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This page will assist you if you are looking for signs for schools or if you’re responsible for maintaining school signage and are looking for help in maintaining your school signs policy or manual. The Voodoo DesignWorks can help you. We can put our considerable experience in this field at your disposal and we would welcome your call if you have any questions.

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Signage and graphics shown in the entrance area of a school
Wall graphics shown in school hot desk locations

Q: What are “signs for schools?”

A: Signage used in and around schools, or school signs if you prefer, are constructed in a similar fashion to the signs used in other establishments or in public spaces and places. Increasingly, the signage produced for the education sector has a duty to the identity or “brand” of the establishment to which it relates.

Design is very often prescribed in the production of school signs and may have connections to a legacy that is very important to the school in question. Building signs that acknowledge a valued legacy and yet radiate a contemporary and progressive “feel” requires an informed perspective and an accomplished practitioner acting upon it. The Voodoo DesignWorks succeeds in delivering just the right balance and does so in full consultation with its customers in education.

Signs for educational bodies and establishments are primarily there to identify in the case of external elements of the programme. Internally, identity continuations will be used to establish a consistent feel but other elements may be used too. Design reflecting locality is one example. Design reflecting a school’s founding may be another.

The Voodoo DesignWorks has participated in signing many schools. We have provided external identity signs, wall and window graphics, curriculum themed murals and more. We have also created identities for schools seeking to promote themselves behind a brand and we have consulted for bodies charged with the delivery of such programmes. We recognise that the delivery of a cohesive sign and identity programme for schools is a considerable challenge. We offer our support to anyone who has such a responsibility.

Voodoo is a fully equipped sign maker able to deliver a turnkey solution to schools. That means we can be briefed with little more than an idea and that we will deliver a programme that fits needs and budgets while keeping all stakeholders fully informed as we review and progress. We’re flexible, affordable and, we’re told, very capable.

Schools need signs just like any other establishment that has people to inform and direct. Signs used in schools need to be functional and attractive. If you choose to involve the Voodoo DesignWorks in your signing development, we’ll hit the ground running and your programme will be delivered on time and within budget.

Voodoo – In a class of its own.

Q: How are signs for schools made?

A: Sign making used in schools need to be safe, made from materials reflecting environmental policies or statutes and deliver both aesthetic and practical values. The Voodoo DesignWork designs and manufactures signs mindful of these and other criteria.

We print using a specialist wide-format device using inks that are primarily water-borne. Such inks when dried are known for their composition which avoids the out-gassing of volatile materials and the are odour free.

We print upon many substrates including rigid and flexible material sourced from manufacturers known to achieve high yields from the resources they consume. Such products include sustainable, paper-based material, state-of-the art plastics which can be processed to reclaim energy at the end of life and responsibly sourced naturally occurring materials.

Our production technologies include a computerised router which cuts resistant materials such as wood, plastics and metals with speed and astonishing accuracy. This means we can assemble fabricated signs with simple fixings and that our right-first-time rate is very high so avoiding waste.

We are very accomplished typographers so our results are legible and distinctive. We recognise that signs have to work for people with impairments too and so we design and manufacture signs compliant with these needs in mind where and when needed.

School signs need to function for years and stay looking good. We set out from the beginning of our involvement to deliver durability, quality and value. That will be in great evidence as we propose a solution. Signs for schools need to adapt to change. Ours will. Signage for education needs above all to reflect the needs of a schools visitors. Come to Voodoo and yours will.

Refer to the examples, constructions and materials below:-

First Impression – Schools Signs from Voodoo

Signage and graphics shown in the entrance area of a school
Wall graphics shown in school hot desk locations
A large map graphic shown in a school classroom

Wall Graphics – Bring Colour to Class

Motivational applied vinyl wall graphics in a School
School Signs Wall Graphics
School Signs Murals

Window Manifestation – Privacy and Light

School Signs Windows Decor
Signs for Schools - Partitions
School Signs Windows

Design Matters – Schools Promote Identity

School Branding Design options being prepared in readiness to show a client
Logo ideas shown in different layouts and colours ready for customer approval
School Signs Brands

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