If there’s an expanse of glass somewhere in or around your business or dwelling, please ask us about the possibilities that our modification and colourisation services deliver.

We can totally transform anonymous looking glazed surfaces with the application of very durable crystal-clear coloured films. The effect nods toward stained glass. The technology, however is bang up to date and allows us to entertain design possibilities that you may not even be aware of.

Nature did everybody a favour when glass was made crystal clear and so totally transparent. Nothing says you can’t have the views through, and the light, and yet still colour things up. You’ll be inspired with the things that we can accomplish. You will like our prices too.

All of our window work is bespoke. Put the power of Voodoo DesignWorks to work for your windows.

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Window Colourising in an office with See Through Window Graphics

Windows function well in terms of keeping out the weather and letting in the light. They can contribute much more still with the application of window colouring films turning them into a decorative statement. We design such statement pieces. Our window effect designs will transform your windows or office partitions into much more colourful versions of themselves so the function remains the same but the decor statement is well, WOW.


Window Colourising in an office with See Through Window Graphics

We work with a range of specialist films for glazing that simply adhere to the interior surfaces of glass and which make it look like the body colour of the glass is anything but colourless. The effect is likened to stained glass but the films we use can be cut into much more intricate and detailed shapes. There is no bulky join where the two colours meet either, and that opens up all kinds of design possibilities. If you have a big expanse of glass, or a small one, let’s talk.


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Installation of the window marking packages we produce is best left to the expert hands of Voodoo DesignWorks’ installation team. Sticking adhesive films to windows might appear to be a simple thing, but in fact requires specialist equipment and preparation. No problem. Our team works nationally, and we can do the job at a time that suits you best. Once the markings are installed, the only attention they require from you is occasional cleaning as our instructions advise.

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Q: What are window colouring treatments?

A: Window colouring treatments, or coloured manifestation markings, comprise special self-adhesive films, cut into shapes which are then arranged into designs and stuck to windows, office partitions, and other glazed surfaces.

The treatment lasts for many years, but can be thought of as temporary because it’s easy to remove. The treatment changes the body colour of the glass and has applications which include decor, functional glass marking and branding.

Many films exist that can be used to treat windows. These can be used in combination with the coloured window treatment, to make messages more distinct, or to enhance decorative effects.

Window Colourising and Tinting
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Window Colourising in an office with See Through Window Graphics

Q: How are window colouring treatments made?

A: The colouring treatments begin with a filmic material which is cut by a computer plotter and then fixed to a special transfer tape. This tape, is positioned upon the window glazing and then removed leaving the coloured film in situ.

Many different colours exist in the range of films that we use and these colours can be combined into attractive designs. It is possible, using other films as part of the design, to include printed elements or elements that block the view through the window.

Once the assembled film is installed, it will have completely transformed the glazed surface to which it is applied. The view through will have been maintained, but it will of course now look coloured.

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Q: Where can I use window colouring treatments?

A: The main areas for application of coloured window treatments is expanses of glazing in buildings, on glazed surfaces such as office partitions, and other transparent panels. The treatment has also been used on mirrors with great success.

Because it’s mainly decorative, it’s popular in the public areas of hotels. It’s also used as a decorative device on the windows of restaurants, shops, and other retail establishments.

If you represent a design agency, shop-fitter, or interiors company, we speak the same language as you and would be happy to discuss your needs. We also work directly with you the end user, and can talk your project through. Here is how you can get in touch with us.

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