Exhibition graphics need to look absolutely top-notch and typically don’t need to last very long. Add to that the need for economical pricing and you have a good reason to work with Voodoo.

Graphics for exhibitions need to strike a balance between delivering information, and reflecting the overall mission and brand. Get those bits wrong and you may as well not bother. We’ve got years of practical experience to fall back on and our creative skills so exhibition graphics Voodoo style look good and perform well.

That experience helps us stay well and truly on top of the myriad detail involved in getting graphics deployed where and when they’re needed. Project based skills bring it all together and the result is an exhibit that brings the visitors to it and attracts admiration from arch-competitors.

Make your next away event one that’ll be remembered for the right reasons. Get the power of Voodoo behind it.

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Complete Exhibition Stand for Peel Holdings

If you’re interested in exhibitions graphics, it’s likely you’ve been to a few exhibitions too. Did you ever pause and wonder why some stands look welcoming and immediately communicate why they’re there, and others look like a chaotic shambles? Graphics play a bit part in turning the event, into an event, or making it a disaster you’d rather forget. Voodoo DesignWorks can ensure that you remember your exhibition outing for the right reasons. We design graphics that support and promote your mission.


Textured lifelike exhibition graphics

Where you have acres of fabricated stand space to cover, or you’re travelling light with little more than pull-up banners or a pop-up stand, Voodoo DesignWorks will make graphics for you that do the exercise justice. We’ll make sure you look on-brand, not off-colour. We’ll make sure your mission is understood. We’ll send you to war looking fit to do the job, with up-to-date message and colourful content. Voodoo DesignWorks will make your exhibition graphics. You can make it happen.


Exhibition Graphic Backdrops

Leave it to Voodoo to attend to the application craft, the logistics, and all the details. We’ll make sure that the quality of installation does you proud and that your exhibit shines. Our application team has years of experience in applied print and graphics and your exhibition won’t be our first. Exhibitions are stressful enough without worrying that you’re on top of the details with your graphics. Sit on Voodoo DesignWorks’ shoulders and you will be. Have a great show!

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Q: What are exhibition graphics?

A: Exhibition graphics typically comprise printed and laminated short-term materials, cut and applied logos or, more commonly, combinations of the two graphics technologies. We do both. And we do them well.

Exhibition graphics have to communicate well. That means you can’t say much but you have to say it clearly. We make our graphics with a colour-critical approach to stay on brand. We value legibility over density. We make our output using materials rated to go the distance.

There was a time when big exhibition graphics were costly and difficult to make. We said goodbye to those days long ago and welcomed digital print and graphic production for exhibitions and events into our lives. You will too. Have what you want. Voodoo will make it.

Close up shot of Vinyl Exhibition Graphics
Exhibition Graphic Display Panels
Custom exhibition graphics

Q: How are exhibition graphics made?

A: The production of exhibition graphics draws on all modern graphics production disciplines. They can be printed in full colour. They can be cut from coloured materials that are adhered to surfaces. They can be machined from thick, resistant plastics, metals and wood too.

We make our exhibition graphics packages using digital origination so volume is not an issue. If you want a single panel. Call us. A repair or refurbishment of an old stand, that’s Voodoo too. A ground-up design project, we’d love to hear from you.

You’re hostage to fortune at shows because it’s hard to know how the lighting is going to work out. We don’t take chances. We make our graphics so they won’t look terrible if they are caught in the beam of a light that can’t be moved. Worry not. Call Voodoo instead.

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Voodoo-Connect delivers a live, broadcast-quality video and audio presentation and discussion from us to you and its streamed live right to your desktop and as many people as you need to invite. We can discuss your project, you can all see our samples, tour our facility and more – no need for a camera at your end because we don’t see you or your colleagues.

Voodoo Connect – It’s a great way for us all to discuss your project live and the quality is simply amazing.

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Q: Where can I use exhibition graphics?

A: The primary venue for exhibition graphics is on exhibitions stands of course. We can make a simple portable stand for you with graphics included that a single person can transport and erect. That means you can use our graphics anywhere.

Use them on pull up banners or big fabricated stands. We’ll find a way of making graphics work no matter what the venue. If you’re promoting a new car in a shopping centre – we’ll even turn the car into a stand exhibit.

Exhibitions, even the simple ones, have a complex set of motivations and needs when seen through an exhibitor’s eyes. Our eyes see that way too. Don’t worry, give us a call instead and we’ll guide you. There’s lots of ways you can get in touch.

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Working with Voodoo DesignWorks

Voodoo is an affordable and very capable designer, manufacturer and installer of signs and ambient graphics for exhibitions and events. It costs nothing at all to explore your options with Voodoo and there’s lots of ways to do that:

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Voodoo DesignWorks is at your disposal. We’ll get our shoulder behind solving exhibition needs – and we’ll try save you a bit of money too.

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