Projecting signs make passers buy. That’s because prospective customers can see them from a long way off and from positions where your shop front sign may not be visible.

A projecting sign does exactly that – it projects outward from the vertical surface it’s mounted to so that it extends over the pedestrian walk-way. Projecting signs demand attention and can be made from a huge variety of materials in illuminated and non-illuminated variations. They partner perfectly with shop front or fascia signs.

We’ve lost count of how many projecting signs we’ve made for businesses. That’s not to say we’re tired of the job. Voodoo DesignWorks’ projecting signs add little to the cost of a project but they throw a very big punch in terms of impact.

Let Voodoo DesignWorks get a few ideas in front of you and you’ll see just how powerful such simple and inexpensive signs can be.

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Projecting sign fabricated for Xi'an Street Food

Projecting signs are great at promoting the immediate whereabouts of the businesses that are under them. They’re not as big as other type of exterior signs usually though and so design has to be very carefully approached. That’s what we do. Voodoo DesignWorks has a lot of really useful experience having designed projecting signs for some of the biggest brands out there. We’ve attracted the eyes of passers by to small businesses and start ups too. We’re not just good, we’re affordable too.


Bespoke Projecting Sign on a custom bracket

Projecting signs can be made of all sorts of different materials and Voodoo works with them all. We machine, cut, carve and engrave. We print too. We make projecting signs that fit a need and that fit the intended locations perfectly. We can make projecting signs that light up. We can make them in non illuminated and front-lit variations too. They can hang off decorative brackets or extend out of shop fascias. There’s a lot we can do with projecting signs. Best have a chat. It costs noting to speak to Voodoo.


Projecting sign for a Casino

We’ve installed thousands of projecting signs over the years. We’re pretty good at it. It usually involves working at height and on a busy walkway. That’s not a responsibility you’d trust to anyone. You can trust it to Voodoo though. We run a safe site. And we can work in secure locations like airports at odd ends of the clock if you need us too. We’ll make you a great looking sign and we’ll install it as well. It’ll look nothing less than sensational. It’ll cost something less than you expect.

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Q: What is a Projecting Sign?

A: Projecting signs are usually found fixed to shop fronts well above head height. Instead of spanning the shop front, they emerge at a perpendicular angle to the fascia and so ‘project’ over the pavement or walkway in front of the shop.

Projecting signs extend the reach of a shop or business brand because they are visible from angles at which normal facia signs can’t be seen. Sometimes referred to a ‘blade signs,’ projecting signs often form a part of an ensemble of signage elements that includes a shop front sign.

Projecting signs are very often found in shopping centres. This is because most foot traffic approaches the businesses in a shopping centre from angles at which the shop front, and thus the shop front fascia, can’t be seen. Projecting signs, approached from the same angle, are, by contrast very visible.

Blade signage or projecting signage can, on occasion, involve a hanging bracket which may be very ornate or simply functional. Projecting signs hanging from brackets are typically stabilised so as to prevent them being damage from fast winds.

A projecting sign for North Face at Gloucester Quays
Wooden projecting sign on a high street
Projecting Blade Sign

Q: How are Projecting Signs made?

A: Projecting signage is typically custom designed and fabricated using very durable sign making materials such as acrylic, metal and quality wood. Among the most common constructions used for modern projecting signs is a double formed pan made from a routed composite material or aluminium. This assembly can then be painted and have letting applied to it or it can be routed and have other routed elements pushed through the resulting apertures in the pan.

Projecting signs can be supplied in either lit, or non-lit variations. Illuminated projecting signs almost exclusively utilise LEDs for the light source. Illumination can be either provisioned internally within the sign’s construction or externally to light it from either one of both of its sides.

Projecting signage can be made in abstract shapes. Such shapes often form outlines of logos or other design elements the shape may contain. Such signs sometimes involve complex construction detail but automated production techniques keep costs reasonable and delivery times realistic.

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Q: Where can projecting signs be used?

A: Projecting signs have limited applications and so are very narrowly talented when it comes to doing the great job they do. They’re made like other fabricated shop signs but they are designed to be mounted so as to get noticed from a different angle.

You can use projecting signs anywhere there’s available height to position them and where there’s passing foot or motor traffic who’ll notice that they are there. Over the top of a pavement outside a shop is a great example.

Projecting signs are popular in shopping centres too and they partner well with fascia signage. A matching pair is a great idea and something we do a lot of at Voodoo. Your options are immense and it starts with getting in touch. Read on.

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