Rim and return letters deliver legibility and great looks regardless of whether they’re lit…

‘Rim and return’ describes a construction that’s used to build dimensional logos and lettering. The construction comprises a ‘face’ which is typically made from a specialist plastic such as Perspex, a ‘rim’ around the edge of the face in a contrasting material, and the ‘return’ which defines the apparent thickness of the overall fabrication.

The net result is a letter or a logo with a very distinct dimensional quality. The letter can be lit from within so the light emits from the letter face and halo lighting that’s emitted from the back is possible too.

Rim and return contractions are possible in a wide range of sizes, materials and colour combinations. They’re suitable for interior or exterior applications and can be mounted on practically any surface.

Rim and Return Letters Hero Shot Montage



Rim and return letters built for ITV at Media City, Manchester

It’s the letter’s construction that ultimately defines a rim and return letter and there are practical constraints in terms of size and complexity that determine whether that construction type is possible. We’ll make sure your ideas stay within bounds. The rim and return construction supports lots of design options. We can use contrasting colours for the face and the return. Different materials can come into play as well. Anywhere the legibility is important, rim and return illuminated lettering really looks the part.


Rim and return letters built for Vue Cinemas at Media City, Manchester

Rim and return letters can be made with a wide variety of materials but they’re ultimately fabricated from component parts that we cut, bend and then either solder or glue. We have all the production technology under our roof to make great looking rim and return letters. We know how to build them into great looking illuminated signage structures too. Hand built rim and return lettering will really distinguish your signage and Voodoo DesignWorks understands the craft well. Your options are many and various. Let us build them though.


Rimless lettering for Asics on Oxford Street

Installing rim and return letters is a specialised and very highly skilled job that’s best left to Voodoo DesignWorks. We have considerable experience and can usually manage an expert installation even when access is difficult or the mounting surface has other ideas. Once installed, quality rim and return lettering will do its job for decades. It’s distinctive, and needs only minimal care to keep it clean and functioning well. Our installation team will leave your site clean and our job complete. We’ve built a business around it.

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Q: What are rim and return letters?

A: Rim and return letters are stand-alone letter forms fabricated from bespoke components. The distinguishing feature that makes a rim and return letter, is the face retaining rim and the letter’s return edge.

Rim and return letters are highly dimensional. They look substantial and so are typically comprised of larger letter sizes. The rim around the letter’s face can be vestigial or very substantial. It can be functional or cosmetic.

Because the rim forms an outline of the letter shape, some typefaces are better suited to this construction than others. Voodoo DesignWorks won’t let you make the wrong decision. Speak to us and you’ll get the right lettering.

Rim and return metal letter with an illuminated acrylic face
Rim and return metal letter with an illuminated acrylic face for Asics
Costa Coffee Restaurant sign at Gloucester Quays made from built up aluminium with opal acrylic faces and internally illuminated by LED

Q: How are rim and return letters made?

A: Rim and return letters are fabricated from bespoke component parts that are produced from sheet metals or plastics processed on a routing machine or a cutting laser. Occasionally the parts may be cut using a special saw.

The parts are then formed by bending or heating as needed and then fixed together using hidden solder joints or chemical welds if the construction medium is Perspex. The assembled letters are then provided with a fixing means.

Finishing may form part of the letter’s build. Options include painting, stove enamelling, staining or anodising. Finished letters are typically outdoor durable and last many years before refurbishment is needed.

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Q: Where can rim and return letters be used?

A: Rim and return lettering, and logos, typically form part of a grouping of such elements and are thus made into signs for mounting to walls, shop fronts and other surfaces.

They work indoors and out but are most commonly encountered in the form of external illuminated signs. They are prized for their impact and legibility and so are common in retail situations.

Rim and return letter constructions can be miniaturised and used for very high quality architectural signage applications. Such lettering is usually made from a metal and plastic combined and reflects the quality of its surroundings. Typically priced at a premium to lettering made from alternative constructions, such lettering really needs to be seen. That’s something we can arrange – read on.

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