind of machining and assembly requirement but the materials are different. Next generation diffusing materials are used to help the light get out evenly. Specialist tapes have replaced rivets, welds and screws. Modern energy efficient illuminated signs use less material in the making too.

There are end-of-life plans for modern energy efficient illuminated signs too. They are easily separated into the components that comprise them. Electronic components are compliant with moderns standards. Metals used can be reclaimed. The plastics are high grade and suitable for remaking too.

Making signs energy efficient means getting more out of what you put in it. That’s not difficult. It just takes a deliberate approach. Light for light’s sake doesn’t work. Every Watt has to earn its keep. That’s why we build illuminated signage the way we do. And it’s why they function so well.

Illuminated Totem Concept for Ignitec
Illuminated Lettering - Push Through Construction
Interior Illuminated Signage For Shops Restaurants.

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Q: Where can energy efficient illuminated signage be used?

A: Energy efficient illuminated signs work anywhere the illuminated signs of old worked and in thousands of places they simply didn’t. That means outdoors signs work indoors too. Big signs have become small, and deep ones slim. There’s so much more that modern energy efficient signs can do.

You can put an illuminated signage structure to work anywhere you need to advertise a business or identify a space or place. They’re typically low voltage devices so that makes them safer. They’re more compact and configurable, that makes them easier to install where needed. They pump out light, not heat – that increases options too.

Voodoo DesignWorks can put energy efficient illuminated signage to work for you in more ways and places than you probably know. Getting the right sign starts with getting in touch and that costs nothing. Read on:

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