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We make Illuminated Signs. So this page will help you if you are looking for a manufacturer who can, design, install and maintain illuminated signage, or if you want to research the subject of this type of signing to find our more about it. We’re available by email or you can call us if you need more information of have a sign project you want to get moving.

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An illuminated sign fabricated from acrylic and applied to glass
Illuminated signs work around the clock
Totem Sign for an industrial park
Energy efficient illuminated totem sign by Voodoo

Q: Why do we make illuminated signs?

A: Because they’re signs that demand attention – and get it! Signs that include in their construction some form of lighting are known popularly as “illuminated signs.” Lighting is generally desirable because it either makes the sign stand out among its competitors and be visible at night, or because it looks so attractive it’s memorable and hard to resist.

Illuminated signs are usually custom fabricated so you can have exactly what you want. They are built according to a particular design, and they are proportioned so as to fit perfectly in an allocated space. A good example would be an illuminated shop sign. It will promote the shop’s brand and business, and it will fit in the space that is available across the shop front where it does its job around the clock.

A sign that’s made for a shop front has, in many cases, to be suitable for exterior conditions. The means that the materials it’s made from have to be able to withstand wind and weather. Durable plastics and metals satisfy this need. We’re big believers in using premium materials – good design and working practices mean it doesn’t have to be expensive.

The most commonly employed means of lighting an exterior illuminated sign today is LEDs. LEDs are bright, they are energy efficient and safe. They are available in a wide range of colours and can be controlled and deliver lots of different effects that can attract attention to the sign and the business it promotes. We can do amazing things with LEDs and really bring your sign to life.

When a lit up sign is seen in the company of non-illuminated signage, it really does stand out. That’s not just because it’s brighter. Intelligent use of colour and contrast contribute to a sign’s performance and some colours work better than other. Signs for shops need to promote brands and to be recognisable from a great distance. Often, recognition is achieved long before the viewer is close enough to the sign to read it.

Illuminated signs for businesses such as shops, hotels and restaurants sometimes have to promote an overall theme. A good example would be a restaurant or diner which has a 50s theme. For such applications, “retro illuminated signs” can be constructed from moderns materials and using modern lighting. Similarly, futuristic themes can be easily produced.

There’s no end to the possibilities. Don’t be afraid to ask – as long as you’re asking Voodoo.

Q: How are Illuminated Signs made?

A: We manufacture illuminated signs by first referencing a design. Once we have considered the overall purpose of the sign, who it’s for, where it will be situated and so on we consider its construction. We then design the sign’s structure and specify its material content. We normally produce a visual, a print or illustration of the design for our customer’s approval.

The physical construction of the sign requires routed components, cut to shape, using our computerised router. These components are assembled to an intermediate stage and the the sign lighting is installed and tested. When we take the sign onto the installation site, its construction is completed during installation.

Signmaking for illuminated signs has a degree of engineering expertise associated with it and an understanding of materials. We can for example achieve a traditional look with thoroughly modern materials so there’s no need to sacrifice performance in order to get the precise effect you’re after. In terms of cost, modern production technologies help us achieve remarkable value. Well made and well lit signage really does earn its keep.

Refer to the examples, constructions and materials below:-

Examples of Our Illuminated Sign Construction

LED's being installed to a carrier panel for an illuminated fascia sign
We use state-of-the-art LEDs in our signs
Inspecting an acrylic letter for an illuminated sign prior to being glued into a routed aluminium tray with opal acrylic diffuser
We make accurately inlaid illuminated letters
Acrylic letters with vinyl faces being glued into a routed external aluminium tray with opal acrylic diffuser
Our illuminated signs are assembled by hand

Illuminated Shop Signs We’ve Made

Opening of the Lowry Outlet M&S Store stood in front of Voodoo's built up, internally LED illuminated shop sign letters
Illuminated signs by Voodoo make the occasion
Internally LED illuminated built up letters reading M&S on the Lowry Outlet store front
Illuminated signage for powerful branding statements
side profile photo of the M&S built up, internally illuminated LED letters fabricated by Voodoo for Marks and Spencer
Modern illuminated facia signage

Illuminated Restaurant Signs By Voodoo

Costa Coffee Restaurant sign at Gloucester Quays made from built up aluminium with opal acrylic faces and internally illuminated by LED
Big brands come to Voodoo for illuminated signing
Caffè Nero Restaurant sign at Gloucester Quays made from an aluminium fascia with 20mm acrylic push through letters and internally illuminated by LED
Right down to the smallest detail
Nandos Restaurant sign being fabricated in our workshop. Made with an aged copper face with acrylic letters pushed through.
Assembled and ready to install

Illuminated Shopping Centre Signage By Voodoo

Internally illuminated, rimless aluminium letters with opal acrylic faces for a shopping centre unit in Manchester
Illuminated built up lettering by Voodoo
Red carpet in front of the Bench Store with illuminated built up rimless lettering by Voodoo with opal acrylic faces
Shadow free LED lighting installed
Side profile photo of internally illuminated, rimless aluminium letters with opal acrylic faces for a shopping centre unit in Manchester

Illuminated Exterior Signs We’ve Made

Built up aluminium rimless letters for a shop front exterior
Illuminated faces on channel lettering
Aluminium fascia with opal acrylic inlays, all internally illuminated by LED's
Modern illuminated shop front facia sign
An illuminated totem or monolith exterior sign internally illuminated by LED's with pushed through acrylic letters and vinyl faces
Latest energy efficient signage lighting

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